Days of Our Lives’ Alison Sweeney on Twitter.

Alison Sweeney (Sami Brady) is a very busy woman, but she always has time to let her fans get a peak of her life, both on and off the set.

She already blogs at the official NBC site about her work on Days of Our Lives and as the host of The Biggest Loser. She also likes to write about the joys of being a wife and the mother of two. Seeking to stay connected with her admiring public even more, she’s started to Twitter. She uses this online tool to update her friends and fans with her everyday activities, as well as her project with former Philip Kiriakis, Kyle Brant. They recently completed the third installment of their Podcast, IN POD WE TRUST. Check it out if you want to hear them talk about the 80’s, swearing and what they eat on the set.

Of course, you can also join up with Soap Opera Fan Blog on Twitter. It turns out that Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane) is also twittering away. To catch up with her, check out her page here.

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    I definetly enjoy your role on Days,I just hope that the writers give you a new begining with Rafe and your children on the set

    I don’t want you back with EJ or Lucas.I feel that you finally meet your match with Rafe

    Lucas needs to go his story lines couldn’t get anymore boring

    As far as EJ goes it will be about time for someone like Nicole to do him in !!!!!!!!!!!

    I have a feeling that Grace will be your grandaughter the show is finally picking up these days

  2. From Marilyn Strickland

    Hi, Ali–I just love your scenes with Rafe; he seems to be so smitten with you–I hope there is a long-lasting relationship with the two of you. However, I love EVEN MORE the scenes of you with the babies. It’s obvious you are in real life “cut out” to be a mom. BTW, are either of the babies yours? OMG, you are SO natural with the babies–so sweet.

  3. From Carolyn

    Alison, I love that you are the good person compared to the villain that you use to be. I really enjoy you on days. I am ready for the truth to come out about the babies even if EJ finds out it is his. I want you to have your baby Sydney. Stick it in Nicoles face.

  4. From Gail

    I hope that the writers continue with the storyline of SAFE. You and Galen are one of the only believable couples they have had on DAYS lately. You both bring a great deal of genuiness and reality to your roles. Great acting! Keep it up.

  5. From Dolly


    So glad you will be back on the Biggest Looser this year. That is the only reality show that I have watched, and you are the reason.
    Back to DAYS,and not with Rafe. EJ is the one, but both of you need to grow up and become better people. So, as the first step in that direction, stop wareing that black nail polish, please.

  6. From TeamDiMera

    Ali we all love you! I started a fun little Twitter page for DOOL fans. Follow me on twitter too if you or anyone else gets bored!

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