Days of Our Lives Poll: Plot Kate’s Revenge.

Nasty Kate is back, but what is she up to?

After catching Daniel examining Chloe’s tonsils in the park, Kate has finally been knocked out of medically-induced saintliness and returned to the land of the wicked once more. Since Lucas is still being kept in the dark until his convenient amnesia passes, she’s biding her time and plotting her revenge against the doctor she was smitten with and the diva who captured her son’s heart.

Of course, if you didn’t see the revenge fantasy you’ve been wishing for, please feel free to tell Soap Opera Fan Blog all about what you’d like to see in the comments section below.

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    This was the old KATE excellant soap today, I don’t blame Kate one bit. As a mother to three Married Adult Children, I personally would do the same if I was in that situation.

    We just need to see Nicole fail ASAP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks writers for finally coming though for the fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Put Sami and Rafe together with her children lets make EJ suffer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Finally Days is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. From dc

    loved seeing the “old kate” back in action today.
    i think she will get revenge on chloe and daniel, but what, i don’t know.
    would love to see the rafe and sami thing evolve into something good for the show.
    she needs to move on and maybe even with grace and rafe too.
    i think all that nicole has done is gonna come back and bite her in the ***.
    and what’s up with melanie. i think ej is having something to do with titans computers.

  3. From Frances

    Kate should quietly tell Lucas the truth about Chloe. Kate has no right to pass judgment on Chloe since she did the same thing with her granddaughter’s boyfriend. Kate is so two-faced, but Lucas does deserve to know the truth.

  4. From Elaine

    Kate is the mother in law from Hell. Will Chloe become preganant?
    I think Sami and Rafe together is a smart move.. and I can not wait till everyone finds out what Nicole has done.. and send Melanie packing..

  5. From used2BAlumifan

    I didn’t really like the old Kate when she was going off on Sami, but I think that it is well deserved in this case. I do not like Chloe and Lucas together. They have absolutely NO chemistry together, and they are a bore. It drives me crazy each time Lucas tells Chloe she is perfect and has done nothing wrong. I would definitely love it if Lucas could catch Chloe and Daniel in the act so that his mom doesn’t have to look like she is intruding like she used to. I too would get involved if this were my child. But as we’ve seen in the past, Lucas has been known to threaten to cut all ties with Kate for sticking her nose in his business. She needs to be discreet.

    I have to say that the writers seem to be allowing Sami to finally grow up. I love that she had a talk with Nicole today. It shows that she has gained some maturity. I think Rafe and Sami would be great together. I did hear someone say that they heard that the man in Bo’s vision is Rafe, so I’m not sure if that’s going to happen.

    I hate that they are starting a relationship between Max and Chelsea when she’s leaving. But, it does appear some things are coming together. It’s about time writers… And please keep it up!

  6. From Frances

    I know I’m in the minority here, but I really like Melanie. She is so interesting to watch and I find myself feeling sorry for her sometimes. I think the show has been giving her an interesting story line. I know Brady is old for her, but I like them together. He seems to bring out her better side. I also like her scenes with Max. Nice to see a brother/sister storyline.

  7. From Mitch

    The worst thing she could do is give them the name of the surgeon that did her nose.

    Between not being able to watch Kate scenes with camera shooting straight-on and Lucas’s heavy nose breathing, my DVR watch sessions are getting much shorter these days.

  8. From Maria

    I love that Kate is getting revenge but I really have no idea what it could be. I dont think it should be as drastic as killing people because then she would be in jail–i really dont know! Im just going to wait and see.

  9. From katie

    i would love to see kate set chole and daniel up to be caught. sammy and rafe are the romance you need on (days) finally. get it moving a little better, after getting rid of the best 4 veteran actors.

  10. From Gail

    What would Nicole do if and when Mia comes back for her baby and Nicole doesn’t have her? Is she gotta let Mia know the truth?

  11. From Mitch

    Mia is expendable…

  12. From Biscuit

    I think that Kate should back her nose out of it.She has always had her nose where it don’t belong.She don’t like anyone interferring in her business.At least Chole slept with someone her own age Daniel slept with granny Kate how discusting.Lucas will remember and that will end it besides hopefully on his wedding day and then blow up sure would teach her a lesson. Chole looks better with Daniel than she does with Mama’s boy Lucas.

  13. From Val

    I’d love to see Kate team up with Sami to set up Chloe and Daniel – I don’t care for either character. I’d like to see Lucas (finally) happy with another woman (not Sami) – it’s Sami and Rafe for sure.

  14. From Vicky

    I would like for Kate to be let go off the show.

  15. From Debra


  16. From Lisa (KatLady)

    Hope with Rafe, Nicole with Daniel, and Sami with Lucas. Ej with Chloe, and Maggie with Roman, Bo with me… lol just kidding. There’s so many possiblities.

  17. From Judy

    Today’s show was excellent!!!!! Nicole is finally found out that little Syndey is not hers!!!!! The writers are excellent, can’t wait until tommorow.

  18. From JOAN

    Would like to see someone get rid of kate forever.

  19. From Ann

    I would also love to see Kate, Mia, and Will off the show. None of them can act their way out of a paper bad! Kate is just repulsive always the same old same old. Really gets boaring and am mostly fast forwarding hrough her scenes.

  20. From Chellrae

    I think that the new Brady on Days should be replaced he is not a good actor and he was not a good actor on the soap Passions. What’s up with all the kids taking over the show, who wants to see Phillip and Melanie, Chelsea and Stephanie. I’ve been watching Days for twenty five years and I am very disappointed

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