Days of Our Lives Poll: Roman and Hope?

After week’s of hints and innuendo, the story of Bo’s visions finally took off.

It’s now clear that Roman is the man who will be bedding Hope. What’s far from clear is how this could come about. Of course, it’s not the first time Hope has gotten around, though many of her non-Bo relationships have been while she had a different personality. It doesn’t look like that’s what’s up this time, but what else could it be?

Don’t see the option you think will turn out to be the truth? Why not tell Soap Opera Fan Blog what you’re expecting to see happen in the comments section below.

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  1. From dc

    well, i’m about sick of this “fuel project”.. hopefully this will be over soon.. it’s getting a bit boring..
    i wish tony could finish writing that note to ej and expose nicole for who she really is.. but it will never happen.. they will keep dragging it on with nicole trying to get ej to marry her but from what i am reading ej is calling off the wedding… i wonder if he knows something (maybe stefano told him something)..
    these visions bo is having are getting a bit boring too.. and hope with roman (give me a break)..
    if she is going to be with someone let them bring patrick back…

  2. From Grandma K

    Tony writes the note to EJ, but somehow Phlip gets it and makes Nicole tell the truth about what happened. I read he went back to work at Titen.

  3. From Pat

    Once again I think Princess Gretta Von whatever has returned. I don’t think Hope would cheat on Bo unless that is what happened. Also, when Bo fell at christmas, someone at the hospital could have put an implant in his head which makes it appears he is seeing visions. Hey, stranger things have happened in Salem

  4. From lisa googe

    greta was princess gina’s daughter …gina was who hope was i find it odd rolf isnt around at the moment since john is out of the country and bo is having visions and i do hope its a demira thing myself i am a stephano fan .other than it being a police sting that would make the most sense after all bo is victor and carolines son and stephano has a reason to want to mess with him in particular .


    I have to agree with #2 also I hope EJ does find out about the note and ends his relationship with Nicole

    Brady and Nicole will probably end up together

    Once Mia starts coming around Rafe,Sami ,Will they will have to start noticeing that Grace isn’t Sami’s and that Sydney is

    As far as Bo goes his vision problem needs to end soon or
    I feel Hope will leave him

    I hope that Chloe ends up with the Dr Daniel don’t drag this scene on who’s the daddy

  6. From Bonnie

    I am just plain sick of Hope, don’t like her character at all. I like the storyline between Nicole, EJ, etc. and like Sami and Rafe together. It is nice to see Sami with someone who is a great guy and she doesn’t have to share with. Wondering how Alice is??? I know she had been ill, hope someone will find out and post it.

  7. From Angie

    I like the suspense each day. I keep waiting for Nicole to get caught. As long as there is action, I enjoy the show. Ex. Philip and Tony fighting, Nicole almost being exposed at the Christening by Tony. But…having to listen to Nicole whimper, boring. Just the time that Nicole gets caught and EJ dumps her, Sami and Rafe will be in love and then Sami will turn on Rafe and go running back to EJ and hurt Rafe. I don’t want to encourage a relationship for Sami and Rafe b/c I know it will end in problems.

  8. From nancy powers

    I don’t like Bo and Hope’s parts right now. I like it better to have another couple being true to each other like Tom and Alice. let’s get back to the older days, when couples stay together. too many people live the lives of the soap opera’s now.

  9. From nancy

    I like Bo and Hope, but Roman and Hope i dont like.

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