Days of Our Lives Spoilers for April 6-10.

Warnings, threats and the limits of love.

Whether he’s seeking to get out of future lectures, or out of genuine compassion, tortured teen, Will, warns Rafe that Sami doesn’t exactly have a good track record with men. Although Rafe no doubt caught a glimmer of that while listening to Salem’s most fecund woman rant on a 24 hour basis, there will be a few more things this week that may tip him off as to just how profoundly this runs. He finally tells Sami that he can’t stick around since she’s still in love with EJ.

With all of the doom in the air, Philip moves out of his father’s house. He’s not joining the army this time, instead he is moving into Stephanie’s apartment. While he settles in to his new digs, Chelsea gets uncomfortable. Her fears that something is springing up again between Uncle Max and Stephanie continue to grow unabated. Max has other problems, or perhaps they really belong to his sometimes friend, sometimes enemy, Philip. Max overhears EJ vowing to avenge Tony’s death, which is sure to be bad news for someone.

While EJ’s shopping for a new pair of black gloves, Nicole asks Chloe if she regrets anything about her marriage to Lucas. Although that’s sure to be a fascinating conversation, it won’t be nearly as entertaining as the one she is going to have with Elvis. By the end of the week, we’ll see EJ storming out of the church while Nicole breaks down.

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  1. From LilLeah

    So does this mean Chloe is the one who drops the bomb on Nicole and her baby switch-a-roo? I sure hope so! This story needs to be over with already. Why does Philip need to move in with Stephanie? He must have his own savings and can get his very own bachelor pad somewhere in Salem. I’m sure his dad owns most of the bldgs anyhow. First, Sami only has will for sooo many years and neglects him, now she has three other babies to neglect. Why is it that Will said only he and his sister. Johnny and Alice are twins and that is means brother & sister no matter who the biological father(s) are. Now, Sami has 4 children to throw to her parents, grandparents and whoever really cares for all these missing kids on DAYS.

  2. From sue

    I like the story line. I’m sorry to see Tony leave but its time for the younger ones to move forward. Most have been on for quite awhile anyway. I’ve been watching since Days started so I’ve seen it all. I can’t wait for Nicole to get her due which is way overdue. And Chloe needs to be shown as the trash she is not the sweet, innocent lamb she makes out to be. EJ and Sami need to realize they love each other but not settle down. Too interesting apart and fueding.

  3. From Precious

    Is the time closing in on Nicole now that Tony’s out of the way for EJ to find out about Sydney? One can only hope…tired of these stories being dragged out for months!! Maybe Sami will have something to do with EJ leaving Nicole in the church. Somehow, someone needs to tell EJ the truth. It’s too bad HE don’t have her followed, then he’d know for himself what this lying bitch is up to.
    Why is Phillip moving in with Stephanie? He can’t afford his own place…PLEASE…Victor is suppose to re-instate him as CEO soon, anyway, so what’s the point? To make Max and Chelsea feel uncomfortable?? Sometimes the writting of this show is soooo ridiculous. One minute Lucas is dis-inheriting his mother, the next Victor does the same with Phillip, and it doesn’t mean anything.
    I would like to see this show doing something different besides war between families, and people jumping in bed for sex every other day.

  4. From April M.


    Steph and Phil make a baby that will be swapped w/ Chloe’s baby after birth… So they will rap up the Nic./Sami baby swop just in time to do it again!!

    I had a feeling Phil n Steph would be playing house since Chels. is being writen off the show. Sometimes the writers are too predictable. lol :)

  5. From dc

    well, i sure hope they don’t get rid of rafe..
    after watching what will be on tomorrow i sure hope brady can convince nicole to tell the truth about tony’s death (but probably not)..
    but nicole better watch out for philip.. she knows her and brady are holding something back from ej but he doesn’t know it’s about the baby..
    i think the baby chloe is going to have (if she has one) will be daniels..
    i don’t think stephanie and philip will have one together..
    ya know, i miss kayla and steve.. and also marlena and john..
    can’t wait to see this new nurse that maggie is suppose to introduce daniel to..
    and when dr baker returns, boy is nicole going to be surprised.. he’ll probably end up telling all.. i enjoyed mia being back.. maybe they will put her and will together (dating)..
    since she never saw her baby after it was born i wonder if she will be able to tell if sami’s baby is really hers…


    Will needs to stay out of his mother’s affairs

    Sami needs to be with Rafe thatall I can say on that issue

    As far as EJ and Nicole goes he needs to dump her

    Let Philip move in with Steph

    Chelsea is leaving

    If check in on the other soaps the actors and actress are all young and more interesting so I feel Days needs to go with the flow

    I’m a little sad that the note really didn’t seem like Tony told EJ what he wanted to say hopefully it will be enough for EJ to end his relationship with Nicole

    I hope that Chloe is carrying Dr Daniel baby

    Then Will can babysit his Dad stay away from Sami

    If EJ is shopping for gloves he will probably be going after Philip right now he is useless anyway


    I forgot to mention this I feel that Rafe is saying that to Sami to give her a wake up call sort of thing

    He is just testing her he definetly
    wants an realationship with her but he is probably getting tried of waiting for her to make love with him

    Hopefully Sami does come around for Rafe especially with everything fallen apart for EJ and Nicole

    Sami could actual be in the driver seat

  8. From Marie-Therese

    Sami and EJ are great together it’s always interesting when they are the 2 of them not only that they have one other chid and they don’t even know it’s stupid enough it’s enough we need something that make sense no one take a blood test when the babys where born it’s crazy

  9. From Vivian Biondo

    Sami is dynamic with practically every male partner she has had. However, Raffe is the best that they have had for her. Yet, I like when Sami and EJ’s bond shows up.

    The truth about Nicole losing the baby is long overdue. However, I would like to see the baby swap go over some time (but not too long). It will really be interesting. Sometimes I imagine that the baby swap may go on for years (God help us!)

  10. From Jamie C

    It is sad to see Tony go, at least before he was able to spill his guts about Nichole, obvouisly EJ’s not smart enough to figure it out for himself. The writers have made him look stupid for months. I like Sami and Rafe, he is good for her. I agree Will should date Mia. Chloe should go on tour and not come back Lucus should know what a tramp she is. I like that Kate is back to her old self. When EJ goes after Phil I wouldnt be suprised if Steph gets hurt in the process. to bad Chelsey is leaving, I like her with Max.

  11. From Storylines

    Here’s a thought….since the writing for this show has been on a steady decline how about having fans submit/write ideas??? Even make it a contest with $$$ prizes (now there’s a stimulus package we can all use). The comments I see here are sooooo much better than what’s happening on-screen. Be different…tap into better resources–your FANS! DOOL is my first TV memory, I’ve watched it my entire life…and was fortunate enough to work at the 40th Annv. party at the Paladium. This show deserves a breath of fresh air…listen to your fan base & keep things moving, stop dragging stuff out…or DOOL will be on the way out…..That’s not what we want.

  12. From twinny

    Look what Stephano did to Tony and Lexie. Look at what he is doing to EJ. Look at what Victor is doing to Philip.

    This is the kind of thing that Sami wants to protect her children from.

    Although I believe there comes a time in every person’s life where they have to decide for themselves what kind of person they want to be..both Philip and EJ seem to get high on the pursuit of money, power, greed, and revenge. Just like their fathers.

    Is there still a good and decent person inside EJ and Philip; or are Sami and Stephanie looking at their guys through rose-colored glasses?

    Decency, compassion, humanitarianism, are seen as weaknesses by both Victor and Stephano. This is what they have been teaching their sons.

    Philip got a double-whammy. He has Kate for a mother.

    Will there own life experiences and the influence of their extended families have an effect on them, or will they follow in their fathers’ footsteps?

    Then there is Brady. He has both DiMera and Kiriakis blood, but he was raised by John and Marlena who taught him to do the right thing, see the good in everyone, to fight evil with goodness, and the power of forgiving.

    Will he be a good influence on the people around him or will his good nature, and tendency toward heroism be taken advantage of?

    I don’t know if the writers realize it or not, but if you look past the surface; there are a lot of interesting concepts to play up here.

  13. From Grandma K

    Two people were going to tell on Nicole, so she waited till one was dead now she will tell the truth about Philips fight with Tony or he will say something to EJ. Why do they cast Sami’s son Will as a looser and has a no talent play him? You would think Sami’s son would be a bit tougher. Love Sami with Rafe, but there will always be something between her and EJ, that makes a good story. I don’t know if Rafe will like shareing Sami with EJ.

  14. From Katie

    Ok, is it just me or when Sami’s son Will left last year he was like 16 or 17, now he looks like he is 15.. what is up with that? Hopefully this story line with Nicole is almost ready to explode in her face. I’m over it. And why must Lucas always look like a fool in the end? I really like Rafe with Sami, but Sami and EJ are hot together as well.

  15. From deb tifft

    we need to get some people on the show thats not related to the bradys ( blood or adopted )poor max doesnt have a chance!1st they were gonna pair him with carrie(romans daughter) then chelsae(bos daughter) and finally stephine(kaylas daughter)i know its not blood it just dont sound right while hes calling caroline mom and the girls are calling her gram also find someone that is worthy of stephine she is way too good for the scheming phil pair him with mel they think alike and deserve eachother

  16. From DaysFan

    I really really hope they keep Sami and Rafe together! I love the chemistry and how jealous EJ is of it.

    I like Mel with Philip too they are very much alike.

  17. From margaret

    I think Rafe and Sammy are a good Match,Sammy don’t need, to be with E.J. I do not trust Him.He is to muck like His Father and She has gone to a lot of trouble to keep Her Child away from Them.Give Her Baby Back to Her and get rid of Nickie.She is very sick.Self serving.She will not make a good Mother.Where is pooky after all.She just disapeared,That don’t happen in real life.Pet’s just do not disapear.She did not take good care of the dog,expecting others to clean up after lovers are appalled,at this.Why are You getting rid of all the good actors and keeping The not so good One’s

  18. From deb tifft

    my apologies i was wrong and realized what i did it wasnt romans daughter carrie that days paired with max it was abby who happens to be no relation to max so how bout bringing abby bk for max what a nice match that would be hortons and bradys always seem to fit nicely together

  19. From Niki

    I would like to see Sami & EJ back together, the chemistry cannot be denied between the two of them. EJ wanted to be a better person when involved with Sami. They have 2 kids together which the whole Nicole, baby swap needs to come to an end- old story now so move on already!! I also really like Stephanie & Philip together, super cute & also she brings the best in him out. I am not a big fan of Dr. Dan or Rafe.. their acting has alot to be desired. I hate to see Chelsea go she was just getting to a good position on the show- super talent they are loosing with her.

  20. From Melissa

    Why can’t they just have a couple that works together. Keep people happy for a change. Admit it Sami and Lucas BELONG together!! Nicole is not as horrible as she seems, she has no self esteem. She was sweet when she first came to Salem, even Eric fell for her. Now she’s this horrible person? Why do all characters end up evil? Ser upeeeeeeendeeeuevaaaaaaaaaaaa at

  21. From Melissa

    All this show is about is fighting and sex. Now we have all these characters we don’t see. Everyone leaves Salem! I wonder why! We always hear the doom music when going to commercial or at the end. Doom music…does this mean doom music for the show if they don’t do something and stop dragging out plots? Dummmdummdum

  22. From Susie

    Everyone who was intersting have been written off — John & Marlena; Tony & Anna; Steve & Kayla. Ken Corday has no idea what he is doing & his head writer should be fired. What a way to screw up what once was a great daytime soap! Enough said!

  23. From Delores

    I agree with Storylines here alot. I have been writing my own story lines here for months now, HOPING DAYS will catch on. Any who—I would also like to see these ladies of this show in a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt, hair all f’d up and no make-up on, hands in dish water, and a Mountain Dew instead of a Brandy. THAT is the REAL life of an average woman. Oh, but, alas I forget, these are NOT real average women are they??LOL!!

  24. From Rob

    Somebody PLEASE get rid of Kate. Her thing with Chloe is boring, boring, boring. Oh, and stupid. The show really has gone down, down, down. It’s getting sooooo predictable.

  25. From cathy hill

    i will miss tony from days. his character can go so bad to real good.

  26. From cinnamon

    Tony you will be missed. You were one of marlena’s best friends sad that you had to go.

  27. From Grandma K

    Why is everyone upset over Max dateing non blood relatives? No one has said anything about Shawn and Bell being Married with a kid. BO is Shawns dad, John is Bells dad. Are they not bouth Bradys? Maybe thats why they are no longer on the show. But blood wise.Bo is Carolines son not Shawn SR. John is Shawn SR. Kin not Carolines. It sure gets confusing on this show, now they are swapping kids and playing Who’s the daddy, If this show stays on the air we will never know who’s dateing who. So leve pore Max alone.

  28. From Kay

    Just dump everyone and cancel the show. Its not the same without the older, more experienced actors.

  29. From patsy

    The only thing worth watching is Rafe and Sami. They fight , they make up they,er so sweet and funny to gether.

  30. From Stephanie

    Days has got to keep up with the other soaps that are on…younger people and storylines that are meant to last. The writing has got to make a change though. Quit dragging out these storylines that become so boring…. the alternative fuels project (just give it to someone already!), the baby swap (Nicole needs to be found out!), and IF Chloe is pregnant…let it be Daniel’s and let Lucas find out so he can get on with his life. Find him someone who is actually good for him and won’t betray him. And whoever is writing Will…what a crybaby! Whah whah….mom abandoned me… which is so not true! Sami may not have been the best mother when he was a baby but she was extremely young herself! Give her a break! He needs to grow up! Couples: Rafe and Sammi (don’t go back down a broken road with her…give her a new path!), Daniel and Chloe (chemistry was awesome), Phillip and Steph (a man much like her Papa…hello) And lets have some real life type writing for once….

  31. From Delores

    BOY did things change all of a sudden here. It won’t do any good though if EJ DOES find out the truth about Nicole and the baby, because a DNA will result in the Dad being EJ’s—-UNLESS results turn out that it is actually LUCAS’!!! *SIGH* and to think I use to video tape this show when I was working so that I wouldn’t miss any thing.

  32. From E.J._Enchantrace

    Finally! Nicole gets what she deserves, something tells me he DOES find out about Sydney. Which it’s about time because this storyline has been dragging on for too long, although it has been rather annoying, but at the same time entertaining, maybe Brandy spills the beans, or maybe Mia shows up at Nicole’s wedding and tells everyone, either that, or someone mentions that Nicole is having an “affair” with Brady, or better yet, Dr. Baker spills the beans, because he did ask for an invite to Nicole’s wedding after all, Or even better daddy Stefano finds out!, I never thought I would say this, but for once I am on Stefano’s side, I have actually come to like and enjoy his character, too bad they had to get rid of Tondy though. Oh the possiblilities on who tells on Nicole is endless. =]

    Uhhhgggg is the new Will getting on anyone else’s nerves besides mine? I mean he has done nothing but moan and groan about the past and what not since he has returned, I swear the kid needs to move on with his life and stop being like one of those whiney emo kids, I stand corrected he is one of those emo kids, they have completely ruin the guys character, maybe they should write it in the script where Will seeks professional help for his past issues, that may make his character better, or make him cheerful for once in his life.

  33. From barbara b

    i don’t like rafe. he seems stiff and lackluster and already under sami’s thumb. mostly i can’t stand nicole and ej together, or the baby switch thing. we need some new plots and maybe get rid of some more of the “old” cast.

  34. From April M.

    How can Chloe tell E.J. about Nic baby swap when Chloe has no clue Nic. lost her baby, got Mias, the did a swap w/ Sami’s baby…… Seeings how Chloe knows nothing, how is she going to tel E.J.???

  35. From Days of Our Lives Spoilers for April 6-10. |

    [...] Days of Our Lives Spoilers for April 6-10. | [...]

  36. From Lisa/St. Louis

    I can’t wait for Sami to be able to throw Nicole’s line back at her.
    “Some people are up, and some people are down. I’m up Nicole and it looks like your down.”

  37. From Lisa Nash

    Honestly!!! I cannot believe I torture myself day in and day out with this Nicole/EJ/Sami/Mia scenario…Tony was supposed to let the cat out of the bag and all he manages to write is a “B”! DUDE!!!! The viewers deserve Nicole’s dirty little secret to come out of the bag already…I really am tuning in to see if she will finally get busted, lose EJ and Sidney and hopefully get a one-way ticket out of Salem!! EJ and Sami need to be together and Nicole deserves all of Salem to learn of her lies. Looking forward to this storyline wrapping up already…COME ON!!!!

  38. From Debbie

    Why do you continue to drag things out. There are now 4 people that know about Nicole and this baby – Brady, Chloe, Mia and the Doctor. The fact needs to come out that Sami is the Mother of Nicole’s baby. The doctor needs to tell her where she can go with her threats. Tony needed to stay on the program as he can be as evil as Stefano. Each day this program is more boring and I am trying to stick with DOOL but it’s tough.


    After watching today Nicole doesn’t stand a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all between Sami telling EJ that he is Grace’s father and Dr Baker being back also Mia hanging around ,I also feel that eventually EJ will be able to put two and two together and realize that this is why Nicole was indeed going to the convent to see Grace and the (B) on the paper must mean that Tony was trying to tell him
    about Nicole that is why he doesn’t marry Nicole or Dr Baker announce this to EJ or maybe Mia will after all she can’t put Grace down she might be the one to go running to EJ and tell him that Nicole has her baby even though we all know Sami has Mia’s baby and Nicole does have Sami’s baby which is EJ’S

  40. From April M.

    What did I miss? Last wk we had a blizzard and one day of Days wasn’t aired…. Is that when Chloe found out about Nic.’s baby swap????

  41. From Gina

    Can someone tell me why Sami gets all the guys in this town??? Can’t they find some single gorgeous gal for Rafe? Geez…

    Also, please tell me why Catwoman (Kate) continuously tries to look as though she’s part of some cult with that 1 nail painted black???? It is so nauseating (as is her breathy voice!). Lauren Koslow needs to be called in to the office and given a reality check – she’s 56 not 26!!!! Grow up and stop annoying the viewers already!

  42. From patsy

    Hey , leave Rafe and Sami alone They,er the only thing worth watching on DOOLright now.They ruined E.J.when they put him with Nicole.Ihope the writers are happy.THE SHOWS NOT WORTHING WATCHING NOW .

  43. From sue

    i hate to see tony go, he was the only one on the show, that brought humor to the show. with his snide remarks, maybe his father will clone him. i will miss tony!!!!

  44. From April M.

    I agree with you on Kates nails!! I also notice her left thumb was painted clear….. Is this some new tread? lol

  45. From April M.

    well maybe it wasn’t the left hand, it was oppsite of the hand with the black nail….. and they’ve been doing that for awhile…sometimes even miss matching earings…. maybe there trying to bring back the 80s lol

  46. From Robin

    All I have to say is “Keep Sami and Rafe together”! They are GREAT together and he is the only one who brings out Sami’s softer side which is a nice change. You can’t deny the chemistry they have. Rafe “Galen Gering” is an OUTSTANDING addition to Days!
    I love Ali and Galen =0)

  47. From Rona

    Going to miss Tony. I loved the banter between him and Stephano. Stephano needs someone else to yell at besides EJ, Nicole or Phillip. I’d like to see more of Stephano vs Victor. It certainly is open for more creative writing.

  48. From Tim

    So Tony is dead? What ever happen the the Dimera’s Phoenix ring?

  49. From JOAN


  50. From Melthatsme

    I have to say, i love Sami. DOOL is so much more interesting with her on it. Pleaseeeeeeee get her back with EJ. they have never had a good time together, always pretending they dont like each other. Cant they at least have a bit of happiness until you break them up again. They are like ross and rachel. I mainly watch the show now to see if they get together. STOP THE NICOLE BABY SWITCH…its going on for toooo longgggggggggggggggggg

  51. From Melthatsme

    I like tony, and i LOVE kayla and steve…. they were the cutest couple besides boy and hope. Im pretty newly wed married and loved seeing them so loved up after many years!

  52. From CK

    will something big happen next week EJ need to find out by the end of next week.

  53. From Vivian

    Tony is dead. Anna took his ashes and left town after giving Stefano a tongue-lashing. So “WHERE ARE THE PRINTS FOR THE ALTERNATIVE FUELS PROJECT?”

  54. From JoAnne

    Why in the Hell did Tony only wrote “B” on the damn paper. He could’ve added more letters. Don’t you think?

  55. From joyce

    I want EJ to find out about Nichol & dump her & Chole & Daniel need to get together,it Brady & Nichole,Daniel & Chole,EJ & Sami,Melaine needs to get lost,DR.Baker & Kate,Will & Mia,Victor & Caroline,Bo & Hope,just get rid of Nichol,Stefano knows how to get rid of her without any body finding out

  56. From Barb

    What happened to Stephano???? I thought he knew everything! He had Nicole followed to the convent – didn’t he even bother to find out just what was she even doing there? Days is too predictable – storylines are the same – over & over. Time to change to “General Hospital”……What ever happened to Lawrence, Vivian, & Carly?

  57. From patsy

    Hey , tomorrow NO NICOLE or E.J. They have changed E.J/James so much Ican,t stand to watch him.Itape so I can ff threw all their sceans.

  58. From Eve

    I wished Sami would have told EJ today that she had his child. I do like Rafe, however EJ and Sami to belong together. Come on Days Writer get teh story more interesting…loosing my interest.

  59. From patsy

    Ijust read the bspoliers for may It says someone gets a surprise dianoges ‘If they make Nicole pregant again DAYS might as will close up shop.You would learn by now E.J.and NicloeDOESNOT work.tHEY ARE SICKING TOGETHER,iThe writers have already ruined James,s CARATURE.

  60. From Betty

    Hey, whys everyone dumping on Nicole…yes she does bad things but have yall forgotten Sami’s past? She kidnapped her own sister and hid her! Anyway I wish Nicole had told EJ the truth when she lost here baby because I liked them together and who knows, he might have wanted to marry her anyway. But too late now! Chloe is just disgusting and I hope Lucas sends her down the road. You know old doc won’t want her when shes free. Hes a real jerk! and find someon good for Lucas for heavens sake…maybe he and Sami should get back together!

  61. From Paula

    Come on..did you guys REALLY think Sami was going to tell EJ about the baby? Common sense tells you for DOOL, it is way to soon and would have been too easy. I agree with most of you though, it IS time to move this whole baby storyline along. But, no matter what, I’ve been a DOOl fan forever, and will continue to be. I have some of the same complaints many of you do, but if you’re going to do nothing but threaten to stop watching the show, then for god’s sake, get on with it and stop watching!

  62. From Milly

    When the truth about the baby switch finally does come out, how will Sami be able to give Grace up? she already has bonded with her and loves her so much. On the other hand, Sydney is the baby she actually gave birth to. What a dilema for the DOOL writers who are already as untalented as they come It will be interesting to see how they untangle this one.

  63. From Misty

    Rafe cannot leave Salem. He cannot make himself go, so he let’s go of Sami and gets ajob working as a P.I. where he meets a ‘legualeagle”who devides her time between the Salempd. and the P.I. office.
    Phillip and Stephany break-up after Phillip goes backto Titan.Phillip leaves town to head up another titan office.
    Kate and Stephano marry to protect Phillip and Victor.

  64. From Sandi

    I am so ready for this Nicole stuff to end ….It is really getting old. We so need to move on and let everyone find out just what Nicole has been up to.I just can’t wait untill Sami and E.J. can be together. Their chemistry is awsome. Come on quit dragging this on and on and on….

  65. From Vicki

    This baby switch thing is nothing new to Days. Do you all remember the Lexi-Hope swith? Only diff is that they didn’t know about it. I think it took years for that to come out.

  66. From Lisa

    Well yesterday was the first time I actually saw the chemistry between Sami and EJ. Okay, I can say now I don’t mind seeing them together.
    I don’t like Stephanie. No matter how she is dressed she still looks like a little kid trying to play dress up in her mother’s clothes! And her hair?!?!? Today it was in such a big high hairdo she looked like one of the Coneheads on the old SNL show! She is not sexy!
    Even though Daniel is a you~know~what, he is one sexy devil! I can see why all the woman want him!!!
    I like the idea of Tony being cloned. Why not? There have been other unbelievable things happen in Salem so why not that? That might be pretty neat. I liked him, why was he killed off?
    Also, I read about Chelsea leaving. I like her too. I think she looks just like Bo and Billie and could really pass for their kid.
    I also like Nicole. I think she is very pretty.
    Ugh to the new Will and to Rafe!
    Where is Roman???

  67. From Jean

    Where was Anna supposed to be while Tony was in the hospital?

    Who thinks that Stephanie is showing nymphomaniac tendencies with regards to Phillip? Every time you turn around, she’s leading him to bed! No sign of the Phillip’s false leg in any of his bedroom scenes.

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