Days of Our Lives Spoilers for March 26-27.

Apologies, paranoia and revenge.

Now that Chloe and Lucas are actually married, the apologies can get into full swing. Kate apologizes to Daniel, but does she really mean it? Pretty soon, Daniel is apologizing to Chloe, but is it his apology she wants, or is it something else? Salem’s other relationships are no less complicated. “You do care, right?” an insecure Sami asks her former bodyguard. Rafe answers her question by planting his mouth on hers. After they share this intimate moment, Sami decides it’s time to get to know him a little better and probes Sister Agnes about Rafe’s mysterious past.

Nicole confronts Mia about going to Tony with their little secret. She’s sure that Mr. DiMera would sell his own mother to get back at EJ. Nicole warns Mia, “This is Tony we’re talking about. He could strike at any minute.” While the two blonds fret, threaten and try to weave their way through the lies, Bo is busy lying to Hope in an attempt to ward off his dread that his latest vision is coming true right before his eyes.

Meanwhile, more dreadful things await. “There is something definitely wrong and I think it’s time you found out about it,” Tony tells his little brother. Will EJ hazard a guess or will Tony school him on Nicole’s deceptions? Meanwhile, their arch-enemy, Philip has just discovered that his problems are only getting worse. Not only has he had to put up with Tony’s patronizing insults, he’s also lost his father and gotten the boot from Titan. “What are you going to do?” Brady asks his increasingly unhinged half-uncle.”Whatever I have to,” Philip answers. There’s nothing more dangerous than a man who has nothing left to lose. That’s exactly what Tony may find out when he and Philip get into a fight. It won’t be the only fight to close the week either. Stefano and EJ also go into battle with the young Kiriakis.

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  1. From dc

    oh boy, these last (2) days of the week are going to be exciting..
    hope sami stays with rafe..
    and i don’t think it is philip that actually kills tony.. i think nicole, ej or stefano will have something to do with it..
    and i wonder what daniel and chloe will have in common (maybe that baby she is carrying).. or is it lucas’s baby?? who knows.. only time will tell..
    i wonder what ej and stefano will get into.. probably something about nicole and that baby not being hers and ej’s..


    I just hope Tony tell’s EJ before he dies even if EJ does a blood test on Sydney yes he is the father but Nicole isn’t the mother
    so she will get caught

    I also hope that Sami stays with Rafe as we all know she doesn’t have a clean record either

    AS far as Chloe goes I would like to see her with Dr Daniel

    Bo’s vision needs to end

  3. From patsy

    I just wished E,J, could have seen this last kiss between Samiand Rafe.Maybe he would star thinking He has realy lost her for good and do something about it .Naw that would take some thinking and beings he no longer has a brain can,t do it Sory E.J. your lose

  4. From Maureen

    Nicole will find a way to ‘avoid’ a blood test.

    EJ, having such a big ego, will really only be happy to verify that Sydney is ‘his’. He won’t even think of the possibility that someone else (Sami) could have given birth to his daughter.

  5. From jim farmer

    i have been watching days for about 25 years now, when i was working during that time i always recorded and wore out 5 vcr’s. there has never been a dull moment i especially loved marlena’s possession and carly, and hope being buried alive thanks to the whole cast,thanks for making my life seem more bearable even in the rough times!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. From Grandma K

    I look at Sami and Rafe kissing and I wonder who does ALLISON think is the better kisser and which one does she want Sami to end up with Rafe or EJ ? Philip will go to trial for Toney’s death, will Victor stand by him? That will give Kate something to do. Are they recasting Chelsea? Why would she leve now?

  7. From gloria anderson

    I hate these storylines, with doing the nasty with roman and nicole getting by with murder. Please allow something exciting to happen on days. it use to be so exciting to watc, but not anymore.

  8. From LilLeah

    How could Victor disown and fire his own flesh & blood? Isn’t he the one who always speaks about how important family is? I didn’t care for that too much. Philip at least tries his best to please his father. All Victor ever does is criticize him and if he wanted to really have that fuels project, he could have intervened somehow like he always does in these “stories”. Hoping Mia shuts Nicole up big time! I also hope Tony tells EJ about Nicole. This story just needs to stop already. Sami & Rafe, cute couple, but why would Sami go to a nun to ask about Rafe? Nuns don’t divulge information or maybe just on DAYS they do. Even though I feel Chloe is a big HO, Kate is also a bigger HO. She has slept with many many many more men then Chloe. I mean, talk about people in glass houses throwing stones. Kate needs to just stop also with the name calling.

  9. From angelfirepr

    I wish they would make more exciting with Bo’s vision, like catching Stephano, in the act instead his brother with his wife Hope, please!

  10. From Raymone

    Tony has always been an enjoyable character. Too bad the writers have decided it’s curtains for him. there are SO MANY OTHERS that could have the curtain lowered on them and we wouldn’t even miss them. It is a bit on the exciting side to think that coniving Nicole might actually get found out. EJ used to be intelligent…if he gets back with Sami, where he belongs, maybe he’ll get his brains and you-know-what-else back!

  11. From Trish

    Love that Sami finally has someone that cares deeply about her..
    Rafe & Sami need to get marries and say Grace is theirs!

    We also need to bring back-Marlena & John-why do we keep lossing are good actors

    Glad Rafe & Brady came from Passions..Keep them!!!!

  12. From Days of Our Lives bSpoilers/b for March 26-27. | » SPOILERSINFO.COM

    [...] Source:Days of Our Lives bSpoilers/b for March 26-27. | [...]

  13. From Arlene

    I hope Sami and Rafe stay together. He is gorgeous and they make an attractive couple.

  14. From Precious

    I think Nicole will finish Tony off in the hospital…she doesn’t want any Dimera to know the truth about Sydney, including Sami.If Nicole was thinking properly instead of having a panic attack, she could have fooled the Dimera’s with Mia’s set-up story, and knowing already that Sydnay is half Dimera, if a blood test were taken, Sydney would have EJ’s DNA. Nicole’s going bonkers over something SHE CREATED with a bold-faced lie. She just should have told EJ the truth about her miscarriage…EJ would have probably stayed with her and they could’ve adopted Mia’s child LEGALLY…but this is a soap opera, so we have to have the angles, right?
    I really hope Sami and Rafe can become a couple without someone butting into it. I hope they can carry off this “adoption of Grace” without Nicole or Lucas or EJ interferring.

  15. From luvdays

    daniel is way to hot to be with anyone but the beautiful chloe

  16. From Faye Brown

    I think DOOL needs to let the truth come out about the baby switching and Nicole needs to pay for what she has done to these families. She don’t deserve to keep Syndey or any other baby.

    We really need to se Bo get over these crazy visions that don’t make any sense. Bo and Hope are a great couple and writers please stop this madness between them. It should not be all this drama going on and all of the firings you have already done. I have been a fan, but it is slowly creeping away.

  17. From Mopy

    Philip deserves to get sooo pwned by Nicole on this Tony thing! He goes and threatens to ruin her life with a story of a non-existant affair between her and Brady, and now he’s expecting her to help him prove his innocence, as she’s the only witness to the accident?? LOL! Sucker + loser = a Philip I’ve been waiting to see for a while! Nicole is his only meal ticket out of this mess, and I hope she just sends the punk floating up $@%t creek.

  18. From Olive

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Sami and Rafe!!! There is SO much potential here – unlimited really because we know so little, as opposed to Lucas or EJ – both of whom we know way too much about. Also, neither of them have anywhere near the chemistry of Rafe and Sami. Please writers – for ONCE, do blow a good thing!!!

  19. From Olive

    whoops – that was supposed to be

    do NOT blow a good thing:0)

  20. From cinnamon

    Sami and Rafe as days new super couple. Ej and Sami never belonged together.Exspecially after he rapped her for a kid. Sami and Rafe number one couple in my book they have more chemistry then she had with either EJ or Lucas.

  21. From Clara

    I’m just reading only weekly updates. My time is better served elsewhere. End Bo’s visions yesterday,have Kate & Chloe have relapses and Phillip kill Tony and have a stray bullet hit Melanie. I think I can write a better show than the “writers”.

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