Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Tony’s Final Warning.

It looks like the day of reckoning in finally coming for Nicole.

Apparently, her last ditch threats to Tony didn’t pay out. He uses his final ounces of strength to scribble a note about her to his brother. Will EJ believe the accusation? He vows to find out the truth and Nicole’s tailspin into panic picks up speed. Can she scheme her way out of this one, or have her crimes finally caught up to her?

Watch this video clip and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think below.

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  1. From dc

    i hate to see tony dying but i think he will finally peak ej’s interest on how nicole has been acting.. but ya know, i bet brady will help her in some way..
    tony will get his revenge on nicole, i’m sure of it (one way on another)..
    and when ej said he was going to get to the bottom of thing, believe me, he means it (after all he is a di mera)…

  2. From Grandma K

    Nicole has a way out, it is EJ’s baby. Just do a blood test. He wouldn’t think of it not being Nicoles baby. Once again Nicole goes free. Mia will bring her down.

  3. From April M.

    I agree with Grandma K…. I’ve seen that coming ever since the baby switch… I wasn’t sure when or why, but I knew something would happen and E.J. would do a DNA test or the baby would get sick and E.J. would donate something (an organ or blood) to save the baby.

    I wonder what the note Tony wrote says…. enough to make E.J. worry, but is he calling Nic out? Dose he say anything about Sydney?

    Can’t wait for Doc. Dan to hear about Chloes pregancie!!!!


  4. From savvy

    I hope Nicole gets caught. I hate also that Tony died. But I hope Sami Kicks Nicole butt for stealing her baby, I hope that Mia get her baby. But I really want to see how Ej reacts to his Nicole being a snake about everything. I want to see so baad how she reats to being caught. I can’t wait!!!

  5. From someone

    the note says the letter b

  6. From barbara b

    i like mia and hope nicole doesn’t corrupt her. hopefully ej can read enough of tony’s last words to “get it” about nicole. i’m tired of all the babies. i love them, but we’ve reached oversaturation on this show. please don’t let cloe be pg too.

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