General Hospital Spoilers for March 31 – April 1!

Robin’s pregnant!

April Fool’s! (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one. Of all the potential calamities on General Hospital right now, this is the one that is the most frightening, don’t you think?) On to the actual spoilers…

Robin finally has time with a therapist and comes to an ugly realization. She says that she doesn’t want to be a mother! She doesn’t like the idea of taking antidepressants, but Sonny tells her how helpful his meds have been in treating his bi-polar disorder. Meanwhile, Patrick learns about a woman who suffered from PPD and deliberately took her baby for a drive and crashed. Uh-oh.

Carly is so encouraged by Michael’s hand movement that nothing can dampen her spirits. Sonny doesn’t share her optimism and Jax fears that another procedure could kill the boy.

Claudia doesn’t buckle under more pressure from Ric, but she asks Johnny to help by joining the business to spy. Instead, Johnny goes directly to Ric and confronts him. Claudia comes up with Plan B and tells Michael about it. Carly finds her there!

Jason’s no dummy. He realizes that Ric is blackmailing his sister.

After Lulu catches Ethan stealing from Crimson, she challenges him to a poker game to win the money back.

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