General Hospital Weekly Summary from March 23 – 27!

Claudia can’t catch a break.

Ric and Claudia had a ‘cat and mouse’ week. He lorded over her and demanded that she do his bidding in exchange for him not spilling the beans about her role in Michael’s shooting. She promised to get him evidence against Jason and Sonny, but instead she got her hands on some sleeping pills and slipped him enough to kill a horse. After sleeping with him, of course. As he drifted off, he told her that if he turned up dead a DVD would be sent directly to Sonny. As the week ended, Claudia had a passed out and naked Ric in her bed and Sonny knocking on her door. Now what?

Spinelli had a pretty good week. He, Sam and Winifred teamed up to get all evidence against him erased from the FBI computer system. Winifred was fired in the process, however. Spinelli went to Sam and offered his and Winifred’s services should they team up and make the “McCall and Spinelli PI Agency.”

Jax’s bliss didn’t last long I’m afraid. He and Carly had barely enjoyed their ‘re’ honeymoon when he got an email from Jerry indicating that he was not only alive, but a part of Michael’s shooting. He wrestled with his conscience, but Olivia helped him to see that total honesty with Carly would ruin his relationship with her. By week’s end, he told Carly that his sociopath brother was alive, but that’s all he told her. He did, however, go to Michael and spill his guts. Carly walked into the room, but did she hear?

Rayner wasn’t at all pleased with Jason’s efforts at getting information out of Sonny at his party. Sure, Sonny and Jason talked business and Rayner’s guys heard it all via the wire Jason wore. But in the end, all they discussed was legitimate coffee business.

Robin’s little Rochester road trip ended badly, as you might have guessed. She let herself make out a little with Brad before pulling away. Patrick caught her red-handed and they talked it all out. Robin finally agreed that she did have PPD and invited Lainey over to talk. She couldn’t handle it though, and took off before Lainey could react. Patrick continued to be angry with her, but both Liz and Sonny heard him out and encouraged him to continue giving Robin support. Robin ended up spilling her guts to Jason about the whole mess.

Rebecca and Nik got a little closer this week. He ran into her at Mercy and she asked him to sit with her while she waited for a mammogram. One thing led to another and it turned out that she needed complete biopsy. She was scared and grateful that he was willing to support her. While he waited, he couldn’t help but wonder about the coincidence between her and Emily’s breast cancer link.

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