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A look at the week of March 16!

Oh my God! Can the fuels project storyline just end already?! Melanie needs to focus on something else instead of trying to play Salem’s major players against each other and get involved in a storyline where we’ll start to like her. And Philip needs to stop acting like such a spoiled brat! Somehow EJ manages to act like the scheming adult businessman that he is while dealing with Melanie and the project. Philip could take a lesson or two from him.

Speaking of Philip, why does Stephanie ‘love’ him? He’s a total jerk who is obsessed with one-upping the DiMeras. He doesn’t show her much affection and even yells and belittles her on occasion. What happened to the saucy racecar driver she used to be? Now she’s trying to help clean up Philip’s messes and making him a snack when he’s upset. I’m over it!

It’s too bad Tony is being written out because I’ve enjoyed Thaao Penghlis’ getting involved in Nicole’s baby mess and even screwing Melanie over for her dreaded fuels project. I wondered why Thaao was nominated for a Daytime Emmy last year because of his lack of screen time, but he is a good actor and plays the smug, powerful DiMera extremely well, they just haven’t really given him much of a chance to do anything lately. Unfortunately instead of utilizing his talent more, they are writing him out. It seems a murder mystery is in the works, as Nicole will want to keep him quiet and I guess his involvement in the fuels project becomes a little too dicey? We’ll find out soon enough.

I like the kid that plays Will and think he has potential, especially since he is so disdainful of his parents lately. I feel bad that his parents aren’t more interested din him now that he’s home. Sami is more concerned about Grace and Lucas is off getting married to Chloe. No wonder he’s upset with them! However, I’m not sensing any chemistry between him and Mia just yet and am not really sure why he’s so interested in her, but they are the only teens on the show, so they have to be together, right? There’s also the soapy entanglement of Sami thinking Mia’s baby is hers and vice versa, so this story has many possibilities. Therefore, I’ll give them time to gel before I officially form my opinion.

Sami is so much better when she’s standing up for herself instead of running to a man every time she has a problem. She’s tough and doesn’t back down against EJ, but then she gets all weepy and goes running to Rafe crying when she needs help. I much prefer the stronger version of this character. I get that she might need some backup and Rafe is really the only one she can turn too, but why does she have to come across as so weak in those scenes?

As for Rafe, we got a few more small nuggets regarding his past courtesy of a nun, but I want more information! To keep him interesting, we need details and maybe even a mystery woman to appear on the scene to complicate things for him. What do you think?

Oh, yeah, Lucas and Chloe also got married and Kate was too late to stop them. I’m bored just writing about it.

So those are my thoughts on Days this week. How about you? Feel free to share your feelings with Soap Opera Fan Blog below.

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  1. From Sue

    Please get rid of Nicole & please dont bring back John Black..Let EJ & Sami get back together..Dont let Tony die..He makes the show..


    I just want Sami to be happy on this show for a change personally.
    I strongly feel Rafe is the one I can’t wait for the scenes when she is raising Grace and Mia probably starts coming around because of Will hopefully Sami will start putting two and two together and Nicole does indeed crumle !!!!!!!!!!

    I also want Chloe to be carrying Dr Daniel baby

    I already fiqured out that Days will have a murder mystery who killed Tony Nicole or Philip

  3. From Grandma K

    Everyone thinks it will be Philip or Nicole who kills Tony. What about Melanie, or Victor. I love Sami with Rafe, but knowing the writers they will mess that up. Something will happen to Grace and Sami will find out she’s not hers. Then she and Rafe will find out the truth, and EJ will find out TOO.

  4. From Raymone

    At least there are a few interesting twists going on right now. As a die-hard EJ/Sami fan I truly hope they get together. Rafe is a good guy, though. Nicole is too much with her manipulating and scheming and playing God. Yuk. Nicole needs to get what is coming to her. Her scenes with EJ are just two actors rehearsing their vapid lines. Now EJ and Sami sizzle just being in the same scene.

  5. From Becky

    I would love to see Sammi and EJ get together I think they are perfect for each other. Many may disagree with me but I think it would heat the show up to see Hope as Hope fall for Daniel and have them have a thing, Bo has had his share of being with other women. Even though Hope was thought to be dead. I do like the Bo and Hope perfect couple thing but I think its time to put some intence storyline in there life. What better way to do this than to have the viewers see another side to Hope, maybe not completely a bad girl but a chance. Bo could be the love sick Husband that over steps his ways?

  6. From twinny

    I agree. I want Sami to become strong and independent. I want her to end up with Rafe, but not because she “needs” him. And, I want him to love her for her strength. Not because she is “in trouble” and he wants to protect her.

    I want EJ, and Nicole, and Lucas, and Will, and all of the other characters on he show to respect and admire Sami for the strong and beautiful person he has become.

    In the end, I want them to be applauding her and saying, “Just look at what you have done.” Instead of WHAT HAVE YOU DONE NOW!

  7. From dc

    i sure will be glad when they get the fuel project to someone and get on with the storyline..
    i just want sami to be happy, too.
    with rafe and little grace..
    mia is going to give nicole a fit, being in town and wanting to see her baby (which she thinks nicole has).. this is gonna be good..
    i think ej is getting more and more like a dimera.. i don’t think nicole can change him..
    i think chloe being pregnant is gonna be a good storyline.. is it lucas or daniel’s baby?? only time will tell..
    i sure hope max stays on (they need a new girl for him) since chelsea will be leaving soon.

  8. From melinda

    u don’t need him he no good for u

  9. From Schatje

    As long as they were going to have a teen pregnancy, they missed a good plotline in that they could have has Will be the father of Mia’s baby….

    Then the babies could have been Sami’s own baby, and her grandbaby and added a neat little twist.

    Though apparently even though it’s PC to have a teen mom portrayed, it’s not so PC to have a teen dad.

  10. From Bonnie

    Doesn’t it figure Tony is ready to spill the beans, then gets knocked off. He was such a key player for me over the years but they haven’t done much with him lately. Guess he’ll go out with a bang. I can’t stand Sami with EJ. I don’t think they look like they go together. Rafe is a much better match. ..just like her Mom with a cop (Roaman)I hope they resolve the baby switch this year .9do ya think?)

  11. From Gail

    I don’t know, Max was awfully upset when Mel. told him about Tony. Maybe he will kill Tony and be the next to leave the show. I know they said they were through with the cast cutting. I just don’t see a future for Max at all after Chel. leaves unless he and Steph. get back together.

  12. From JOAN


  13. From laura

    Wow days is so boring nowadays. I guessed thats i dont watch it anymore i just check out the spoilers. Fire Nichole chole and Mel and the new Wil and Mia and all the young kids that dont belong there ha ha lol.

  14. From laura

    wow days is so boring nowadays. I guess thats why i dont watch it anymore i just check out the spoilers. Fire Nichole chole and Mel and the new Will and Mia and all the young kids that dont belong there ha ha lol.

  15. From LilLeah

    I agree with you Lori about the fuel project. Give it a rest already. It’s total nonsense to begin with. If Melanie signed over the rights to Philip, then the Kiriakis’ own it. Nothing the DiMera’s or Melanie can do about it. Sick & tired of the baby switch-a-roo theme as well. Over and done. Let’s give the babies back to their rightful mommies and be done with. I love Thaoo and love how Tony has become just like Stefano recently. Ruthless is sooo sexy. Shame he is being written off now that he is finally getting air time. A whodunnit with who killed Tony? Yeah, I can pass on that also. No one ever serves time for their murders, baby kidnapping, dna test swapping, etc.So really what is the point of it? I am hoping that Tony doesn’t really die (who ever really dies on soaps anyhow?) and comes back in the near future for revenge. Chloe needs to be tested for STD’s and I’m not kidding. She has slept with an entire family starting with Philip, then Brady and now Lucas. And Dr. Love probably has disease since he’s slept with just about everyone also. Love Kate back to her evil ways, but seriously, it’s been done before. She really has to let her children who aren’t children anymore learn to fight their own battles. Let’s see more DiMera & Kiriakis feuds!!!

  16. From SL

    I can’t wait for things to heat up with Sami and Rafe – I think they could become the next super-couple –
    please, please, please – not another who’s the daddy storyline in the making –
    maybe Bo has a brain tumor causing these visions and he will be hallucinating when he sees Hope in bed with Roman – for goodness sake, they have only been back together without major conflict for a short time now -

  17. From Melissa

    I certainly love Sami And Rafe storyline I think they could be the next Salem supercouple and as for Max he does need a new girlfriend although I wish it was Kate or Nicole that was leaving instead of Chelsea

  18. From Wilson

    I think Sami & EJ could be a powerhouse!! The two of them could take on both Kiriakas & Stefano and form there own company. No one could touch them. …and with allthe kids they have they could begin the next generation of Power. Writers start listeniung to the viewers!!!

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