The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary For March 23 – 27.

Word travels fast.

Ridge and Taylor convinced Steffy to keep Thomas’ secret, but even Thomas thought he should turn himself in. Ridge insisted he wouldn’t lose another child and they headed home from the cabin.

Once back in L.A., Ridge individually got Stephanie and Brooke on board with keeping the secret as well, even though they were both reluctant to the idea. Ridge promised Stephanie he would find a way to get Pam out of jail and told Brooke Thomas wouldn’t try to hurt Rick again.

Steffy and Rick had a passionate reunion and even though she told him Pam wasn’t the one to attack him, she didn’t admit it was Thomas. Rick later went to see Thomas to confront him about getting hit by him and Thomas got all riled up. Rick realized Thomas was the one who almost killed him and the two got into a heated argument. As Rick was about to take a swing at Thomas, Ridge came in and stopped the fight. Ridge learned Rick knew Thomas was the guilty one and they discussed the situation alone. Ridge convinced Rick to keep quiet, but Rick had a few demands: a new car, a fresh paint job on his house, respect at FC and of course Steffy. He basically made it clear that he will flaunt his relationship with Steffy in Ridge’s face, but he won’t be able to do anything about it if he wants to keep Thomas out of jail.

Tired of Jackie’s insults regarding Katie, Nick suggested his mother was focusing on his love life because she didn’t have one of her own.

Owen came to the Jackie M offices and discovered that Bridget was Madame X. They engaged in playful banter and he kissed her. Bridget told him she wouldn’t get involved with him and then Jackie interrupted them. Owen assured them he wouldn’t tell anyone about Bridget working for the competition and asked about a job. Bridget left to let them talk alone and Jackie and Owen enjoyed some sexual innuendo before she told him she didn’t have any job openings, but she would keep him in mind for the future. After Owen left, Jackie looked at his portfolio, which included some modeling shots of him that left her a bit hot and bothered.

Jackie ran into Owen at the restaurant and they engaged in flirtatious conversation and discussed his work at FC. Jackie told him he had some fine talents and bought his drinks before leaving.

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