The Young and The Restless: New Adam and Heather Poll!

She helped him in the past, but will Heather help Adam again…

We watched as Adam reached out to Heather and asked her to help him be able to leave the ranch. Though Heather refused to help Adam any further, and walked out on him, we are left to wonder if she’ll change her mind – or fall back in love with her former fiancé. Please take a moment to vote in Soap Opera Fan Blog’s new Adam and Heather Poll today!

Is there something else you’d like to see happen with these two? Please tell Soap Opera Fan Blog your ideas below!

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Fun fact! Amy Mistretta wrote this story just for you on March 30th, 2009 |

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  1. From Gotapenname

    If the writers got their heads screwed on right thoose two crazy kids will totally runite somewhere down the road. Thier toatlly still in love. Thier just perfect for each other in evrey way that counts and they make a wonderful soap couple:)

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