The Young and the Restless Puts Out A Casting Call For Jill!

What’s in store for the character of Jill Abbott?

Updated on March 31:

Please see our update on Jess re-signing with the show here!

Previously Reported on March 27:

With news coming in that The Young and the Restless has just put out an immediate casting call for the role of Jill Abbott, many are left wondering what the heck is going on? Soap Opera Fan Blog doesn’t have all of the answers, but let’s dissect this a bit further and see if we can figure it out!

The qualifications for those wanting to try out for the part call for an established actress to play the 50-some year old Jill, who is not only a confident CEO of a successful company, but a fun and fiery woman as well – one who wants what is best for her family.

Whether the actress, Jess Walton, plans to leave the show due to contract issues or if she simply just needs an immediate temporary recast, as the actress has been a bit under the weather as of yet, Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep our readers posted as soon as there is an official statement released!

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  5 responses so far...

  1. From Teresa Dowell

    I am so tried of Phylis… I writer need to put Nick back with Sharan where he belongs. Phylis is a nut case.

  2. From cindionsoaps

    Hope this is a temporary situation. No one can do Jill better than Jess Walton.

  3. From Betty

    Im so glad Kate is back and seeing Jill and her go at it again..lovely..I’m truly hoping one day they find out Nicki is Kate’s real daughter,that would be wonderful. I truly like the Abbots in contol of Jabot, that’s where it truly belongs to. Also, since Jill is not Kates daughter and she is alive those stocks go back to Kate and he can very well make that happen. I also lov Victor with his son to see that story grow..I hope one day he gets his sight back though. I have watched this from the beginning almost and have loved each story..Best soap ever. Congrads..

  4. From MissMew

    Recast for Jill?? Gosh like “cindionsoaps” said … hopefully it’s temporary. It will be nice to see Mrs. “C” and Jill scrap like the old days.
    I’m a little disappointed with some of the storylines. Kevin/Amber robbery … a little much.
    As for Sharon, don’t get me started, we all know where that storyline is going … pregnant with 3 possible Daddy’s.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if Lily was pregnant as well, after all she did sleep with Cain and Billy.
    Poor Billy, two possible babies on the way.
    Any thought on who the mystery woman is? Obviously someone from Jack’s past that he scared or betrayed. I don’t think it’s Diane. Perhaps Mary-Jo Mason or what about Paul’s sister? What ever happened to Patty, I remember way back she had shot Jack, but after that I have no recollection of her departure. Anyone??

  5. From Ruthie

    I am so tired of Phyllis. She does not compliment the Newman family. Nick and Sharon should have beem back together a long time ago. Nick and Sharom brings more to the Young and the Restless and they belong together.

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