The Young and The Restless Spoilers for March 20-26! (updated)

What are we in for this coming few days in Genoa City?

Watch for Nikki to come up with a new plan to help Katherine. These new writers have really been forcing us to try really hard to suspend disbelief while watching the show, and we’re all dying for the Katherine/Marge storyline to end. Agreed? In two weeks when Brock and nu-Mackenzie return, I’m hoping Nikki’s mysterious plan will be to get a DNA test done with Katherine and Brock, so we can believe again.

Speaking of Kat, Murphy will propose marriage to Katherine this week. They’re so sweet, but is this too soon?

Amber finds Kevin, who is still acting out in his post-traumatic stress disorder stage and he locks her in the closet with dead Clint. Later, he’ll let her out but forces her at gun point to rob a bank with him! What’s weird is that he doesn’t really even know who Amber is!

Curious as to how Sharon and Billy will feel once they find out they’ll be living under the same roof? So are we and you’ll have to watch to find out what’s in store!

Ultra dull Lily turns down Cane’s proposal, we gather she’s not interested in being a part of this baby drama. Cane’s not going to give up on who he thinks is his baby, either. Watch for him to confront Chloe about Deliah.

Marge returns from the grave this week and puts the Marge story to rest, and that same day, Murphy stuns Kay when he proposes marriage. Of course, she says yes. We adore this couple, here at Soap Opera Fan. Don’t you?

In other news…Nikki and Victor put aside differences in order to be friends, Nikki and Jill have a confrontation about Katherine, Sharon gets down and dirty with none other than Jack! Yes, not Billy or Nick, but Jack. What’s that about? You’ll have to keep watching to find out! Meanwhile, Jill gets an offer she can’t refuse… she also demotes Billy from CEO in preference of Cane, which causes Billy to quit and threaten her visitation with her granddaughter. He really is immature. Jill’s right!

There’s more to come, but you’ll have to wait until Froday! Until then, check out our Y&R weekly summaries, news, actor Bios, appearances, video clips, polls and comings and goings, and please leave us a comment!

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