The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For March 23 – 27!

Marge’s body was exhumed, Jill cleaned house at Jabot, Kevin took Amber hostage, and Cane proposed…

After Kay gave up on her life in GC, she remembered her time with Murphy then went to be with him. Just as Murphy was ready to propose to Kay, Paul and Nikki interrupted with a plan to prove her identity. After Nikki and Kay visited Victor, who was finally convinced that she was Katherine, Victor agreed to help them – as did Nick and Phyllis who agreed to put Kay on the cover of Restless Style, along with her story for the world to hear! Later, Murphy took the plunge and proposed to Katherine – and she accepted!

Though Jill disagreed with Billy’s hiring of Mary Jane, Victor made it clear that she was to trust her son’s judgment! Victor turned down Jill’s offer to buy his stock in Jabot then reconsidered – only if Jill allowed them to have the body that was buried in Kay’s grave exhumed – to prove that Kay was really alive! Reluctantly, Jill agreed then removed Billy as CEO of Jabot – as well as firing Jack, Ashley and Mary Jane – and reinstated Cane! However, Victor assured Mary Jane that their plan was under control!

Later, with the DNA test results in, Kay was forced to inform Jill that her DNA didn’t match the woman in the grave – or Kay’s! Therefore, Jill was not Kay’s daughter!

At the scene of the last robbery, Amber heard gunshots, while on the phone with Daniel, then spotted Kevin! With Kevin shot, he took Amber back to the motel room, who was shocked by Kevin’s state of mind and petrified when he stuck her in the closet with a passed out Clint – and later had her help him make a coffin, which Kevin put Amber in! Back at the coffeehouse, suffering from a severe headache, Jana collapsed, while Michael and Daniel were out trying to find Kevin, Clint and Amber. When Michael and Daniel finally came upon the motel room, all that they found was Clint’s dead body – and an empty coffin!

While Adam and Victor continued to butt heads at the ranch, Ashley was the voice of reason and urged them to get along!

To deal with the living arrangements at the Abbott mansion, Billy tried to turn his lust away from Sharon and onto Chloe, while Sharon did the same thing with Jack!

After Chloe and Cane’s annulment went through, Cane proposed to Lily, but she turned him down – not wanting to take Cordelia away from her mother! Little did they know, Billy made plans to marry Chloe in order to keep his daughter with her rightful parents!

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