What’s Up with General Hospital’s Rick Springfield?


Emma’s grandpa Noah may not be around much, but it’s with good reason. Rocker Rick Springfield has been a busy guy lately. His concert tour continues to add new dates and venues and his album, “My Precious One”, came out on March 10. It’s a collection of lullabies that he wrote years ago when his two sons were babies that he recently rerecorded. “Neither of my boys were good sleepers, so it seemed like a good idea to write some lullabies,” Rick says of the collection.

Also on Rick’s plate is the planning of the 2nd Annual Rick Springfield & Friends Cruise in November of this year. To see more about his tour dates and learn about the cruise, visit Rick’s official web site. Hopefully, there will be a break in his schedule soon to come on General Hospital to see how adorable little Emma is, right?

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  1. From Lauri

    This is so good to read. I have so missed Dr. Noah Drake on GH and wondered why Grandpa Noah hasn’t met Emma! Rick really adds to his scenes so very much, especially with Jason Thompson. Their charismatic working off each other just wins everytime. I’m off to order my own My Precious Little One cd. Now if we can only get Noah to sing lullabies to Emma – it will be so sweet!

  2. From ellen

    We miss Noah Drake. I adore Rick’s new cd – would be so much fun to see Noah Drake sing from Rick Springfield’s cd the baby lullaby songs to granddaughter Emma. Wouldn’t that be “precious”- Noah Drake you are missed.

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