Days of Our Lives Comings and Goings for April.

Here’s the latest on the Comings and Goings at Days of Our Lives!

The show is currently casting for a bad-boy teen who may just be the father of Mia’s baby. They are also looking for a 25 year old medical student who will become Melanie’s new beau.

Gordon Thomson will be coming to the show as Walter, Owen the gardener’s father. This is a recurring role.

Roy Vongtama will be appearing in a recurring role beginning on April 20 and 21. He’ll be playing  Dr Richman.

Darin Brooks will be leaving the show in May. Read more here.

Shelby Young will be playing Kinsey, an old friend of Mia’s who fills Will in on her past. Look for her on Thursday May 7.

Mystery solved! It turns out that Wes Ramsey will be playing the Kiriakis’ gardener, Owen. He helps Philip set up a romantic evening on Friday May 8.

Will runs into some more of Mia’s past when he meets her friend Tad. The role will be played by Brendan Coughlin on Wednesday April 29th.

Frederico Dordei will return as the DiMera’s hitman on Thursday April 30th.

The DiMera’s get a new thug. Marco will be played by Steve Bruns, on Thursday April 23.

He said he was leaving forever, but I guess you can’t trust someone who sells babies. John Callahan will be returning to Salem as Dr. Baker on April 3, no doubt making Nicole very unhappy.

Now that Kate is back to her old self and getting down to business, we’ll be seeing a little more of her assistant. Ross Matthews will be returning as Chris on Tuesday April 14 to alerts her to a crisis.

Felisha Terrell will joining the cast as Arianna on Wednesday April 15.

Since they didn’t learn their lesson last time, the DiMeras enlists a new hitman. Frederico Dordei, who appeared in some of the Italian adventure episodes of Passions and a bunch of Primetime murder mysteries, will be playing Masi beginning on Thursday April 16.

On April 7, a mysterious character turns up in Salem. Many suspect this will be soap vet Wes Ramsey‘s role.

Maggie plays matchmaker and tries to set a girl named Irene up with Dr. Love. Laura Stone is playing the girl. How will Daniel react? Find out when she appears on April 10.

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  1. From Topics about Soaps » Archive » Days of Our Lives Comings and Goings for April.

    [...] Your Entertainment Now placed an interesting blog post on Days of Our Lives Comings and Goings for April.Here’s a brief overviewHe said he was leaving forever, but I guess you can’t trust someone who sells babies. [...]

  2. From Precious


  3. From Eric

    This show is just not the same anymore. I find myself watching it on fast forward and it continues to be slow and predictable. I can figure out whats going on in half the time it takes. I would love to see some of the old mystery, intrigue, and romance get back on this show. Maybe send Sami and Rafe on some adventure-with budget cuts to shows though it may not be too elaborate. Oh well-time will tell where this show is headed!


    I hope that Dr Baker brings down Nicole

    Keep Sami and Rafe together

    I predict that Philip will be murdered soon

    I’m glad that they are bringing in a new nurse especially I love the name I have a daughter Irene and she is an ER Nurse in Plymouth Ma

    Hopeful this will make Chloe jeaslous and I hope she is carrying Dr Daniel baby

  5. From Anita

    How dare you kill off Tony????

    Soon you will have none of the old favorites…the young/new ones are ok but remember we old people LOVE the older cast.

    I think you need new writers…

  6. From Krystal

    They should of said Grace was theirs!

    I hope Nicole goes down. I want EJ to learn the truth finally!! (about bout babies) and Mia get her baby back!

    I also hope Chloe is carrying Daniel’s baby and I hope they get back together! I like Lucas but what Chloe and Daniel have is important and Daniel deserves to be happy to. Irene go see Lucas!

  7. From Krystal

    They should of said Grace was theirs!

    I hope Nicole goes down. I want EJ to learn the truth finally!! (about bout babies) and Mia get her baby back!

    I also hope Chloe is carrying Daniel’s baby and I hope they get back together! I like Lucas but what Chloe and Daniel have is important and Daniel deserves to be happy to.

    Irene go see Lucas!!!

  8. From Eve

    I agree with Anita…get new writers…or maybe us bloggers should write the story for them.

  9. From Precious


    YA THINK??????????????

  10. From twinny

    Rumor has it that the new guy coming to Salem will be Eric Brady. If that is true, then here is how I would write him in:

    Eric is a photographer. I would have had him down by the Pier taking pictures and inadvertantly getting shots of Tony falling through the railing with Philip standing down below. Maybe even a video that shows Philip trying to help him afterwards, and yelling at Nicole to call 911.

    This would help get Nicole off the hook with Stephano…and it can lead in to a story where EJ thinks the B in Tony’s note means “Brady” and he thinks Tony believed that there was something going on between Brady and Nicole and he goes and beats Brady up.

  11. From Grandma27

    I love Sami & Rafe together. He stands up to her and that’s what she need instead of all the love sick guys of the past that she can manuiplate.

    Nicole needs to be brought down, but I am afraid of what that will do to Sami and Grace if it comes out that Grace isn’t hers. She will lose all together because EJ will never let his baby.

    I hate Daniel and Chole together, their scenes are pure UNCONTROLLED lust, but I do hope she is pg by him and Lucas smartens up. He need a nice “homebody” do-gooder type girl who can love him firt.

  12. From Bridget

    I was sad to see tony go, but I hope he isnt really dead. Be nice if lexie is involved and tony confided in her and they teamed up to fake his death. She did call his death….it could have all been staged. I loved watching stefeno yell at nicole, I almost felt sorry for her, ALMOST. Im so tired of Bo and Hope visions, lame. Chloe getting pregnant, don’t care, they messed that story line up. It would be nice If this was a normal soap opera where they had endings to these storylines: Sami getting her real baby, keeping grace and getting back with EJ, Nicole going down for her lies, Tony coming back, marlena and john, Bo and hope having a real story line, Will and Mia getting together,Chloe being pregnant by daniel and finally telling the truth and them getting back together…sure all that would be nice, but this is days and the writers just aren’t the same anymore. How sad…

  13. From superman in a scoobydoo van

    Bring Back Tony !!!
    He is Awesome..Just look at all that information He had and now there going to write him off…
    just have him in a comma and the heart monitor fell off…come on bring him back..

    Plus we love SAMI and RaFE
    She could carry the whole show.

    Plus don’t Cancel the show Everyone watches it thanks to dvr and tivo
    just sayin…:)

  14. From barbara b


  15. From Joanie

    ewww Ross Matthews is just annoying. Please dont put him on. I dont believe I can sit through days if I have to listen to him whining!!!!

  16. From Donna

    I admit that Sami and Rafe are cute together, so was Sami and Lucas, but cute is only good for so long. I prefer Sami with EJ because they have a better dynamic. If the writers could find their way back to the original charming EJ that has a good side and a bad side that he struggles with that fell in love with Sami because he saw that in her also…

  17. From grandma

    enough already — what are you writers thinking of??????

    I have to agree Tony is not dead – he and Lexie set this up, Nicole gets her come upance when Mia demands her baby back in front of EJ which leads to blood tests and finding out what Nicole did. Sami gets her baby and helps Mia raise her baby.

    Sami and Rafe are hot together and what Sami needs.

    Stephano and Ej are finally brought to earth and charged and found guilty on numerous charges although EJ is an accessory and his time is served in the community. He gets a new love interest in the new waitress at the Brady pub who turns out to be from he area he grew up in.

    Bo and Hope, Kyla and Steve and hopefully the return of a widow Kim who hooks up with Shane (who is the one to bring Stephano into custody) her ex husband. John and Marlena are back. Maggie needs to be seen with her husband.

    Lucas needs a new love interest as the baby will turn out to be Daniels and this breaks up his marriage — this time a love interest that is going to work he deserves it.

    Kate needs to go and get a real life of her own and leave her children alone.

    This story needs happy endings and story lines with the old cast members.

    Writers remember that us old timers who have watched this show for many many years have good memories and we brought more watchers to this show and if we all leave so will others.

  18. From dc

    well, it’s like this.. fire and get rid of good characters and hire ones that take a cut in pay, am i right??
    there are so many new characters, what a bummer..
    i guess they’ll get rid of the rest of the crew and start with new ones.. then ther show will surely be off the air (maybe sooner than they think)..
    PLEASE PLEASE don’t get rid of anymore of the cast that is on now.. i’m just hanging on by a thread (as far as watching)..
    am i the only one who feels this way????

  19. From Angie Days

    Unbelievable acting by EJ these past few weeks. Kuddos! Man does he have a temper. Wonder if he gets a headache after yelling at Nicole? :)

  20. From dc

    yea, anita, NEW WRITERS

  21. From Lyn

    Hey I agree with grandma. Bring back the old characters that always worked. I’ve been watching the show for 40 years – never missed an episode – and now I never watch it. It’s lost its magic. What happened to Steve and Kayla anyway? What’s going on now is INCREDIBLY BORING!!!

  22. From donna b

    I love sami and rafe together, nicole needs to go down, meliane needs nicks project back so he can get the rewards,and tonycan’t be dead bring him back in time for ej and nicole wedding so he and mia can expose nicole together, and lets not forget dr.baker who can state the truth

  23. From T.M.M.

    EJ should _______. He is so stupid for not putting 2 and 2 together about Sami and Nicole on this baby bit. Some of the other men on here are stupid too about other things too. I’m with the others bring back the older people that use to be on like Kim @ Shane and others who use to be on in the 80s.

    Edited to remove a reference that could offend others.

  24. From mc

    Remember EJ is going to try to figure out Tony’s “B” on note… But i do see a love triangle between Sami,Rafe and EJ. Ummm… could get really interesting. As for Nichole, she will be running to Brady, hopefully Brady will kick her to the curb too.

  25. From Christine

    I think Kate should accept Stephano’s marriage proposal!! You can get some great story lines from those two.
    Keep Sami with Rafe and Stephanie with Philip…love those couples.

  26. From JEAN

    Please bring back John Marlena and Tony. I have watched Days for many years, and am sad to say some of your new characters just are plane boring..

  27. From Olive

    ARGH!! EJ is the most pathetic excuse for a human being. I’ve certainly never liked him, but now…most of the time, he’s just laughable – silly really. The WORST writing ever! And the threats about “code” – oh my gosh! SO ridiculous! I do not believe in bad-mouthing an actor, since they’re only as good as the writing, but this guy…Nicole is fabulous, but IMHO, he’s beyond help!

  28. From From Barb

    Keep Sami with Rafe, he’s got to tell Sami that he loves her! Why didn’t Lucas tell Sami that Nicole’s baby looked like his daughter when she was small. Mia should ask Nicole for her baby. Mia is drawn to Grace which is her own baby. Sami was drawn to Nicole’s baby. This has been dragged on way too long!!

  29. From MoviesWeActuallySee

    The entire Nicole thing is unbelievable.

  30. From JeanE

    Daniel and Chloe belong together, I can’t wait ’til they find their way back to eachother. It’s not just lust, it’s love & chemistry! Nicole is a complete loon, very entertaining but she’s got to end up in the loony bin for a bit, soon, right? Even Chloe will be appalled when she finds out what she’s done with those babies. EJ is just disugsting, what a slimy oily bohunk, he deserves to be alone. And what’s with the constant blinking, I call him Blinky now. Sami & Rafe are adorable, I love them! There are many cute guys on this show, Daniel, Rafe, Brady. Even Bo still looks good! I am sorry to see Darrin Brooks go, good luck to him. I am starting to think Melanie & Brady could be a very good couple, she is just hilarious and she & Brady are very sweet together. Brady deserves a woman who loves him, Nicole treats him like dirt! I like Lucas but I don’t like him witih Chloe or Sami. Find him someone new! And Stephanie is sweet but a total snooze. She bores me to death! I am so loving seeing Victor & Stephano squaring off against eachother! I hate those DiMera’s they need to be brought down!

  31. From GH Fletcher

    The young cast is o.k. I have been watching DOOL for 42 years. I would really like for John & Marlena to come back to the show. It always helps to have to have ones that we can relate to. I really miss them.

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