Days of Our Lives Poll: Who is to Blame?

Tony is dead. From the way everyone is talking, there could be real and far-reaching consequences.

Stefano is hardly one to drop a grudge and Victor doesn’t take kindly to threats. Add in the fact that Philip is proud and paranoid, Elvis is power hungry and twitchy, Nicole is scheming and vindictive and Brady is too nice for his own good and there could be a mess that goes on for months. But who is really to blame for all of this? Is it because Stefano was a manipulative jerk to his son and forced him to act out? Is it because Melanie started this fight over the fuel project? Is it because Philip can’t let things go and pushed too far? Is it Tony’s own fault for taking on the Kiriakis family as well as his own? Or is it someone else’s fault altogether? Play the blame game and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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Fun fact! Matthew Purvis wrote this story just for you on April 3rd, 2009 |

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    [...] Matthew Purvis placed an interesting blog post on Days of Our Lives Poll: Who is to Blame? | SoapOperaFan.comHere’s a brief overviewPlay the blame game and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. <a href =”” >Who is the most to blame for Tony’s death?</a> <br/> <span style=”font-size:9px;” … [...]

  2. From eboniewoman

    i hate that tony is dead….i will truly miss him…they could have killed melanie…

  3. From dc

    seriously i think stefano had alot to do with tony dying.. stefano has always been controlling and possessive of his sons..
    but melanie put her 2 cents worth in by trying to get that fuel project off the ground..
    i’m really getting tired of that fuel project.. maybe now they can get on with other storylines..
    i don’t think sami will tell ej about the baby she has (even though she does not know grace is not her).. i’m also getting tired of the baby swapping thing..
    let rafe and sami stay together, chloe have a baby and ej and nicole get married (or maybe nicole could marry brady)..

  4. From Debbie

    I agree %100 about Sami and Rafe. They are SO cute together. I also agree it should have been Melanie that they killed off not Tony. Melanie is such an annoying actress. Get rid of her somehow!

  5. From Deb

    Killing Tony was yet another blunder – will they leave no beloved character alone? Melanie is awful and Chloe and Kate are tedious (as is Lucas – get a spine) and Nicole is morally repulsive! EJ, Rafe, Sami, Bo, Hope, Roman and Philip, I like and I would like Brady if he stopped being a lapdog.

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