Days of Our Lives Poll: Who Should Be With Brady?

He’s been around for awhile, but Brady is finally starting to come into his own.

He’s the second in line in one of Salem’s most powerful families, was important enough to get beaten to a pulp, and he’s had complicated relationships with most of its remaining women. Not only did Melanie flirt with him, he also professed his feelings for Nicole and was married to Chloe. He seems to have abruptly turned on them though and could already be looking elsewhere, but where can he look? Since he’s related to almost everyone else, there are few choices left. Maybe if he keeps taking off his shirt, more women will come looking for him.

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  1. From Dorothy I

    I feel that Melanie is to young for him

    Also he should have a fresh start

    Hopefully Nicole’s lies will end soon she needs to watch her back

    Let’s hope that Sami and Rafe start something together she also needs a fresh start

  2. From JoAnne

    I think Brady and Mel would be good together. This will let Nicole know what she missed once she is dumped. Plus a conflict between Nicole and Mel have already started. Mwl don’t like her. And I am sure Nicole can beat Mel. This would be good Mel mouth and Nicole comic remarks can prove to be interesting. I think Brady has a interest for Mel.

  3. From Sandra

    Brady & Mel definitely have strong chemistry together. She is young, but I think that would make a great story line for Brady. He is such a good guy and always tries to do the right thing….almost has a compulsion about it, especially since his drug problem. I think it would be interesting to see him struggling with staying away from Melanie, just because he thinks she is way to young for him, even though she really isn’t. It’s not that great of a stretch in their ages, after all. But to him, who is kind of obsessed right now with staying on the straight and narrow, he might view a relationship with her as morally out of bounds. I love Brady’s moral integrity and I think he is just the type of man Mel needs to straighten her out.

  4. From Tamee

    I find Mel way too annoying. I have not liked her from day one. Besides, she is waaaay too young for him. I actually think Nicole and EJ are perfect for each other. Chloe, well, she doesn’t belong in Salem at all. Brady deserves someone who is as good hearted as he is.

  5. From adima

    This is easy! Brady should be with Chloe! Even though Kyle Lowder did not return, when he and Chloe were together they had this great love. How can that be totally gone?? I think he will eventually find his way back to Chloe since the reason why he came back is because of her.He even said it in their first scene together. After all the horrible things Nicole has done to Chloe in the past and in general how the writers can have them both friendly with her is unbelievable.I wish they would give these two a chance I think Brady looks better with Chloe. Nicole is too tall for him

  6. From mythic

    I agree with Sandra it would make a great story line after all it is a soap oprea and the young and old get together all the tie look at Hopes dad and sister for one and all of Victors past marriages

  7. From MISSY

    I,think Brady,needs to get bk W/his ex wife Chloe, they belong together let Salem,get bk on the right footage. bring them bk together where they belong.

  8. From Mari

    Brady needs to get back with Chloe. Those two had an amazing love story and that is what soaps are about. Melanie is way too young for him.

  9. From Ana

    Brady needs to get back with his one and only true love which is Chloe. They are reason that I started watching this show after a break from it. See him with Nicole or Melanie totally creeps me out. It will always be Broe for me.

  10. From Linda Hamilton

    Nicole should have an affair with Brady so that when EJ or Stefano found out it would inflame dimera vs kiriakis war!

  11. From Fi

    Brady should be with Chloe. Melanie can be his annoying little sister and take the role of Belle in his life but she is not a romantic pairing for him.
    And do not get me started on the many reasons that Brady shouldn’t even be prepared to be in the same room as Nicole never mind be involved romantically.

  12. From GinaG

    Its evident that Nicole/Brady belongs together by the story they are telling right now. But Melanie/Brady does have an odd chemistry like Ethan/Theresa had on Passions. Plus Days is hiring a new 25 yr old to be with Melanie so I guess that means Brady will be with Nicole! Also Chloe definitely belongs in Salem but with Dr. Dan can anyone say HOT!!!!!!!

  13. From dc

    ooh, yea i can see nicole and brady having an affair but with all those guards around, no way..
    ej is gonna really find out that sami has moved on, but is it too late, sami sees rafe with arianna.. but ya know, i think she is his sister, but maybe not, who knows.. will make for an exciting storyline anyway..
    i still want sami and rafe together and love the dimera and kirakis war, just as long as it does ot get too violent and nobody gets hurt..
    hate to see max and chelsea leaving but maybe it will be together when they both go to take care of billie in london.. maybe they will leave the storyline open so eventually they will return after max becomes a famous doctor and him and chelsea will be married, wouldn’t that be cool??
    they need to get this baby thing over with, it is getting a little boring.. just get it over with, ok??
    i also like philip and stephanie together, getting use to chloe and lucas even though i think she still has feelings for daniel.. and what happened with her job out of town, they have dropped that..
    where is theo and abe?? i miss them..
    also, can’t get over john, marlena, steve and kayla being gone.. sure do miss them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. From Ashleigh Rose

    Brady needs someone who has morals and values like his and is kind. Who could that be? I liked seeing the nicer side of Melanie, maybe her? Brady does not even know “Sydney” is Sami’s baby. What would he do then? He still loves Nicole. Would this latest devious lie change his mind about Nicole? I miss Steve and Kayla. Stefano having diabetes is a stretch considering the fact that we poisoned by a “new” employee at Java Cafe – she has since left. But who put her up to it? Someone said her name was Greek, like Kiriakis. Um? And the babies, Sami’s baby looks just like Mia, especially the eyes. Good job Days finding that Baby(ies). And going to the hospital for a scratch – please. Very poor acting for Mia, hope they bring out the best in her. And Nicole’s bodyguard not hearing Mia ask to hold “her” baby? Unbelievable! And where is the birth certificate for the babies? Don’t pediatricians check on these things? Can’t wait for the truth to come out. If Nicole had not switched the babies, I would actually feel sorry for her. And E.J. just when I got over him raping Sami, turns into a true Dimera. Very disappointing. And Bo’s visions of Hope and Roman in bed and it was all untrue. Oh well, it gives me some comic relief!

  15. From Micky

    Brady should be with Chloe; the plot to destroy them makes no sense at all. Mel needs to grow up before anyone can take her seriously, in a romantic sense. As far as an affair w/Nicole is concerned, benn done history didn’t work ! Don’t revis it.

  16. From Summer

    Brady and Chloe, cuz true love can never be forgotten.

  17. From Cassie

    I want Brady to fall for a good girl. Even though I like Nicole but not what she is doing, Brady deserves better. I dont want Brady back with Chole, she has changed. She is just like Nicole. Worst, because she is a cheater. I want Brady to have an exciting role, maybe fall in love with an older women….Kate?? Victor would s… in his pants. LOL!!!

  18. From Stella


  19. From Stella

    Dr, Dan is not my cup of tea, he has big issues. He hops from one woman to the another, I am not impressed with him.

  20. From Scriv

    The show should get rid of Melanie!! She is such a horrible actor! Gawd, why get rid of good actors & keep the likes of Melanie??

  21. From CJ

    Brady should get with the new person Arianna.

  22. From Audrey

    Brady should be paired back with Chloe. I LOVED the Brady/Chloe pairing. They had it all…romance, love, chemistry and they went through a lot together…one of those being chloe’s cancer…brady was there every step of the way and not too mention they have a LOT in common. When they first met, they had a lot in common. Both characters were in a lonely place, they were misunderstood and they really connected with one another…they just got each other. I remember when the old Belle (Kirsten Storms) brought Chloe over to her and john and marlena’s townhouse and Chloe and Brady first met at that time…I just loved that scene!!! Its too bad that Kyle Lowder didn’t come back as Brady but I love Eric Martsolf as Brady, he fits the role quite well…I think its time to let Brady and Chloe find their way back to each other because they truly have something special and with this nuBrady…us Broe fans can fall in love with them all over again!!!

  23. From Angela

    I want to see Brady and Chloe back together. I have never thought for one second that Brady and Chloe have moved on from each other. I mean Chloe came back to salem and after Brady was found and he told Chloe he came back to salem because of her and his friends and family. I have always thought that upon their return back to salem that there are still lingering feelings between them. Brady and Chloe were truly a special couple, they share a bond like no one else i’ve seen. They have a great connection and they care/love each other deeply. I want to see them back together.

  24. From Cathy

    I like Brady and Chloe together. I agree with you Mari, Brady and Chloe did have a truly amazing story, they have it all!!!

  25. From adima

    Thanks Audrey! I totally agree with everything you said. I think NuBrady as you put it could become the super couple of the show. And wouldn’t it be great to hear them sing together?? they both are great singers. What are these writers thinking??

  26. From blanche

    I’m thinking we need something new. Hunky Brady could have a fun relationship with Kate’s assistant Chris. That would shake up the family! Hey, Rock Hudson was pretty hunky too.

  27. From Rose from Texas

    Brady Black needs to get to know Rafe’s sister Arianna(sp?)
    if not her, my choice would be Melanie. He brings out the best in her.

  28. From shelley

    there are mazes under salem.
    there could be treasures and adventures, with bo’s visions and hope and patch and bring back the originaql shawn and bell (kristen storm), and say they find a ‘center of the earth’ down there? wouldn’t that be a good story?
    some of the others can have computer jobs rather than always be at the hospital, and they go to karate classes and win adventures that lead the to exotic places. treasure stories could be such good stories. d’mira and victor send phillup on a quest or somthing.

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