Days of Our Lives Spoilers for April 30-May 1.

Ruining the mood and plans for the future.

Sami and Rafe argue. He explains EJ’s mind to her and analyzes the situation. Although Rafe’s given up another job for Sami, it seems for naught. “I guess we do have a really big problem,” she concedes. He threatens to walk out. She refuses to let him. He offers to walk out. Sami tells him to go and refuses to let him. He finally does. As he drifts through Salem’s lovely scenery, down past the clam chowder district, the marina where the hit men hang out and the fishing hole where the maids catch the DiMeras’ fish breakfasts, he winds up at the pier. Almost instantly, he reunites with Arianna, the woman from his past who he consistently managed to avoid bumping into. “It looks like I found you again just in the nick of time,” she says. They quickly get close again. Meanwhile, Sami turns back to her ever-present ex-husband and tells Lucas to keep her secret to himself. If ordering him around wasn’t enough, she also uses him as a therapist and admits that, “Rafe’s not here… because I think I scared him away.”

Over at the hospital, Stephanie wants Philip to go away to Greece with her. He’s not interested in sightseeing. Across town, EJ gets a disturbing sight of his own. While attempting a bedroom romp with Nicole, he has visions of Sami. His wife worries about what’s up with him but he says it’s none of her business. Further disturbances creep in to spoil the mood. Complicating things even more, Signor Masi calls to tell Junior he’s about to finish the job. “You listen to me. Whatever you have planned… stop it!” EJ barks, but the phone connection is so bad, who knows if Masi made it out. Elvis finally gets an e-mail about Dr. Baker and it looks like things are even shadier than he suspected.

Over at the pub, Max keeps promising Chelsea he won’t be running off on her. It turns out, she may have to do the running. After snooping around on the hospital’s computer system and getting ratted out by Melanie, she gets a ghastly phone call from England. “My mom was in an accident,” she explains. Max gasps and grips her, but that won’t hold her still. “This is my mother we’re talking about. I’m not just gonna stay here when I know she needs me there,” Chelsea tells her grandmother.

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  20 responses so far...

  1. From Brenda

    why the reference in the Pub to a customer ,Jean or Jane Blevins?

  2. From Dorothy I

    I guess Sami might not be with Rafe after all

    I want the baby story line to end hopefully with Mia’s pass the story line could end soon or maybe something will happen to Grace down the road

  3. From jenn

    Seriously, I am over the whole Nicole baby switch-a-roo thing…also the Sammi and E.J. thing. This has been going on for too long!

  4. From geotracker

    I’m soooo fed up with this Sami/EJ
    infatuation. EJ is sooo not for Sami. Rafe is my choice. At least he is manly. EJ is an arrogant sissy. Why would anyone want him over Rafe? Guess we’ll have to wait and see which wins, money or compassion. Rafe is great with Grace and should be her Dad forever.

  5. From From me

    Can we not just put Sami and Ej together. The draw this stuff out until noone even cares anymore. How long have Ej and Sami been going back and forth? For too many years now! Put them together in a healthy relationship and focus on something else for the drama. Someone could be after them, but they fight them together or something. Geez at least give the fans something

  6. From patsy

    Dang Sami and Rafe were hot today .Made me wonder WHOS E.J. Give Sami back her baby .That babystory line is getting very old.

  7. From Mary Clevenger

    Rafe and Sami, I dont think so. The old nice EJ and Sami…..yes. Its about time Sami knows that Grace is not her baby. Move on writers please.

  8. From Kym

    I love Rafe & Sami together..damn it let em be together!!

  9. From DIane LM

    I am so over Sami. She has had to many men! Now 4 kids and moving on with Rafe who is not the father of any of her children. I have had enough of Sami. EJ raped her-how can she love him. Please move on from the baby switch. Days needs a strong storyline with strong actors. I have been a fan since 1968 and I’m afraid this show’s days are numbered.

  10. From Allie

    I agree that I want the writers to move on with the baby story, but the reason that soaps have been going on for years and years is that they have to prolong every story. I guess we just have to put up with it or move on.
    I will always watch:)Even when I’m annoyed.
    Sami and Rafe were hot! Even though I’m an Ejami fan.

  11. From Allie

    I will miss Chelsea but her and Max are very boaring.
    I love Philip and Steph together.
    I can’t stand EJ and Nichole. I FF whenever thay are on together.
    Sami and Rafe are hot together.
    Mia and Will are not like normal teens-They are boaring as well.

  12. From SL

    PLEASE let Sami and Rafe get together -

  13. From Ysie

    Sami & Rafe are adorable together not to mention HOT!!!!It’s about time we see Sami happy, without having to scheme for her man. And Rafe is too cute with Sami & all of her kids. Maybe they can be the next Marlena & John….The next Bo & Hope?!?!

  14. From bigfan

    I want sami and Ej to get back toegther and Sami to find out that her baby has been swithched! Every thing is way to dragged out!

  15. From jackie

    When will E.J. and Sami finally get their passions in hand and know that they are still in love with each other. All those babies deserve their parents!!!!! Nicole is a poor excuse for a human being let alone a mother for Sydney.

  16. From LMH


    Sami and Rafe are not hot. hahaha. theyre a joke.
    its actually weird to see them smooching- akward! Grandma says he “doesn’t make love right” Haha.

  17. From maribeth

    cant anyone spell who comments?? Boaring ( a boar is a pig) the word would be boring. However I do agree with the theory, the baby switching story is stupid, Will is boring and Mia is unlikeable. Also, Dr. Baker?? Get a grip this guy shouldbe sued for medical malpractice. The problem is Day’s has gotten rid of the interesting characters like john and Marlen and kept the boring twenty somethings with absolutely no interesting story lines. Too bad, I think Day’s days may be numbered.

  18. From Jan

    I’m coming back to Days. I like Sami and Rafe, their emotional ryhthum and the way they demand wholesome honesty from each other. I enjoy watching their momemts of passionate reconciliation but most of all enjoy watching the tender moments of friendship and trust take root.

  19. From Pam

    They really could have had a love story with Owen and Stephanie, but the way it looks he won’t be on the show for long.

  20. From michelle

    love ej and sammy too bad he was apart of the kidnappy but i feel he feels really bad for what he did and he is just to sexy not to like

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