Days of Our Lives Spoilers for May 4-8.

The past, and awkward romance, continues to haunt the people of Salem next week.

Will starts to learn even more about his mysterious new friend, Mia, when they run into Kinsey, someone she used to know who may have the goods on who the father of her baby is. Meanwhile, Will’s mother Sami is busy with Rafe. While they are trying to enjoy a romantic time together they wind up being caught in a compromising position. Just to make things even more awkward between the couple, Sami admits some of the feelings she has for EJ will never go away. And speaking of EJ, he’ll be experiencing a different kind of awkwardness when he discovers that Victor has his father in a compromising position, albeit a very different, and much more dangerous one. Is taking Stefano captive only the beginning of Victor’s plans for revenge?

Meanwhile, Victor’s son, Philip, will be busy turning a new corner in his life. The Kiriakis’ new gardener, Owen, will be lending him a helping hand so that he can set up a special romantic evening with Stephanie. And what’s so special about it? It looks like the young Kiriakis is going to pop the question. After months of steady break-ups, will she be ready to give a long term commitment to be a crime kingpin’s wife?

Of course, they aren’t the only ones of shaky romantic ground. Philip’s older brother, Lucas, does one of those things that people in Salem do so well – he just happens to walk in on an awkward conversation. This one will be between Chloe and Father Matt. Lucas hears enough to know that they are talking about secrets in marriage, but will he clue in to what that could mean? His mother certainly knows and she’ll be doing her best to clue Chloe in about it. Will the bright eyed diva decipher that her mother-in-law knows all about her tawdry affair with Daniel?

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Fun fact! Matthew Purvis wrote this story just for you on April 28th, 2009 |

  88 responses so far...

  1. From Dob

    Thanks Matt for the spoiler. This are getting heated up I like Victor taking Stefano CAPTIVE. Oh the love of the darkside. LOL!

  2. From heavenlyangel

    Awesome! Finally DAYS is realizing we, the fans, want/need more drama! Victor taking Stefano captive is an awesome story if the writers do it right. Stefano is always kidnapping & holding everyone else captive in Salem and brainwashing them! Go Victor! I do want the baby switch story to just come to an end already. It’s ridiculous. Can’t Mia tell that baby Grace resembles how she looked as a baby? Doesn’t anyone in Salem look at baby photos? Only Lucas made a comment to Sami about Grace not resembling any of the other children. Can’t Sami see in Sydney the resemblences between herself and her other children, neices, nephews, etc, etc??? Also, how is Philip going to propose to Stephanie when they never even went out on a date? Everyone in Salem just sleeps together, no one dates or has any kind of courtship anymore. Yuck!

  3. From Dorothy I

    GO Victor

    Well next week look’s promising

    I still want the baby story line to end soon

    I hope the Dimera’s crumble

    I would like to see something between Philip and Stephanie then send them someone like Chelsea and Max there story lines are so boring

  4. From jb

    I know it is a soap but what a blunder on Tony’s murder. Do they actually think anyone would believe that they left the bloody part and all the blood from Tony in the public with just a yellow police tape around it. It was evidence, it against the law to leave blood just hanging around on the docks. Unbelieveable

  5. From Tweetie

    I too am thrilled that Victor is going to be taking Stefano hostage…this switcharoo with the DiMeras being victims could be an awesome storyline if done right. I hope Sami and Rafe are the next super couple…like John and Marlena…you know they belong with each other. It kind of reminds me of Marlena and Roman but when John came into the picture you just knew Marlena and John belonged together. Everyone always saw Sami and Lucas together but now that Rafe has come into the picture you know they belong together. Phillip proposing to Stephanie…I like that too…Maybe Stephanie will turn bad once she gets in the family. She is a goody too shoe and needs to be a “bad ass” to be in the family. Like to see where that goes. I too want the storyline with the babies to be over with. I sooo want Nicole to be caught and see what kind of revenge EJ inflicts upon her. I hope Mia leaves the baby with Sami though and Sami lets Mia be a part of Grace’s life. It’ll be interesting to see what happens…

  6. From Cynthia

    Yes! I LOVE the idea of Victor kidnapping Stefano! It’s time the tables were turned and Stefano got a dose of his own medicine. It’s also nice to see Victor (a man who has been on the back-burner for far too long) stepping up. I don’t know about anyone else, but I would actually like the Kiriakis’s to win the mob war and for them to become the “top crime family” in Salem. The Dimeras have been oversone, in my humble opinion!

  7. From Angie

    Brady is being considered a Kiriakas, but he’s actually a Demira as well. Victor is Brady’s grandfather on his maternal side, byt Santo Demira is his grandpa on his father’s side!
    I wonder if that will be brought up! Also, does anyone else want Chloe to go back to stop being the beautiful bimbo and go go back to the way she used to be….smart, intelligent, and classy? I would also like to see her and Brady get back together…

  8. From TIGGER

    well at least we aren’t having to indure bo having visions anymore (at least i hope that storyline is over it was to wacko even for a soap) i just wish they would wind up the baby swap but alas they just keep teasing us to think its going to end like with dr.baker telling mia the truth yeah right that was bs

  9. From Nicole

    I absolutely love Sami and Rafe. I must admit that i was a huge Ejami fan…but i feel like Sami is herself with Rafe. I hope that the writers let Sami be happy for once.
    I do want the baby switch storyline to end. It’s ridiculous! Let’s move on….
    Chloe and Lucas are so boring! Actually, Lucas is pretty boring in all of his relationships.

  10. From April M.

    Isn’t it odd that Sami saw a hit-man and had to go into protective cus. and now Steph. and Philly have seen a hit man and everyones like “whatever”, sure Philly has a guard on his door thats cause they’re worried about and another hit from the E.J. and all them. Not because there afraid of the hit man knowing Philly and Steph. maybe able to discribe him and or I.D. him. It bugs me how Steph. is walking around like ‘it’s no big deal’. – Just a thought.

  11. From Grandma26

    Wow they are finally bringing Victor back to life! Like the Days of old before Stefano took over Victor was the evil one. I can’t wait. The baby switch needs to end it’s getting really old.

  12. From Grandma K

    There is no way for Stephanie to ID the hit man, he has no record no picture for her to see and he’s out of the country, but the police don’t know that, but the writers do. So they do not think she needs a guard. Like where is Steve? We know he would be there if he was alive. The writers don’t want us to have brains and think of things like this. We are to just except what they write and enjoy the show. I am glad they are putting Sami with Rafe, now they can fight the Dimera’s together.

  13. From Bonnie

    I like the drama of Victor and Stefano. Why though, is Stefano leaving? Are they taking him out of the show for awhile to save money, budget cuts? Will be sorry to see Chels and Max leave. Hopefully, Phillip and Stefs storyines will pick up with a big wedding! I agree with the above, everyone doesn’t date anymore. Hope Rafe and Sami get married.

  14. From used2BAlumifan

    heavenlyangel: Mia never saw the baby when she was born… She just told Nicole to take her away. That’s why she doesn’t recognize her. Well, that and the fact that the writers don’t want her to.

    I love that Victor is going after Stefano. I’m so over the Dimera’s and their bull. Someone needs to stop them! I used to love EJ, but he’s back to his old self again. I do see a lot of chemistry between him and Nicole, so I’m kind of getting used to the idea of them being together instead of him and Sami.

    I LOVE SAMI AND RAFE!!! He is so hot, and she seem genuine about her feelings for him. Can we PLEASE see Sami happy for once???

  15. From E.J._Enchantrace

    Another day, more boring storylines for Salem…
    I’m seriously getting sick of this baby crap thing, it’s high time it comes to an end and EJ/Sami get back together…
    Poor Steffy, looks like the tables have turned on him for once….I’m kinda curious on how this one is going to pan out…
    Hmmm, Mia’s friend knows who her baby’s daddy is huh? I did like Mia in the beginning, but now I’m not so sure if I do like her, she’s starting to remind me of a younger Sami, and come to think of it Will is starting to remind me of a younger Lucas..Oh the Irony of the situation..

  16. From Diane

    It’s about time that Sami has some happines. Sami and Rafe would be great together. I think it’s time the truth comes out about the babies and at the same time EJ and Nicole are expecting again. GO VICTOR, it’s about time that the Dimera’s get a little of what they have been dishing out.

  17. From JordanMichelle

    So happy about Rafe and Sami! I’ve been waiting for this for what seems like forever:)

  18. From Jenny Ray

    Finally, I am really starting to enjoy DOL again. Sure I miss some folks and they could stand to loose a few…but over all I’m loving it right now. Thanks writers for making things interesting again. Love, love, love Victor. I am a bit shocked to say it but Melonie is starting to grow on me (don’t tell anyone :)

  19. From BuffaloNurse

    I would like to see EJ “find out” about the baby switch, only to tell Nicole that he knew all along and is proud of her! It sounds so DiMera. She is attached to the baby and will make for some interesting television in the future, maybe in school or if Sydney starts to date a relative. I would like to see a bit of the funny Nicole come back and maybe a bit of scheming with her husband. Have we ever had a real husband and wife “evil” team?

  20. From judy

    Why doesn’t Sami who has had children, not feel the same kind of wierdness that Mia feels about Grace? I know that she does feel a conection
    o Syd but she has never said she doesn’t feel a conection to Grace.

    This is odd.

  21. From jacksmama

    I really wish they would let nicole be happy for once and get rid of freakin mia, she gets on my nerves… i will really be sad to see chels and max leave i really like them. i wish they would send little phillip and steph away to witness protection, i am so over their crazy on again off again.. CAN”T wait to see if the writers can really make victor and stephano war really good or just boring like lately…..

  22. From Sue

    Please put Sami and Rafe together they make a great couple. As far as Will goes the kid needs a hair cut, he is a very good looking young man but you can’t see that with that hair.

  23. From Gail

    Let’s get on with the baby switch story already and resolve it. It’s gone on way too long. Sami and Rafe are HOT together. I hope the writers keep them together and happy. Let’s see her be with a good guy and find happiness for a change.

  24. From patsy

    I,m loveing Rafe andSami They are so hot together.Iwas going quitwatching DOOLI was so tired of the Nicole /E,J, show but along came Rafe/ Sami story and now I,m hooked on DOOLagain.I tape that way I can ff thewNicole/ EJ sceans.

  25. From kat

    Has anyone else noticed that ‘Nicole’,'Brady’ and ‘EJ’ look really weird with their ‘new teeth’????? Must be veneers or something. They were all better looking before.

  26. From clara

    I cannot understand what you all see in SAFE, their boring to watch. I have tried, but I always end up fastforwarding. I do understand the writers are ruining all characters and fired most of them…but I think they can still redeem EJ and have our one and only super couple on DOOL

  27. From patsy

    Yes i,VE NOTICEED their teeth their mouths look s stiff and their smiles aren.t pretty anymore

  28. From diania

    I’m hopeing ej don’t blow it for rafe and sami. they are great together and I want them to stay together.

  29. From julie/from illonis

    i thouhgt today when ej was thinkin about sami it would of been great if he had said i love you soooo much [SAMMI] that would of been great for us fans who want ejami rafe and sammi they are way to boring everyone keeps tellin sami she is in love with ej so comeon writers get our ejami back together and end this baby switch shit its gettin old already. what is the thing between rafe and arianna are they in love or what.well nicole needs to get busted for loosin her baby and switching mia and samis babies dr baker is the only one who knows the truth. he needs to blow the whistle already.what did ej mean when he was readin his email today.

  30. From Carleen

    I agree with you E.J. I am soooo tired of Nicole getting her way. It’s time for E.J to find out the truth about Sydney and Grace. Even though I don’t think that he and Sammi will ever be back together but at least he won’t be with that witch Nicole.

  31. From Tina

    Gimme a “V”
    Gimme an “I”
    Gimme a “C”
    Gimme a “T” “O” “R”
    What’s that spell… VICTOR!!
    He’s BACK and I’m lovin’ it.
    Stick it to the Dimeras, Victor!

  32. From barb

    I’m kind of glad that Sami and Rafe got interrupted even if it was by EJ. It will make it even more exciting for those of us who are waiting for them to get together. Sometimes the bedroom scenes happen too fast then it’s kind of a let down when you wait so long for it. I am liking things so much better now that this war is going on, I’d really like for the beans to spill on Nicole and the baby though, that’s been drug on way too long. Maybe a war with Brady and EJ over Nicole, although, she needs to feel the wrath of being a DiMera.

  33. From kathy


  34. From Mary Anne McKeone

    I enjoy very much. It is always neat to see what could be happening and if it matches what I think as well. I enjoy everyone’s point of view … makes it all the more interesting. I have been following DOOL for 27 years. My husband watched it long before that and got me interested when I was home on maternity leave with my first child. In fact, when she was little and if I was home from work during the week, we would watch it together. The girls at day care were always shocked when she knew the plot line and could say the Kirikias name.

  35. From Lili

    What a great storyline between Victor & Stefano! Stefano really needs to be put in his place!

    Now about the baby thing, I am soooooo done!

    I really love Sami & Rafe together, can’t they just be the next Bo & Hope? Sami really needs to settle down with one man who will love all her kids and I really think that Rafe is the Man!

    I also think Chloe & Daniel need to be discovered cause they deserve eachother. It’s not right that Lucas (bless his heart) be left in the dark.

    Hope things get moving!

  36. From Diane

    Talking about teeth, Kates look weird to me now…. Sami will never be happy and settled down, she can’t help herself, always wants what she can’t have. Baby switch doesn’t bother me, the parents don’t spend more than 10 minutes a day with their kids anyway…Caroline babysits …

  37. From R J

    I dont understand why sammi and lucas are never seen with the children, the twins


    I’m with Tina about Victor. Go Victor Go!!
    Love Sami and Rafe they are great together, he is so sexy. Also Brady needs a girlfriend, he is hot too!!

  39. From Days Fan in OK.

    I am so sick of the baby switch story line. I couldn’t wait for EJ & Sami to find out so they could FINALLY be together. Now I think EJ deserves Nichole & they should be together. Sami & Rafe are way better together. The writers need to Finally let them be together & be happy.
    I remember when Victor was a really BAD guy but even then he wasn’t as bad as Stephano. The dimera’s need to pay for everything they’ve done. GO Victor!!!
    Kate on the other hand needs to go BYE-BYE, I can’t stand her. She needs to butt out of her children’s love lives.
    Chelsea & Max are good together, why can’t Kate leave the show instead of Chelsea?
    I’ve never been a big Lucas fan (don’t dislike him though) but he deserves to know the truth about his beautiful, perfect wife…lol. Her & Daniel are good together so why not let them be together, somewhere else.
    I don’t understand why days keeps getting rid of good actors & bringing more actors on…doesn’t make sense to me. But all in all. I love Days, I have been watching since I was 10 years old…26 years. I will continue to watch until they take it off air.

  40. From patsy

    Iuse to love to watch J ames Scott know matter what he did but the writers have make him so dumb and stupied I can,t even stand to watch him.When they put HIM and Ari together they killed E.J. for me .HE,S not the EJ WE USETO LOVE /HATE. NOW I JUST CAN,T STAND TO WATCH HIM.

  41. From LindaLu

    Since when did they allow cell phone usage in the hospital. I thought it messed up the electrical and mechanicals, etc. so you had to use a pay phone. Ah well, this is Salem. And – does anyone besides me get annoyed with Mia and her (non) personality? she appears to have two speeds: slow and stop. And why did she come (back?)to Salem? Does she have parents or relatives there?

  42. From Yasmin

    I want to see Stephanie marry the man she love is Philip but Who is Owen kidnap Stephanie who work for DiMera for what? Do Philip will rescue his future wife? I love Philip and Stephanie fans.

  43. From G J

    I’m really hoping that since May is sweep’s month we’re going to see some of these long drawn-out storylines come to an end. Enough with the baby switch already. Enough with Kate’s game with Chloe and Daniel. Let’s get it over with. Whether or not Safe becomes a couple or not, keep Rafe. He’s so hot! Max and Chelsea are boring. Stephanie and Phillip are boring. Nicole and EJ deserve each other.

  44. From Gail

    I love the idea of Sami and Rafe being the new Bo and Hope. Let’s have them get married and build a family and be part of the steadfast ones on Days. Sami is great with him and vice versa. They can now come together and help fight the Dimearas. We need a great couple like this since DAYS have gotten rid of all their other couples like John and Marlena, Steve and Kayla, and now Max and Chelsea.

  45. From Gail

    Oh— saw in a June spoiler that tragedy will happen around Sami and Rafe. Please don’t tell me that they are going to get them together in May and them tear them apart in June!!! Better to happen to EJ and Nicole. Can’t stand them.

  46. From patsy

    Can someone tell me Is James and Arianna a couple off cramera?You see them together all the time ,I thought Arianna was married to Kayle. Just wondering

  47. From Misty

    tIS TIME THAT Lucas learns the truth about Cloie&Dr.Dan, goes back to Brady and thw 2 leave for parts unknown, and Lucas goes back to Sami.
    Stephany deserves better than to b the wife of a lawbreaker rich/lowlife such as Phillip.

  48. From Candy

    Does anyone else think it is strange that Sami only ever has Grace with her? She does have 2 other childern, when Roman said what a good mother she is I thought I would puke!@#$%^&

  49. From barb

    I am so tired of the baby SL, it needs to end. Nicole needs to be brought forward and confronted. I think Dr Baker should and will spill the beans, she has gotten away with this much too long. I dont think I like the idea of philip and stephanie together. She whines TOO much. Isnt she alot younger than him? I am sad to see chelsea and max leave, but it was there choice. Sami needs to be happy and I think the only one that will really make her happy is EJ. I would like to see her with rafe, but he tragdey in June is either gonna be something with Rafe or Grace, or the both of them. Sami and Rafe are good together, but they are not exciting. Will and Mia both need to quit acting like infants. She is boring and he is just a plain whiner, for his age, he should quit medalling in his mothers business and find more out about the girl by his side. I cannot imagine, with being a mom, that sami or mia cannot think that something is not right with the babies. Mia cannot tell Grace looks like her or any other features, and the same with Sami along with everyone else. Cant they see that Sydney looks like Sami! And since when does the hospital not take blood work from a new born, remember when Sydney was sick and they wanted to take blood, Nicole said no very quickly and the nurse said, well the mom is here, so………. yeah right!!!!

  50. From Mikki

    Love Sami & Rafe together. Hope Victor kills Stefano(finally) and that Nicole gets whats coming to her. Don’t like this thing where EJ is bad guy like Stefano and then seems to have a conciounse the next minute. He is evil and needs to rot like Stefano. Steph and Philip getting married that would be a great storyline. Maybe the next Bo/Hope…hmmm that would be exciting…bad-boy/good-girl. Can’t wait. The baby switch is getting old and the Mia storyline is old too. Get on with it already!

  51. From Dorothy I

    I love Sami and Rafe together also,I feel something will happen to Grace in June that will end the baby story line ok

    I don’t think the writers will put Sami and Rafe together and write one of them off let’s hope not

    I’m thrilled that the Dimera’s are finally getting what they have coming to them for a long long time

  52. From Sandra

    Ya know, I just can’t help it….I love seeing Lucas and Sami together. Seeing them together the other day just reminded me what a natural comedic rapport they have with each other. Their chemistry is as strong as it ever was. Lucas/Brian Dattilo reacts off Sami/Alison Sweeney with pure talent and vice versa. Sometimes you just have to have a good actress/actor to bounce off of in order to make a scene work. Brian’s and Alison’s scenes ALWAYS work. Again, I love seeing them together…..they are so funny sometimes and the sparks fly. I also like Rafe and Sami together. Rafe/Galen Gering is a good actor. Brian & Alison (Lucas & Sami), however, again, has a classic rapport with each other that I think could promote them into the ranks of the “DOOL’s long marriage club” one of these days, hopefully , sooner than later. They know each other inside and out, good with the bad. I believe they will one day be back together, hopefully for keeps. Maybe Will can then join the ranks of “normal people with a life” and stop being so neurotic and moody. :) Poor Will.

  53. From josie

    Please axe Kate, I am sooooo tired of the same, same. My children, I know what is BEST for my children.
    Please go away.

  54. From cinnamon

    I love Sami and Rafe together. They were ment for each other so please keep them together. Let Rafe get hired on the police force now that Bo knows that he is not after his wife.
    Go Sami and Rafe

  55. From maria


  56. From azzy

    Sami and Rafe make an amazing couple. Let them be the next Marlena and John. Lucas needs to get rid of Chloe. She is just downright annoying. Maybe send her back to Europe or wherever the heck she left to. How about hooking up Brady with Arianna? I’m sure he deserves much better than Nicole anyways. Let EJ be stuck with her and she can suffer the DiMera wrath when they find out about the baby switch. ARIANNA & BRADY!!

  57. From Benjamin

    bring tony back from the dead to nail nicole baby sitch and bring marlena back as well .

  58. From Michele

    Well Sami and Rafe are starting to grow on me.I like them together.But Ej and Nicole they need to get what is coming to them. The baby story needs to end it is getting to boring now.Seeing Nicole love the baby she stoled so much when she hates Sami how could she hold the baby and tell her that she loves her when she really hates the baby’s mama. Now come on if it was anyone eles they would not love that child so much knowing it is your husbands baby with another woman…

  59. From Carol

    I am back to watching Days again. Loce the Victor storyline. Owen Kidnaps Stef for Phillip who plans a romantic evening and proposes to her is what I read. Doesent make a whole lot of sence considering what is going on but above spoiler says Owen lends Philip a hand.

  60. From CJ

    Sami and Rafe are great together! Please leave them together! EJ turning bad is just what Nicole deserves. She schemed to get him and now she will have to deal with him and his family. I love Steph and Philip together but going through everything Steph has gone through in the past she seems a little too naive. Baby story – be over with it soon please.

  61. From Delores

    I would just STILL LOVE to see this baby thing end with something going wrong with Nicole’s baby needing a transfusion or bone marrow or something and when they run a test for compatibility, have this baby acrually be LUCAS’!! Or heck fire some one elses!! THAT would certainly add fuel to the fire of bringing Nicole down and FAST!! How ’bout it writers??

  62. From Candy

    So many things are getting soooo old Kate and the “my kids” and Sami being such a good mom (just never with her childern) Mia and her closed mouth mummbling. Step and P breaking up every 5 mins. So many story lines repeating over and over. Thank god for FF but come on I want something to watch:(

  63. From Brenda

    I hate the way Nicole is always getting upset and whining when people act evil. She loves to condemn others for lying and cheating to get their own way. Pot meet kettle. She manipulates so well, she makes Sami look like a beginner. I want to see the fallout when the baby swap comes out.

  64. From Lois

    If EJ finds out about the baby I hope he thinks if over and desided to go along with Nicole and keep quiet after all Sami didn’t tell him and now he has a daughter that he and Nicole can raise without Sami knowing that she is hers for now. Let her find out later like Bill and Mickey did in the early years of Days. I want to see Rafe with Sami the mmake a good couple.

    As for Victor it time someone else got the upper hand over the DiMera’s it been a long time coming

  65. From patsy

    Why do they always dress Nicole in sexy cloths and Sami like a teenyboper. To me Ali is one of the prettiest ,sexiest women on TV .jUST BECAUSE HER LEGGSthat GO ALL THE WAY TO Her weing wyang DOESEN,T meam shes not Sami and Rafe together and she got her man with out laying on her back

  66. From Judy

    Way to go Victor. The show needs some good action to return. I have been watching DOOL since 1965 so many changes have come and gone. One thing that I have noticed is that whoever supplies the jewelry wardrobe is getting sloppy. One day EJ didn’t have his wedding ring on but by the time he and Nicole got upstairs he had it on. Also one time Nicole and Chloe were both missing their engagement rings. On todays show Sami and Rafe left her apartment and she was not wearing a necklace. When they got to their romantic spot she was wearing one. The writers made a major mistake when Stefano was in the hospital EJ went to see him and NIcole was with him. He told her to wait outside the room. EJ went in and when he came out he just went home. What happened to Nicole? It is the little things that suddenly are being missed. I still love the show.

  67. From sarah

    I still find it hard that EJ went back to the evil Dimera ways. Thought he & Tony had a deal to turn the Dimera name into something GOOD!! & did I miss a funeral for Tony??

    Sami & Rafe=excellent

    Kate, you are boring ALL of us with the revenge thing

    Baby story….yawn!!

    Good to see the battle between Victor & Stephano!!

    Lucas & Chloe-had more chemistry in the beginning- there is nothing now!!!

    I used to love Ejami, not so much anymore :( I like Nicole, but the storyline is just too much. I’d love for her to redeem herself- I know she has some good in her.

    I do like Philip & Shephanie (for now) we’ll see what direction the writers take them in.

  68. From sarah

    I’m sure the baby sl will end with a kidnapping!!! that is my guess.

  69. From janiebell

    Phillip should stand his own ground and stop letting “daddy” make all of his choices. With all that has been going on, with Stephany finding a shot and wounded Phillip, and all that is involved with that, why haven’t Patch/Steve and Kayla been brought back to Salem? Stephany needs her parents and the baby, Joe, would help keep Stephany’s mind off the problems she is facing. Why not bring back John&Marlena they could help “wramp things up.

    Why not let Mia’s baby belong to Will? They could have both been in disgise when they knew each other from before.

    Nichol will prove that she has finilly gotten into the right family at last. Doctor Baker will soon learn just how evil Nichol has become.

    Rafe relizes that Sami was ment to b with Lucas, as does Lucas and Sami and when Cholie goes back to Brady and they leave town together, Lucas&Sami re-re-remarry. Rafe becomes involved with a lady lawyer who will b new to Salem.

  70. From Di

    What if Dr. Baker secretly switched the babies back after Nicole took Sami’s baby? I think it would be great if Sami really does have her own baby and Lucas is really the dad. I think it would be just as great if Sydney turned out to be Nicole’s grandbaby, making Mia her daughter somehow. Anything is possible in soapdom. I love Sami and Rafe together but do not want them to end up like Bo and Hope. That would not be good. Hope is a shrew and Bo is whipped. They leave each other every time one of them looks at the other the wrong way. I think as a couple they suck!

  71. From Dev

    I love Days, I look forward to watching it everyday, but I do have to say as of late it is getting pretty old. The baby story needs to come to an end, with a huge bang for Nicole…possibly add some comedy to the situation, make her look really dam stupid in front of a whole bunch of people. And also Lucuas needs to just remember already!!!Too many things are getting carried on for toooooooo long! Please dont get rid of MAX either. Some Belle and Sean would be nice too. I hope I see some action soon, and must add that I was shocked to actually see Kate bring forth that she knew, but as always, the secrets safe, again and again and again…

  72. From Carla

    Enough already with the baby switcharoo, it’s time to let the truth out and get rid of Nicole, maybe she and Brady could get together.

  73. From CJ

    Why can’t they let Arianna and Sammi become close. Nicole and Chloe are now close friends. It would be nice for Sammie to have a female friend. And of course Brady might could hook up with Arianna. Rafe needs a friend also. After all they have the same enemy now – EJ.

  74. From RED

    ~sami/rafe def i love them 2gether
    ~ nicole get caught up let the whole baby story come to light or is it going to happen when they are about to go off the air like that whole ethan theresa passions thing…ugh
    ~brady/arianna that would be nice
    ~ej when are you going to find out what tony was trying to tell you…
    ~steph/phill they cute for the moment
    last but not least i guess they could not pay john and marlena to be there for sami an the kids or patch and kayla to be there for steph i don’t see how when they got rid of all of those actors??? still like days but the baby thing got me boiling let the truth come out!

  75. From sue

    Can’t stand Kate she really needs to go, so tired of her trying to protect her adult kids. Let them grow up already. The baby switch really needs to end, I fast forward through any scene that has Nicole or Kate in it. Same old stuff over and over again. Keep Sami and Rafe together, they are fun to watch.

  76. From Anita

    This baby switch between Nicole and Sami is as bad the one with Hope. That one dragged on for,if I remember correctly, over a year. This one will probably drag on, too. I so want Nicole’s lies exposed. I also want Chloe with Daniel. I would also like to see Shawn D. and Belle return. I don’t care about Mia, Arianna, Baker, or Melanie. I only care about Rafe because I watched him on passions. I sure would like to see Brady with Nicole and help her be a better person.

  77. From Felix

    I too am sick of the baby switch story….get it over with already….it’s been going on for a year…Sami would probably kill Nicole when she finds out..but i wonder what’s gonna happen with mia and Sami…like someone said before hopefully Mia will let Sami keep grace because she can’t take care of her…I’m also curious to find out who grace’s father really is…and I agree alot of these couple are so bleh….boring…they need to being back Marlena and John….and i think they should get rid of stefano….he’s done alot of crazy unforgivable things….and yeah please let Lucas find out what Chloe did…I wanna see some blowups..these stories have been dragging on for too long now

  78. From Janie Cake

    I’m like everyone else. Please pretty please let the baby switch be found out. How about reprogramming Stephano’s brain and make him a do-gooder? Let Safe marry just as EJ finds out about the baby thing. Dr. Baker could have an affair with Nicole. I’m always looking for redemption for a change of pace, I know, this is a soap. But, it could happen with someone…

  79. From BB

    Sami has gone from man to man and in the process, has had 4 children with whom she seldom spends quality time because she’s so busy running behind the men in her life! She needs to grow up and become a mature adult. A lot of people hate Nicole, but at least she acts like an adult SOME of the time. I’m tired of the baby switch scenario too. I think E.J. might be doing a little investigating on the side because deep down inside, I don’t think he really trust Nicole. Did she ever get rid of the fake baby prosthesis? If not, maybe EJ or someone will discover it. Would be great if one of the kids happened across it and drug it out in the open and EJ saw it. lol BUSTED!!! Kate is too stuck on herself for this show. Bo lacks focus, Hope too uppidy, Stephanie too immature. Brady, Roman, Dr. Baker, Mia, Will, Dr. Dan, and Chloe have no purpose. Love Victor, Stefano, Phillip, Sami, Rafe, EJ, Nicole, Chelsea & Max. Jury’s still out on Melanie & Arianna. Ho-Hum on Alexie & family and a few others who have become a “supporting” cast.

  80. From janiebell

    Victor is deaperate to “teach Stephano”, a lesson he or E.J.will never forget. “I have your dad, the very famious Stephano. For time being, he is in my “holding cell”. If nothing and I do mean nothing, happens to Phillip,I might let the old man live but if Phillip even so much as breaks a fingernail, the old man is history and I will come after you next. You got that?” vICTOR SAYS TOE.J. Victor will take pride and enjoyment out of overseeing this one his-self.

    Phillip asks Stephiney to marry him and Stephany sasys yes{was there ever any dought?” How long will Phillip b content to b a 1 woman man? How long will Stephany b content to b dismissed to another room so Victor and Phillip can conduct business as usuall? How long before pappa Steve/Patch and Kayla come running to their daughter’s aid?

  81. From Pat

    I have watched Days since 1985. it was the hottest soap opera on TV. The last 2 years bored me to tears so I stopped watching it after all those years. I just started catching a few episodes here and there and find the whole baby switch storyline so bizarre. How long can you lie about a baby not being yours, being pregnant but not really pregnant. Come on enough is enough. Bring back storylines like the Kayla & Patch, Kim & Shane, Marlena & John stories. Put Stephano on the shelf – he is way overdue to leave Salem.

  82. From Pat

    Another opinion – get some new writers with some new storylines.

  83. From Scriv

    Glad the storyline with Victor & Stephano is happening .. it’s a good one for a change! I agree with everyone to have the baby switch over & done with, No one cares! Phillip & Stephany are sooo boring together!! There is NO spark between them & the on again off again affair is nothing worth watching! Like Sammi & Rafe together .. now that has spark! Why the hell is the horrible actress who plays Melanie still on the show? Talk about a worthless storyline!!!!

  84. From jeg

    Speaking of baby switch…has anoyone noticed that they keep switching Sami/Mia’s baby Grace?

  85. From Sandra

    I agree with post # 61, Delores! It would be such a hoot if Sami’s real baby did wind up being Lucas’. If everyone will remember, Sami ran to the cabin and stayed the night there and she and Lucas wound up sleeping in the same bed. They were both dreaming about making love……but supposedly nothing happened – just like “nothing” happened when Belle and Shawn were in that barn and they were delirious with cold and exhaustion, hence, nine months later, Claire arrived! I remember thinking at the time that Sami & Lucas both had funny looks on their faces, like they weren’t really for sure if anything happened or not. It was very abrupt, but I remember thinking “that’s going to come back to haunt them someday”.
    # 53, Josie, that was so funny – It IS always the same with Kate and her obsession with her children. Surely, they could come up with a different story line for Lauren Koslow/Kate. She is really a beautiful and talented actress. I’m sure she doesn’t even have to memorize her lines anymore….she just says the same ones over and over. I’m sure she just rolls her eyes and tries to deliver them without a smirk. Writers, give Lauren/Kate something with grit, for heaven’s sake.
    Love Victor having ol’ Stephano on the short end of the stick. The indignant look on E.J.’s face was priceless. The dope, as if trying to kill Victor’s son didn’t warrent such “vicious” retaliation.
    Lovin’ Day’s these days.

  86. From patti

    I like Sami and Rafe…but i also like her with the “old” softer matter what..keep RAFE on the show. Ari and Sami could become best friends through this, she needs a girl pal. I would like to see Marlena and shawn and belle come back.

  87. From not watching, but reading the days blogs

    ok, I want Sami and Lucas back together, sorry folks, but i don’t like her with Rafe. She and Lucas have a chemistry that noone else on that show can match. Get rid of Kate, the baby switch, and put Daniel and Chloe together. I love seeing the DiMera’s get what is coming to them and with Victor being the bad guy again, really makes it all that much better. Mia cannot act, she sucks big time, she needs to go too. As for Steph and Philly, I don’t see that match working out at all, she was much better with Max in my opinion. Bo’s “visions” is about the dumbest storyline ever, and the one with Hope and Roman made me want to puke ! I really don’t understand why they brought Brady back into the picture, his storyline is really boring and as for Nichole and EJ, well, that isn’t going to last either, two connivers, one of them is going to end up getting hurt, I mean physically hurt……it would be cool though that when the baby switch does end, if Brady and her ended up together, I like those two with each other.

  88. From patsy

    I don,t care what they do with E.J.andNicole I FF threw alltheir scenes any way Love Rafe and Sami together They are fun to watch .Makes you want to smile when you see them.Too much sadness in the world without watching a soapopera to make you sad .

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