Days of Our Lives Video Clip: Is Sami Moving On?

Sami takes a leap with Rafe, but is it far enough?

Sami may be trying to get EJ out of her system, but even if she is still willing to get half-naked with Rafe, he still seems to think she may be hiding something. When Elvis interrupts their little make-out session, Rafe starts to wonder if she is ready to move on with him. Will Sami have time to prove thats he is? She better move fast because he already seems to be having something going on with another lady in town. Will she use her dropped jaw to say the wrong thing, or is she going to think things through first?

Watch this video promo and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Dorothy I

    Hopefully everything works out for Sami and Rafe

    I have a feeling that the baby story line won’t be ending anytime soon

    This show needs a face lift very soon to stay alive

    I think the waitress is related to Rafe

  2. From Dorothy I

    I want to mention this if the waitress isn’t related to Rafe then she is from his past so now we might have a more interesting Day’s of our lives , who knows just our lovely writers!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. From tammy

    I love the chemistry between EJ and Sami. I like that she brings out the “good” in him. Don’t like her with Rafe. They just don’t have the chemistry that she has with EJ.

  4. From Jenny

    I’m pretty sure that the waitress Arianna is going to be Rafe’s sister, neice, etc.

    I also love the chemistry between EJ and Sami and I hope that they get back together, the baby story is resolved.. I really want the baby story to reach it’s climactic moment because you KNOW it’s not going to be pretty and I’m looking forward to the drama!!!

  5. From Paki

    I love Sami with Rafe and I don’t like Sami normally with anyone. She is cute with him and has a much better personality. She doesn’t rant with him and Rafe is one hot tamali.

  6. From Hokiegirl

    Why does anyone want Sami with the evil controlling arrogant prig? She has had great chemistry with all her leading men – I don’t see anything special about him. I don’t find his smug egotistical attitude at all sexy. Why deos everyone give him a free pass on all his misdeeds? I wasn’t sure about Sami and Rafe before, but they are definitely steaming it up right now. He has her number, and seems to know how to handle her, and for once she isn’t being manipulative.

  7. From clueless

    cmon doesnt anyone remember that EJ RAPED sami! ya he sure did that SOB plus he was responsible for all the black glove crimes including one that almost ruined his sisters marriage. As for E J and nicole I hope brady knocks him the F— out (cause we all know passions stars can fight). and then EJ go back to his true colors and everyone see him for who he is.

  8. From Annie

    I like EJ and Sami together. There chemistry is why I watch. I like Rafe too, If only she could have both, ha ha…

  9. From Bessie

    Mellanie suren is an accomplished
    and priviledged candy striper. In local hospitals, candy stripers deliver mails, not attend patients, with out medical knowledge. Maybe writers need to do some research.

  10. From Valerie

    I’ve been watching DAYS for almost 25 years. I loved Sami & Lucas together but DAYS waited years before they were actually together. I love Sami & EJ together they are doing it again. I’m not so into she & Rafe. Why does DAYS drag on & on that’s why people get so bored w/ it. Noone’s together on the show that I want together.

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