General Hospital Spoilers for April 29 – 30!

Little Girl Jacks = Big Conflict.

It’s pretty clear that for such a teeny little thing, Carly’s embryo is certain causing a lot of problems. First off, Jax and Sonny come to blows, but Olivia intervenes. Jax wants Sonny to stay out of his business once and for all! What’s more, Claudia forces Sonny to be up front about his true feelings for his ex. Jax goes to Jason and pleads his case to keep quiet about Jerry’s involvement in Michael’s shooting.

As Michael’s surgery draws near, Patrick gets involved and finds himself working very closely with Ingrid Hansen. On the home front, he’s overwhelmed by being a single dad so Matt offers to move in for a while to help out.

On the childish front, Nik kisses Liz to make Lucky jealous. Lucky doesn’t play along, but when Nik and Liz tie one on over at Jake’s and kiss for real, he and Rebecca see the whole thing. Rebecca takes another mysterious phone call.

Also expect to see Lulu and Maxie try to make some kind of amends, Ethan give in to DNA testing and Maxie set her sights on getting Spinelli back in her life.

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