General Hospital Spoilers for May 4 – 8!

Apparently there are a few lids for every pot.

In spite of how last week ended, it’s Rebecca and Nikolas who seem to get closer and closer after she ends up stranded out at Wyndemere. Which, of course, makes Auntie Alexis even more suspicious. For their part, Lucky and Liz reach a certain understanding where their relationship is concerned.

Jason goes to Sam with his predicament regarding how to handle Carly. Later, he has news for Carly and it’s not good.

Spinelli is wise to Maxie’s plan, but fear not, the week ends with a very steamy scene between them.

Although Tracy doesn’t trust Ethan in the least, Luke finds out once and for all if Ethan is his spawn.

While Claudia is at home worried that she’s losing her security blanket, I mean baby, Sonny and Carly hang together during Michael’s precarious surgery.

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  1. From laurajill

    OK, I know this is for GH, but for anyone who also watches OLTL, does anone know that song that was playing at the end of the show the other day?? I think it was Monday or tuesday, the 27th or the 28th. The chorus had something about “a choir of angels” in it. I have been trying to find it, but I can’t figure out the title or who sings it. If anyone can help out, I would really appreciate it!!!

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    [...] bookmarks tagged general hospital General Hospital Spoilers for May 4 – 8! | SoapOpe… saved by 3 others     pinklovemermaid bookmarked on 05/01/09 | [...]

  3. From MISSY

    Love to see Rebecca go dowm & find out for sure that if she is really Emily,or not or if she is really Rebecca. then let Carly,have her
    baby to term & let her life be bk as normal.Anyway,for Robin,to be healed fm that depression so she can be normal again. Um,Jason,& Elizabeth,get bk together.As,for
    Claudia,is to get downfall for the shooting of Michael,thanks

  4. From Pastrana'sGirl199

    More Jasam would be amazing :D They really need to get back together. Great scene on Friday btw.

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