The Young and The Restless: Katherine’s Wedding Wardrobe Video Clip Preview!

Who’s wearing what?

With Katherine and Murphy’s wedding right around the corner, Soap Opera Fan Blog thought it would be fun to take a behind the scenes look at who’s wearing what to the big event! Watch this video clip preview of just that below!

Who’s gown did you like the best? Please tell Soap Opera Fan Blog below!

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  1. From HippieChick

    Being 62 myself, I am LOVING the changes in Catherine Chancellor’s wardrobe! Didn’t care for the wedding suit, but I LOVED the flowered, Asian-inspired (?) robe she was wearing prior to her wedding. Add to that the suit she wore in the May 15th episode of Cane’s and Lily’s wedding – the white suite with the embroidered flowers – stunning! Would love to know if these are off-the-rack and, if so, where to buy. Thanks. And kudos toJeanne for allowing the publishing of her actual birth year!

  2. From JOELLEN

    I to would like to know where her wawrdrobe comes from…Im love the pink flowing top with white pants she wore..

  3. From JOELLEN

    I to would like to know wehere her wardrobe comes from….I love the pink flowing top with cream pants swhe wore..

  4. From Rogue Spyware

    Don’t care for the pink. Doesn’t suit her. IMO.

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