The Young and The Restless Spoilers for April 28-30!

What a tangled web! Things keep getting better and better. Mary Jane spills, there are a few arresting developments….

This week, when Sharon sees Phyllis on the video surveillance tape of her room, she realizes she has to have her arch nemesis arrested. Incidentally, at the exact same time, Nick will choose Phyllis over Sharon! Just when we think Nick might change his mind, Phyllis, with Jack and Eden’s help, Phyllis talks Lauren into dropping the charges against Sharon. Good move, Phyllis. Sharon? What’s your next move? Oh, to have Phyllis arrested! Sick game… Later, Nick confronts Sharon about Noah having his mother and stepmother both taken away – and asks that she drop charges against Phyllis, so she does!

Ashley and Gloria have it out, and after, Ashley finds a gown and earrings on her bed at the ranch, so she dons the gown and goes to thank Victor, who takes one look and promptly drops champagne flutes. “Get that off,” he orders, and she realizes it’s Sabrina’s dress and earrings from the night she died, but did they get on her bed, if Victor didn’t leave them? Is somebody playing head games? Is it Nikki, as Victor thinks? Is it Estlella or Adam? Who could it be? Is Ashley just going nuts?

Wanting a change for his life, Neil resigns from Newman and takes up head of Chancellor, while Jill tells Nikki that the DNA results set Kay free!

Meanwhile, Jack and Mary Jane have sex and she admits to Jack that she’s not married! She just uses that in order to keep hot men off her uh tail! Of course, we all know she simply lied to make herself more intriguing to Jackie-boy. It seemed to have worked!

Mackenzie hears that Chloe may not be coming with Billy to Kay’s wedding – but why? We’re not sure, but we hear that Chloe accuses Billy of not wanting her at the wedding!

What’s to come? You’ll have to stay tuned and meet us back here Friday, for more!

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