Days of Our Lives Poll: Philip and Stephanie’s Future?

One of Salem’s most eligible bachelors is preparing to wed…

Philip and Stephanie have both had plenty of unsuccessful relationship over the years. He’s even had an unsuccessful marriage. Now it looks like the couple are posed to tie the knot in another major mob wedding. Was his joke that she would be selling her soul by getting further involved with him just a joke, or was there a kernel of truth in it? Sometimes it seems like nothing turns a relationship in Salem sour faster than a walk down the aisle.

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  1. From dc

    can’t wait to see the proposal.. but i still hate that chelsea and max will both be gone..
    stephanie and philip deserve some happiness.. sure hope the kidnapping of stephanie will not last long..

  2. From DGUIDRY

    once she gets kidnapped, he’ll end up with Melanie. she’ll probably help him find stephanie but in the meantime, something will happen with them

  3. From josephine m

    i know it wont be easy but i hope they make it through it im a new dool fan and i really like this couple they have so much potiential to be a super couple their chemistry is amazing i love them and i hope they fight to prove every one wrong that love can conquer all i really want them to last .im 17 years old and i got all my friends watching it we love them ,we only watch it because of them i hope the writers dont break them up we would probably protest or something hahaa

  4. From BuffaloNurse

    Somebody please make that sniveling, coniving CHILD go away! She’s tried to get involved with every single man in Salem and she just turned 18! Melanie is awful – not a very convincing actress either.

  5. From Mitch

    Melanie’s milkshake brings all the boys to the yard….the prison yard.

  6. From Dorothy I

    I feel that Steph deserves some happiness

    I’m sure that they will be the next couple leaving after the war between the two families

    I would like to see Sami and Rafe married

  7. From Janet

    I don’t know if anybody will agree with me, but I’d sure rather tell someone I was pregnant and had to give the baby up for adoption, rather than tell somebody I was in rehab for drugs.

    Now since Dr. Baker is leaving town
    AGAIN, I guess this stupid

    storyline will continue.

  8. From Mitch

    The Sami and Rafe relationship seems really forced and unnatural to me. Sami needs to lay off the dong and get a job to support her 4 kids.

  9. From MISSY

    I, would love to See Philip,& Stephanie,to get married that would be wonderful plus Ej & Sami,get Nicole,away fm Grace,so Sami,will get her baby bk.let Nicole go straight to the curb.
    Let Ej,& Sami,bk together & take care of her children’s. thanks

  10. From Yasmin

    I feel Stephanie will put hold for married while she is in kidnapping by EJ Dimera. I dont want Philip end up with Melanie. I hate her as much. Stephanie will turn bad when she will marry Philip and support Victor and Philip? who know?

  11. From MelanieFan

    I love Melanie! She is my favorite character/actress on the show… I want to see her with Philip – they would be so much fun together…
    and side note, I would really love to see some EJ and Sami love

  12. From Dolly

    Yes, I agree with everything you said.

  13. From Frances

    Days carries some storylines way too long- let them know that Hope is the person that is putting the men of Salem in the hospital. Hope looks ridiculous the way she is acting and that eyebrow raising all the time has to go.

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