Days of Our Lives Poll: The Most Overused Phrase in Salem?

It’s hard work filling day after day, week after week, month after month, with countless words.

Nonetheless, many people can’t help but notice that some strings of words seem to pile up a lot quicker than others. Some are only used by specific characters and others get passed around as much as Dr. Daniel. Here are a few of the most overused phrases that have been used on Days of Our Lives lately.

Didn’t see the line you would have picked? Tell Soap Opera Fan Blog what line you think gets too much use on the show in the comments section below.

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  1. From Hedy Taranto

    I know you. Something’s wrong. Tell me what it is.

  2. From S. Armstrong

    The line that I hear used a lot is….”I have never felt with way about anyone before.”

  3. From jkrull

    The most overused phrase has got to be, “I won’t let that happen.” With all the schemers, I’m surprised it’s not on the list.

  4. From Helen

    Someone should tell the actress who plays Mia to sit and stand up straighter. She has terrible posture and slouches all the time. I hope she finds out Grace is her baby soon.

  5. From Barb

    Come on guys… We have heard this
    many many times.
    “You’re going to pay”
    way overused.

  6. From katerina

    How about “we will see him put behind bars.” I am SO sick of hearing that one, Bo!

  7. From Clara


  8. From Precious


  9. From wanda

    I can’t stand when Kate says

    “well you know something”


  10. From Melinda Gladstone

    ‘I’ll check on the kids’ and ‘The baby/kids/child is sleeping!. Salem has the the most sleepy or sedated children in the world.

  11. From Mog

    One phrase I’m bored with in Salem …?

    “I just want us to be a family”

  12. From Angela Simmons

    Days Of Our Lives, of course, is the best soap on the air. It’s just that Philip is constantly put in relationships with these young women that look like they’re fresh out of high school. He has a very mature look. But the read head girl looks like his little niece. Philip is also very classy.

  13. From Angela Simmons

    Sammy and E.J are like night and day as a couple. Her character is more in line with Lucus’ character. E.J, on the other hand, seem more like the type that’s very selective when it comes to women. Sammy is more like a brat compaired to E.J. Yet, I’m crazy about Sammy. She’s full of energy and a whole lot of spunk.

  14. From Texas Chick- TX

    it’s not my place to judge…

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