Days of Our Lives Poll: This Summer’s Romance.

Summer is coming and that usually means the time of romance.

Although we’re still stuck in the fallout of a mob war, there are quiet a few possibilities developing. Daniel and Chloe continue to smolder while Lucas’ brain slowly recalibrates. Mia and Will are all set for an awkward teen romance and Sami and Rafe are already in an over-the-top romantic fantasy. If you add in the disturbed romantic inclinations of Owen, the flirtations of Arianna and Brady and the engagement of Philip and Stephanie, there’s plenty of variety to choose from.

Please take a moment and vote in the poll to let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see your idea in out poll, why not leave it in the comments section below?

Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. From Mary from BC

    On the episode that I watched today something bizarre happened and I wouldn’t if anyone else noticed it. When Bo and Hope were at the Brady Pub was that a paid endorsement for Cherrio’s? It was like a commercial break or something. Is this how the producers pay for the sets and staff? It was good information but looked out of place. What next? Tampons? Birth Control?

  2. From Lori

    I also would like to know why johns picture is still on the home page…………….

  3. From be

    I’m trying to go along with the new Days site, but the coverage gets more and more sketchy and commercial — and less about sharing what’s up. I have been a Days fan since I was a child and a fan of this site since the 90s. I miss Dustin. I wish whoever is doing this new site the best, but this just isn’t the quality it was.

  4. From ashley

    I really like Sami and Rafe together. They could be the power couple that this show needs…especially since all our other good couples are gone.

  5. From sunni

    There is nothing real about this soap or any of its characters

    pathetic year after year that is why full time watchers finally become quick time readers
    did I miss something…. NOT

  6. From SunnyA

    I’m back because this show has gotten so boring that it sucks. I don’t like Sami and Rafe romance, it sucks and I am sick and tied of Philip and Stephanie and now this long drawn out kidnapping which is quite boring. The show is pathetic all together.

  7. From mike

    John Black’s picture still on the homepage?
    Awaiting his return? Remembering the glory years? Dustin no longer updates the page? All of the above? None of the above?

    Keep Sami and Rafe steaming for years to come–great chemistry there!

  8. From Amy

    If you think the show is pathetic then why do you continue to watch?

  9. From patthebrat

    I have been watching this show since it started.

    I am going to still watch it, takes my mind off the REAL problems of this world.

    One thing I wonder about though, is none of them work, their clothes are perfect, their homes are perfect….need I go on.


  10. From deb

    I so love Rafe and Sami!! They are so hot and are everything a couple should be! I also have hopes for the brady & Arianna pairing. Please, Please let them keep the evil nasty terrorist Ej with his perrfect soulmate(if that is possible for somebody without a soul) Nichole!! Anyway GO SAFE!!!!

  11. From dc

    sami and rafe will have some tough times the week of june 1st.. little grace will have seizures.. maybe now they will find out she is really not sami’s..
    be glad when stephanie and philip get back together.. maybe owen will be an asset to the kirakis family.. i liked his character this week even though he was kind of weird..
    will and mia together is kind of ok (i guess)..
    arianna and brady would be good..
    and melanie with the new guy they are bringing in (maggie’s grandson)..
    can’t wait to see how philip and stephanie get out of their predicament..
    and kate’s back.. more trouble for chloe and daniel.. lucas may find out the truth..

  12. From Helen Helland

    Hey,this show has lost it’s flavor – absolutely no family ties anymore without John and Marlena. Thank goodness for Maggie. Also I’m sick of the constant Sex scenes – day after day, or should I say sex is the whole makeup of the show anymore and it’s just plain dsgusting. Every tweek they just take turns……..What’s with the “so-caled” writers?

  13. From Lynn

    I too am wondering why John’s picture is still on the homepage. It makes me sad…I miss his character and I miss Steve/Patch! Steve could have had such a great storyline with the Stephanie kidnapping plot.

  14. From Jan

    I’ve been a fan since the sixties, and always will be…I remember when Maggie was a young farm girl in jeans…I love Sammi, Lucas, Brady, Phillip, Melanie, Bo, Hope, Stephano, Nichole…I love them all!

  15. From Jan

    And, I must add, the girl who plays Nichole is indeed a wonderful actress…pay close attention to all her facial expressions…she is very talented.

  16. From Jan

    The girl who plays Nichole is such a great actress…pay close attention to all her facial expressions…she is brilliant.




    Chloe and Dr Daniel will be a good idea

  18. From Maria

    I think there should be something for Kate and Roman this summer. They need to get back together!!

  19. From Sharinali

    I think it’s sad that all the old timers are gone and have been replaced by young kids. This is ok for the younger set, but what about us old foggies that have watched from the beginning?

    I am really beginning to lose interest. I know that times are hard and I guess that salary plays a big part.

    Get rid of the higher paid vets and get a bunch of younger less paid beginners. Par for the corse.

    Watch out Hope, Bo, Maggie, Abe & Lexie. You’re next. They have already killed off Stefano, how many times?

  20. From Annie

    I’m holding out for Sami-Lucas.

  21. From Crystal

    I wish the poll choices included Sami and EJ

  22. From adima

    I had to vote none of the above for the summer romance question. If Chloe is not going to be with Brady right now; then definitely want to see her with Daniel- NOT Lucas! But still waiting for Brady & Chloe to find there way back to each other they had a great love story & the writers still haven’t even had any of their issues resolved…Would LOVE to see the writers start getting into more realistic story lines not these Kooky ones of late (ex. baby switch, morgue scenario, amnesia etc.) It’s almost all unbelievable.

  23. From Ejami

    I would love to see Ejami Of Course!!! How about Nicole and her future jailhouse girlfriend

  24. From Deb

    i started out liking the Daniel and Chelsea romance but he has been so flighty, I have lost interest in him. Ditto with Chloe! Why didn’t the writers rekindle her romance with Brady? That owould have been worth watching. Love Sami and Rafe (although I am still an EJami!)

  25. From Krissy

    I can’t stand Sami & Rafe!! I am a Sami/EJ fan also. And Lucas has absolutely no chemistry with anybody – I’m rooting for Chloe to be with Daniel if they have no plans on getting her back with Brady. I can’t believe they are just sweeping the huge Chloe/Brady love story under the rug. Like it was never anything important to either of them.

  26. From Amee

    Love, Love, Love Sami & Rafe!!! They are so good together! They should have a sweet, real romance and become a permanent Salem Super Couple. Sami has been through enough over the years and Rafe is hot!! They are quite a pair.
    Let’s see Chloe and Brady back together!
    Lucas can just be a nice guy by himself!

  27. From Ranita

    I want Sammi and EJ to get back together with their children. I want Nicole to pay for switching the babies and lying to Mia, Nicole has skated by too long for all the wrong she has done. I think Lucas should have an affair with an older woman. as far as Chloe goes I don’t care if she is with Brady or Daniel. Kate is too absorbed in her children to have a romance.

  28. From eileen

    I want to see sami and ej back together

  29. From cer

    I want to see sami and ej back together they have great chemistry KEEP THEM TOGETHER AND STAY THAT WAY

  30. From bb

    Sami and EJ should be together!!

  31. From Dolly

    Rafe and Steph would make a great pair, their hearts are in the same place.
    Now if everyone gets paired with their perfect mate, that will be the end of the show, we need some action.
    EJ and Sami need to get close again this summer, but I can not think how the writers can arrange
    it. Could EJ be hit on the head and realize that he needs to change his ways to get Sami and his kids back?

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