Days of Our Lives Poll: What’s Up With Owen?

The mysterious Owen just keeps getting stranger.

We’d never even heard of the character until a few weeks ago but now he’s front and center and rather difficult to figure out. He’s been employed by the two major crime families in Salem, but seems to be so gentle he could hardly hurt a fly, which is even more surprising when you look at his muscles. He may have abducted Stephanie, but he clearly feels awful about it and seems to have been worshipping her from afar for some time. So where is all this coming from and what exactly is up with him?

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  1. From Mitch

    One of the creepiest characters in a long time. Comparing Stephanie to flowers and caring about her wayyyyy too much for someone who knows how powerful her fiance is. The dude is fubar.

  2. From dc

    he is a very strange person but i feel sorry for him.. trying to work for (2) families that are trying to kill each other.. i think he will return stephanie unharmed and victor will never know he was behind her kidnapping or that he is spying for stefano..
    both stephanie and stefano will be returned to their families..

  3. From Kay

    Just get on with the storyline. I don’t care who Owen is,or how much he adores Steph. Get back to the fight between Stephano and Victor……that’s good stuff.

  4. From Deb

    I really like the Owen character – he has potential, if they can salvage the mess he has gotten into.

  5. From vene

    I kinda likw Owen. I thought he would have a better part. He would help Stephanie out and move on to being something good on Days. Maybe hook up with Max’s sister Melanie.

  6. From melissa

    I think one of Patches unknown children, if he is trying to hook up with Stephanie, in pure days fashion they would have to be 1/2 brother and sister right?

  7. From Dene

    He’s hot & really the Owen character- good job casting Marnie!!

  8. From Dene

    He’s hot and I really the Owen character- good job casting Marnie!!

  9. From Susan

    Who’s he related to? Anyone figure it out yet?

  10. From Rachel

    Keep him Keep him Keep him! Love this actor and have started watching again because of him. Don’t care what they do with him cause he will be good at any part!

  11. From LMPD

    I like the actor who plays the Owen role.

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