Days of Our Lives Recap for May 29.

Are You Out Of Your Freaking Mind?

Kate returns to town and arrives at the mansion. When she runs into Daniel, he tells her that there is a problem with Philip. Victor walks in and says that everything was under control until Brady screwed things up. Victor sends Daniel away and tells Kate to sit down and have a drink. She demands to know everything. He fills her in. Kate seems hurt that her son never even told her he was engaged. He admits that they have no idea what’s happened to Stephanie and Philip is on the run. Although Victor blames Brady for everything, Kate tells him that he’s a maniac.

Lucas chases Maggie down at the Java Cafe. He still wants to discuss Kate and Chloe. She claims to be as baffled as he is. He doubts that; he’s been remembering what happened the night he fell off the wagon. Chloe walks in and Maggie tries to run. Lucas keeps her there to talk and explains that everything is coming back to him. The women advise him to let go. Daniel calls Chloe; he’s looking for Lucas so she hands the phone over. Daniel tells him he needs to head over to the mansion. Chloe agrees to meet him there later. Once he’s gone, Maggie warns Chloe that it is only a matter of time until Lucas remembers the truth. Chloe insists that everything has changed since she made her deal with God. Maggie thinks that they still have a chance to keep the truth quiet.

Mia and Will are interrupted by her cousin Jamie at the pier. Will leaves and Mia tells Jamie how nice and sweet he is. “Are you out of your freaking mind?” Jamie asks. They argue. Jamie tells her that she won’t be seeing Will again. She explains that her lease is up so she and her boyfriend are leaving town. “Either you find a new place to live, or you move back in with your mother,” Jamie says. Mia thinks that’s a horrible idea and has no idea what to do. Jamie’s sorry and wishes she could help. After she leaves, Maggie walks by and asks what’s wrong. Mia admits that she may have to leave town, just as she’s finally made a life for herself there. She doesn’t know how she can tell Will.

Will goes back to the pub and sits with Tad, a friend of his. He complains about Kinsey. Tad tells him to lay off. They argue about Mia and Will worries that Kinsey has been talking trash. “Dude seriously don’t lump me into this. If you’re into Mia, that’s cool dude,” Tad says before heading out. Will flashes back to nearly kissing Mia and hopes he gets it right next time.

Lucas shows up at the mansion. His mother fills him in on Billie and she wonders why things are always so hard for them. He claims that things are great for him. Meanwhile, Victor answers the door and tells Chloe that ‘the village slut’ isn’t welcome. She pushes by him and joins Lucas. Kate walks over to Victor and hugs him, worrying that they won’t find their son in time. Everyone sits down together and Victor explains that things are being handled internally, which means no police. That’s why Brady is now ‘dead’ to him. Daniel thinks he’s overreacting. Victor lays into him for ‘getting around’. Daniel feels sorry for him now that he’s a bitter and angry old man. Will arrives and asks if he missed something. He asks Victor if he can have some friends over to use his pool. Victor shrugs and Will returns to his father to tell him about his plans. Lucas is sure he is trying to impress a girl. Will becomes uncomfortable as his father teases him.

Meanwhile, Chloe has slipped away to call Caroline on the phone. Victor walks over and begins insulting her. She thinks he’s gone beyond being nasty and is just crazy. He chuckles and drinks. Outside, Kate tells Daniel that Victor is being out of line. When she goes in for a drink, Chloe walks out in tears. She throws her arms around Daniel and tells him that she can’t take it anymore. He tells her not to let Victor get to her. Kate returns and catches them embracing.

Owen has an unconscious Brady and Melanie at gunpoint in the graveyard. Mel guesses that he really is the kidnapper. He demands to know where Philip is. Mel begins rambling loudly. “It’s over for you two,” Owen declares. Mel pouts. Brady wakes up. Owen ushers them away and Mel deliberately drops her ID tag on the ground. He brings them to the family crypt and locks them in. Mel panics when it looks like there is no way out. Brady is sure that someone will find them because she dropped her ID. She begins talking to the walls.

In the morgue, Gordon is arguing with the body deliverymen. Since he doesn’t believe their paperwork, he gets ready to check in the bag but ends up simply arguing some more with the men. He finally signs the forms and they leave the body. He decides to let his son take care of this corpse. As he looks over the paperwork, he notices that the cadaver is supposed to be cremated. Philip listens from inside of the bag and starts to worry. Adjusting his glasses, Gordon isn’t sure what the forms actually say and begins yelling about how hard they are to read. He finally shoves the bag into a drawer. Once inside, Philip tries unzipping the bag. It’s harder than he thought. When he gets it open, he can hear Steph groaning. Meanwhile, Gordon is looking at a family photo and wishing that Owen was more like his brother. When Owen arrives, his father tells him that a mysterious corpse has arrived and asks him if he knows anything about.

Next on Days Of Our Lives:

Lucas asks what Chloe and Daniel are keeping from him.

Melanie is sure that if she dies right now, she’s going to Hell.

“What are we going to do? They’re going to try to embalm you!” Stephanie asks Philip.

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  1. From carolw

    Wow, good update, thanks a million!

  2. From dc

    next week is going to be even better (from whatg i am reading)..

  3. From Jo

    I think Days only reedeeming qualities are Bo, Hope, Caroline, Maggie, Sami, Rafe, Victor, Stefano, Philip, and Nicole.

    I’m still stuck on the fact that Days fired Rolf, Steve, Kayla, John, Marlena, Tony, and Anna.

    HOW COULD YOU??!!!!

    Whose next, Stefano? Bo? Hope??

    You have to bring back those characters ASAP!!!! Especially Anna DiMera! I waited 20 years to see her again on DAYS and what do you guys do, FIRE HER after less than two years on the show.

  4. From Dorothy I

    I just want the baby swicthing to end

    Also have Sami and RAFE START A NEW BEGINNING

    As far as Stephanie and Philip goes I personaly don’t think there relationship will last

    Brady needs to be with someone

    Melanie if she is staying than put her with someone

    Mia and Will they need to go ASAP

    I would like Mia to know the truth about her baby especially if Grace does die

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