Days of Our Lives Spoilers for June 1-5.

Salem gets nightmarish next week…

After the chaos of this week, next week promises a rather different take on Salem. However, not changing her take on things will be Arianna. The headstrong barrista still blames little blond Sami Brady for ruining Rafe’s life, particularly his giving up his dream of being an FBI agent. Meanwhile, Lucas will be cramping his son’s style and ruining his life’s ambition to finally have a girlfriend. Lucas tells Will to stay away from Mia, but what could be triggering this surprising move? Maybe Lucas is just acting out because he senses nobody is telling him anything anymore. Without Father Matt around, Chloe will be turning to Maggie for a chat about coming clean with Lucas.

And speaking of coming clean… Nicole may be wishing that Stefano had actually died during the hostage negotiations. Instead, he’s back and in her face. He confronts his daughter-in-law, claiming that he knows all about the baby switch. While Nicole’s nightmare never seems to end, Stephanie has begun having nightmares of her own. They aren’t about babies, of course, but they are also EJ related. She’ll be increasingly frayed thanks to nightmarish memories of her kidnapping.

Elsewhere, it looks like the nightmares are about to spread. Owen fesses up and implicates the DiMeras in Stephanie’s kidnapping. This doesn’t bode well for anyone involved, least of all Owen himself. While his dream world turns dark, another Salemite who has a dubious relationship with reality is also on edge. Melanie begins to fear that she and Brady are about to die. Guess what brings this on?

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  1. From Brenda Gonder

    I sure hope Owen and the Demaris get what is coming to them. If stefano knows about the baby switch what will happen. I can’t wait to see. I hate Nicole anyways. I sure hope the baby switch gets resolved with sami and mia. They should have their own babies. Keep the soaps coming.

  2. From Jill

    Nicole should end up with NO BABY, NO E.J., NO BRADY TO RUN TO and then what will she do?

  3. From joyce

    Stefano needs to tell EJ about the baby switch(like yesterday) I’m so tired of Nichol & her sceaming the babies need to be with their real mothers & that puts Sami & EJ together & Will & Mia,Brady is a good guy he needs a good woman,Chole needs to tell Lucas the truth so her & Daniel can have a life they love each other,Victor & Kate need to get back together they are both just alike & they have Phillip,so put them all three together joyce

  4. From DGUIDRY

    Being that the baby really is EJ’s baby, Stephano probably won’t tell EJ because he thinks he is happy…..But he will have Nicole under his thumb and we know how he likes to have people under his control. I guess Stephano will be after Mel & Brady…Mel for finding Stephanie and Brady for calling the police?!

  5. From somehearts

    I agree Brenda. I can’t stand Nicole either. I’m also sick of the DiMeras and the whole baby switch story line. They’ve done this story line before and it’s getting old. But I can’t wait to see what Sami does when she finds out that Nicole actually has her baby and Sami has Mia’s. I want some NEW story lines that have NEVER been on the show before. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Sami and Rafe though. However, I am starting to get sick of Chloe and to think I used to like her. On the other hand I started watching Days not liking Sami, but now I do.

  6. From Wilson

    If Stephanie marries Phillip- Would Tyler/Pocket be her step son,or step brother? Would he be Phillips Brother in-law & Son? PLEASE NO MORE BABIES until we can find the rightful parents of the ones already there.

  7. From Lisa/St. Louis

    I would HATE to see Sami and EJ back together. I didn’t like them together the first time around. Leave her with Rafe, she seems so much happier with him.

  8. From MsBoulder-CO

    I don’t think Stefano will tell EJ cause he doesn’t like the Bradys and sure doesn’t want any under his roof. I think he’s going to kidnap Ciarra to get back and both the Bradys and Kiriakas clan. I’m trying to figure out if it was just naptime for Chole/Lucas/Daniel when the exchange was going down. They wake up and go out like it’s later in the evening. Did anyone else find that weird. Also Melanie just walking into the Kiriakas mansion even though the guards were caught in the bust.

  9. From Lani

    The one thing missing in DooL with the new writers is the element of Surprise. The whole Stefano knows about Nicole’s baby is granted a great story line – but way too early to proceed. The writers should have taken this underground – where Stefano toys with Nicole, driving her crazy. This way they can grind out more great Nicole drama. The old Stefano would have done this exactly vs the current – Let me Air out all my dirty laundry Stefano.

    What happened to the dark mysterious story lines that encircled the Dimeras? Now they’re just borish and non-surprising. I would be more intrigued, if Elvis knew about the switch – but decides to play with both Sami and Nicole’s lives – he should hate both, they deceived him and toying with them would make some incredible story lines – along with some non-bratty Elvis moments. Anything but the “Here’s my secret – it’s out bwahaha.” Come on… Get back to the cool stuff that kept us all guessing and on the edge of our seat.

    The Kiriakas story line is meh as well. There’s just nothing here – where’s Victor’s crazy dark secrets – like hiding away Philip while he got a new face. Where are the crazy “I can’t believe that can be done” moments. Victor has always been the “man that knows the man that knows everything” – now he’s just a big old angry fart head. Give us back our two great dirty old schemers – but don’t make it so obvious that you bore us to death.

    Take a note from AMC – where Adam was shot but it wasn’t Adam – Surprise is key to keeping us watching. I haven’t taken my eyes of AMC for over 2 years since I started watching it again. Unlike DooL – I can’t miss a day of AMC.

  10. From Debra Bilbrey

    I don’t think Tyler/Pocket is Stephanie’s blood relative. That will make him her step-son seeing how Mimi is his real mother and Phillip is his father. Tyler/Pocket doesn’t have a drop of Brady blood in him.

  11. From connie

    Why would Tyler be anyone but Stephanie’s brother and Phillip’s brother-in-law, Wilson? He is Kayla & Steve’s son. He is not the foster baby.

  12. From Sandra

    I also think that Stefano is going to use the baby switch thing to control Nicole. If it all comes out in the open, then Sydni will, by law, go to Sami…at least half the time. If Stefano allows Nicole to keep the secret, then he will pretty much have total control of Syndi.
    I also kind of miss the “over the top” weird surprises that used to be on DOOLS. You know, Day’s used to have a little different twist than most of the other soaps. It was a “hoot” just to see what they would think of next! I miss those “days”!

  13. From Dorothy I

    I would like to know when Stephano found this one out ???? Maybe Tony or Dr Baker told him or maybe when he had Nicole follow to the convent or with Mia the guards maybe over heard her talking about the babies

    I also think that Ariana will be causing trouble for Sami and Rafe

    I hope that Chloe comes clean with Lucas and moves on with Dr Daniel

  14. From danielle

    I am enjoying Philipp and Stephanie, it is alluring. I would like to see Sami and EJ because there is chemistry between them. The good/evil couples are great because the good characters stir interest and a sense of endearment and humanity in the evil characters. It creates an attachment.

    I would love to see the astonishing surprises of the way too clever Dimeras again, they have become a bit dim. I would also like to see a sense of loyalty between some of the couples again. They have become so fickle. There are no longer any “Bo and Hope,” “John and Marlena,” “Abe and Lexi” couples to attach to. The show is becoming a bit too fickle overall. What has always separated Days out from the other soaps, in my opinion, is the strong relationships that stick, that you want to follow, that help viewers become a part of the Days family, the sense of values, and the clever eccentric outlandish adventures and situations created by the Dimeras. I would love to see it all return.

  15. From Clara

    Why is John’s picture still on the home page? Who watches this garbage? The writing is terrible and the actors need lessons. I am a better person for giving up on what was once a good soap.

  16. From E.J._Enchantrace

    Thank God!!!!!
    The baby switch is almost over……I hope, considering how far the writers have let this one drag on, it seems like it has been going on for over a year now….has it been that long?
    I just wonder when Stefano will tell EJ, and then finally we all can watch Nicole burn =] & then we will have a Ejami reunion =D

    Adrianna needs to get her butt kicked by Sami that’s all there is too it, She hasn’t been on the show long and I am already sick of her, I believe she needs to take a real good look in the mirrow =]

    Hopefully Lucas will learn the truth about his trampy wife, Chloe and leave her….if you ask me they need to put Lucas on his own for awhile, I think he would be better off that way =]

    Wow, they are already ending the Phillip/EJ fued….they can end something like that, that is exciting as quickly as possible, but yet they let something like the baby switch, that is deathly boring to watch on tv, drag on for months? Shooo, we need the old writers back on DOOL that’s all there is to it.

  17. From Mina Mina

    I don’t understand the people who want to see Ejami. He raped her for Pete’s sake, and how she can be attracted to him is beyond me! EJ and Nicole are perfect for eachother, and Sami needs to get her lies together and make things work with Lucas.

  18. From Kim

    What’s with Nicole telling E.J. to keep the war going with the Kiriakis family? Is she trying to keep the attention off herself?? She needs to go down – asap!!

  19. From twinny

    Nicole does not want EJ to go to prison and ruin the happy little fantasy life she has created for herself. She is not even thinking about what poor Stephanie must be going through.

    EJ acts all remorseful, but he would kill Stephanie in a minute to save his father and his own behinds.

  20. From Candie

    Now that it will be announced that Stephano knows about the baby switch, I would like to see EJ and Nicole both getting theirs. Maybe EJs going to jail for Stephanie’s kidnapping only to get out and be obsessed with getting Sami back from Rafe. Almost like the Stephano/Marlena era. Rafe could be our replacement for John. As for Nicole, since she has fully developed her scheming skills, keep her going after EJ in attempts to become pregnant through invitro. Maybe druging him to get the necessary equipment :0) It would be nice for the tables to turn on the Dimeras just for once.

  21. From Darlene

    Everyone is so on Nicole’s back!! What about Sami and all the rotten things she’s done?? About equals Nicole in my books. And Kate!!! So why should Nicole suffer more than them???

  22. From BoandFancyFace4Ever

    I think Stefano has known all along. I still believe that Nicole’s baby is alive and well somewhere. I think Stefano may have been behind it all along. Nicole “dreamt” of having a perfect baby girl. I think that baby will turn up sometime down the road.

    I think Stefano has known all along about the baby switch but I think he likes what she did. I think he likes that EJ actually has his daughter without Sami knowing. I have a feeling this will play into Nicole favor. I think when EJ finds out, he will be mad at Sami instead of Nicole. I think EJ will praise Nicole for her quick thinking and for her getting his child for him.

  23. From MJ

    First, I would like to see Owen
    ‘redeemed’. I really like this guy, minus the whold kidnapping Stephanie thing. LOL! I don’t think he’s a bad guy, just didn’t know how to get out of the situation with the Dimera’s.

    Second, EJ did NOT rape Sami. Yeah, he was an a– about it, to be sure but he coerced her into sleeping with him, he did not rape her. She still had a choice.

    Third, EJ and Nicole deserve each other. If he can go 4-1/2 months and NOT realize his GF is padding the pregnancy, the God help him. It’s not very Dimera-like, is it? What a moron he’s become!

  24. From Delores

    OH BROTHER! This thing just goes on and on and on like the energizer bunny! Twenty years from now it will STILL be the samething, IF Days manages once again to make it that long!

  25. From Jackie

    You are mistaken Mina. EJ did not rape Sami. They made a deal. He helped her move the beam off Lucas and she had sex with him. That is not rape!

  26. From Babs

    Connie, Tyler/pocket isn’t Steve and Kayla’s son. They just fostered him. They have Joe.
    Tyler is the child of Phil and Mimi.

  27. From MJ

    Thanks, Jackie! I’m so sick of people thinking EJ raped Sami!

  28. From MsBoulder-CO

    Answer to Dorothy, Stefano had Nicole followed everywhere she went starting when she went to the convent and they continued to follow her and reported all her meetings with people back to Stefano. Also, EJ didn’t like Dr. Baker so naturally father followed up on that suspicion.

  29. From dc

    i’m anxious to see what melanie and brady get themselves into..
    i’d like to see brady be with arianna so she will let rafe alone and him and sami can get on with their lives as a couple..
    i think stefano will just scare nicole about the baby thing just to keep her in line.. she is mean like a dimera..
    i haven’t seen anything about how max will leave, have any of you??

  30. From dc

    with stephanie having nightmares, she will probably get into drugs or something.. but i still think her and philip should be together..
    eventually victor will let brady back into titan, at least i think he will.. as far as letting him move back, that’s still up for debate.

  31. From Johnson

    This is for WILSON comment 6. The baby tyler/pocket is not with steve and kayla. The baby got adopted and then steve and kayla had a biological child Joe b/c they took the baby away b/c of steve’s past.
    Therefore the baby would be stephanie’s stepson not brother.

  32. From cinnamon

    I don’t agree with the ones that says ej didn’t rape sami because he did.If she didn’t have sex with him in the car lucas would of died.
    He didn’t give Sami a choice if she want to sleep with him or not.
    All she wanted to do was save
    Lucas’s life. She didn’t concieve
    Johnny out of love.I also think Ej
    new Lucas was getting out of prison
    so he knew how to make sure Sami
    and Lucas didn’t get back together.
    EJ and Sami don’t belong together.
    He has put her through so much
    stuff with all his blackmailing her and then making it look like he kindnapped Will that one time.
    Sami and Rafe belong together.
    Ej is a pure evil there is no good in in Ej it all has been fronts to try to get Sami.
    Sami already knows how evil the
    demiras are she will never want to be apart of that family again. She
    never wanted to be in the first place.The only reason she married
    Ej in the first place was to end
    the brady and diemera fued.
    If you really think about brady
    He is a brady because John is
    collens son.
    So Brady will not go to the diemera side. He has money and he will get his own place to live or
    ask Sami if he can move into the town for temperary with the kids since they are family.
    Sami has changed alot since she
    went into the safe house for the
    good. Sami just wants grace to have
    a normal life that is why she didn’t
    want to tell Ej about Grace and I
    don’t blame her one bit.
    Rafe will better father to Grace
    then Ej ever could be.
    Rafe and Sami new super couple
    of Salem.

  33. From barbara

    wouldn’t it be great if stef did get nicole to admit the whole baby switch and get her to leave with nothing. she deserves it and he seems to be the only one really thinking. ej has become a woosh and seems out of it. i hate sami and rafe!

  34. From donna

    steve and kayla were tyler foster parents for about 2 minutes they didn’t even adopt him so stephinie is not related to tyler by blood or adoption

  35. From donna

    ej raped sami ya she had a choice sleep with ej or let lucas die if you don’t think that is rape then i don’t know what to say

  36. From Lissa

    Tyler/ pocket was questionably Philip’s son because he was the surrogate baby from when Shaun/ Mimi’s & Philip/ Belle’s embryo or sperm whatever were switched… Steve & Kayla ALMOST adopted him but didn’t. They went on to have Stephanie’s little brother Joey.

  37. From Lissa

    My questiion is how can they put Stephanie through all of this without Steve coming back & getting involved? The Dimera’s always messed with his life & now they are dragging his daughter into things.

    I don’t understand supporting Ejami anymore because look at how he acts & flaring temper. The rape controversy aside, he had Sami’s own cousin kidnapped by a Psychopath. I think kidnapping Stephanie not only keeps the feud between the Kiriakis’s alive, but reopens the Brady one as well. So Sami married EJ for nothing… Why do the writers do this to us? LOL
    No worries really though, all will be forgiven in a month then Ejami will live happily together… for awhile ;)

  38. From Angel

    Baby Grace dies, Stefano will not tell EJ about the baby but he will find out that his father and Nicole kept Sydney from her real mother and nichole never told him she lost his baby and he will turn against them both and Fight for Sami EJ and Sami are the only Super couple for now. Rafe is a hit man for Stefano his job is to keep Sami from finding out about the baby switch and keeping her away from EJ.

  39. From Angel

    Rafe is to good to be true (personally I think he is sickening) but you wait he is connected to Stefano in some way. I can’t wait to see Nichole crash and burn. And chloe to I can’t stand her and Dan they are Pig’s.

  40. From DOB

    Ok so where is Phillip and Mimi’s child Pocket. Did someone else foster or adopt him?

  41. From laura

    i just read that Sami loses Grace forever :-( in 2 weeks. Poor Sami has falling in love with Grace thinking that she is her daughter. So does that mean that the babystory line is going to come to an end OH THANK GOD. ABOUT TIME!!!
    I think it would do for a good story if Stefano makes a deal with the DA Nichole the babykidnapper for his freedom. Since he knows that she switched the babies. Wow i hope the writers read this LOL. Seriously though woould’nt that be cool. Hey I would put that deal on the table. I still think its sad that Sami loses Grace though so sad she loves her/Mia’s little girl. I wonder if Rafe is working for the Demira’s though. I think its kind of fishy that he wants to adopt Grace without wanting to Marry Sami does anyone agree with me on this? Maybe this is how she loses Grace. :-(

  42. From laura

    I think Stefano will tell EJ about the baby switch. Do you guys remember how he would always tell EJ that Sami was the woman he is suppose to be with. Stefano has always loved the idea of Sami and EJ together. I think that he thinks it gives him the upper hand over the Bradys. Stefano even told EJ, (when Ej decided to move on with nichole) he told EJ that he knew that he was still in love with Sami. Stefano knows how much EJ loves Sami and a good father would want to see his children happy. I mean look at Lexie and Abe, Stefano does not like Abe but he knows that he makes Lexie happy so he has not done anything to break them up. I think Stefano is going to be a big part of Sami and EJ getting back together cause he has always wanted Sami and EJ together.

  43. From gayla

    I hope nicole ends up with her baby. she finds out stepheno took . It was a preme but so was Bo and Billys baby and she turned out ok. Nicole would come unglued and Stepheno would meet his match . Nicole wants love and a family she has never had one. Help her out a little.

  44. From Cand

    WHERE are Sami’s other childern?
    How can you have 3 kids under the age of 5 and only have one with you at all times? This is so stupid and if one more person tells her she is a good mother!@#$%
    I give up on this show!

  45. From Lisa/St. Louis

    I hate to hear about something happening to baby Grace, but I thought they might do something like that. They just have to many rug rats running around right now. You’ve got 5 kids under the age of 5 if you count Ciara. I’m sure they are going to want Chloe popping out a kid after she falls victim to Dr. Dan’s charming ways soon. And I’m sure Stephil will want kids the minute they get hitched. That’s just way to many childrens running around. Though they do grow up rather quickly in Salem.

  46. From Thatsallfolks

    For all those who say EJ didn’t rape Sami…then why did EJ himself say he raped Sami?

  47. From Kayla

    As far as the sami being raped by EJ. No she technically was not raped BUT she felt it was her only choice to save Lucas so it was not like she wanted to have sex with EJ. So really, you might as well say it was rape. I am tired of all the baby drama to. I want Nicole to go down… way down… and as far as couples I say…
    Sami and Rafe
    Arianna and Brady
    Nicole- ALONE
    EJ- ALONE, although he and Nicole deserve each other
    Mia and Will
    Phillip and Stephanie
    Owen and Melanie-somehow. They just look good together. Crazy me!
    I like Owen, he is a cutie, just mixed in with the bad guys right now. I wonder what the Dimera’s and Kiriakis’s families would be like without all the money and power???

  48. From Dorothy I

    I HOPE THAT THE BABY STORY LINE ENDS SOON ,I would like to see Nicole lose .

    I don’t think that Rafe is working for Stephano he really does love Sami and there is no way he would keep a secret like that from her.

    I also hope that nothing happens to Grace she does seem sick a lot so maybe that is how the truth comes out.

    I also feel that Stephanie will not be with Philip after all this mess ends.

    I can’t beleive that Days story line is almost the same as Passion
    on Passion Ethan (Brady on Days )was involved with Thersea who was

    Luis on Passion (Rafe on Days) so if Ariana starts dating Brady this will be almost the same story line as Passions

  49. From Dorothy I

    Luis on Passions is Rafe on Days
    his sister was Thersea who dated Ethan on Passions who is now Brady on Days so if Ariana starts dating Brady the story lines will be similar ok

  50. From Ashley M

    I am soo happy that Philip is going to save stephanie. this kidnapping was going on for way tooo long and philip and steph are soo cute <3
    Owen should die !, he has gotten so anoying

  51. From milinda

    I think Owen just got mixed up with the wrong people, poor guy, all that stress seems to be making him a little loopy, as for Sami i think she had WAY better chemistry with Lucas than any one else, I’m sick of Nicole and her damn scheming already, I’m so ready for it all to just blow up in her face. She’s got it coming so the writers just need to hurry up and write her demise into the story line already. I’ve also never liked stephanie but her getting kidnapped makes me feel a little sorry for her

  52. From Lois

    I think that EJ won’t care because he doesn’t want to deal with Sami anymore, he has had enough with her because of Johnny. He knows that Nicole really loves him no matter what he does and that means alot to him she is a real DiMera now and he loves her for helping him when is father was missing. By keeping the switch quiet he will have his own child to raise and beside he now knows that Sami was keeping the child secert from him. By keep quiet he can get back at Sami and she has no clue about the switch

  53. From Rachel

    I hope they keep Owen on!!! I love this actor (Wes Ramsey). I like him and Stephanie together but I think this guy is such a great actor that he would be good with anyone!

  54. From Brenda

    I can’t bring myself to like Owen. Just to strange.

  55. From Karen

    I too am sick of the baby switch storyline but I like Nicole. I also found it odd that Rafe would adopt Grace but no marriage proposal to Sami. I’ve also had enough of the Dimera storyline period. How Stefano can do the things he does and doesn’t spend a nite in jail…..Why would he want EJ & Sami together when he’s the one who hiredthe hitmail to kill her (After killing Mayor Marno) the hitm

  56. From Karen

    Where hav e I seen “Owen” before??????
    When will they bring back John & Marlena?

  57. From TinaMarie12

    I am so shocked!! You must be kidding. Are you saying he didnt because he is goodlooking?? Do you know the definition of RAPE? The unlawful compelling of a woman through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.
    2. any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.
    3.An act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation. LUCAS, would have DIED, she had to do it. She was FORCED!! Would you change your story if it was an ugly guy that forced himself on her? I know this is a soap, but let’s not put out wrong information. Someone might not report a person because they think that it’s not rape when you put in a situation like Sami or similiar. Come on people!!

  58. From DollyPolly

    How in the world did Stefano find out about the switch. That is so far fetch. I wouldnt be surprised that he found out about the miscarriage, but the switch? Okay writers, Stefano is not a psychic, Bo is. LOL!!

  59. From maryellen

    i’ve watched this story forever, and loved it. now the storylines are way to dragged out, and are starting to insult every watchers intelligence. how many kids with different fathers will sami have?where does kate chloe, sami and nicole get off caliing each other names. the names fit all of them. come on victor grow up and apologize to carolyn and get on to a life with her and beau.

  60. From janiebell

    Where are Steve/Patch&Kayla? Why have they not been brought to the aid of Stephany? With Victor turning on Brady as he has why have John&Marlena not been brought back to Salem? These 2 couples are very much needed by their families. Bring back John&Marlena, Steve&Kayla and little Joe.

    Rid Salem of the Demears. Chole goes back to Brady and they leave Salem.

  61. From EJAMI fan

    How can people not see the chemistry between EJAMI. Sami has no chemistry with Rafe. I loved that EJ showed his softer side when he wanted to come clean since he does not want another innocent person hurt. It would be awesome if he found out that his father kept Nicole’s secret.

  62. From Kathryn Younger

    I can hardly wait for the switched baby story to come to light. Hope next week.
    I agree with janiebell. Where is Patch & Kayla? Seems like they should be there after Stephanie’s trauma.

  63. From LillyMae12

    when you are forced, it’s rape. Sami was rape by EJ. I like EJ, but dont like what he did. He made a big mistake. I dont think Rafe is a bad person. Actually I think he is undercover posing as a construction worker.

  64. From mary

    I would like to see Sami and Lucas back together
    They seem to have a trust between each other that they don’t have with their partners
    Chole and Daniel should get together and leave town
    I don’t think Rafe is working for the DeMera family maybe his sister is
    Philp and Melanie make a much better couple they both have a sinster side
    Stephanie and Owen will probably end up together after they both get help for their
    Victor and Caroline will not end up together Caroline know how evil he can be
    Kate and Victor made a great couple
    Stefano will not tell the secret about the babies to Ej so he can keep Nichole under
    his control
    It would be nice to see Tony come back and end the fued between Victor and his
    father once and for all and take over both empires
    Or have Tony come back and be even more evil than his dad
    Grace has been sick alot so it wouldn’t surprise me if she does dies
    I think Nichole and Ej will stay together because she did show him loyality when
    Stenfo was kidnapped
    I would like to see Ej break away from his father’s ways and become a good
    person with Nichole following his lead
    Victor will eventually forgive Brady
    Brady will probably be helpful getting Philp, Stephanie, and Melanie safely home
    Maggie will feel sorry for Mia and take her in and Maggie will find out the truth
    about the baby switch some how
    That is my view on things
    We’ll all have to wait and see what happens
    By the way this is the only soap I watch

  65. From Paula

    I am so sick of the people on here that consistantly say EJ did not rape Sami! FOR PETE’S SAKE PEOPLE…YES HE DID!! The ONLY choice he gave her was Luca’s life or death. Have sex with him..lucas lives…if not..he dies. What kind of “choice” is that! So if she didn’t, then she has to live the rest of her life knowing she could have save him?? Who could live with that! That’s emotionally FORCED rape…like it or not!
    So moving on, I watch this show every day…where did I miss anything about little pocket? I saw many entries in here talking about him. I don’t recall him anywhere in the show since he left Kayla and Steve. Did I miss something?
    I get the feeling from yesterday’s show that Mia is going to end up living at Maggie’s house. Could prove to be an interesting household with her and Melanie.
    Quite a few people also continue to mention how “old” the baby storyline is getting and do nothing but complain about it. Personally, I think all the complianing on here about the show is what’s getting old. God..stop it! The writers are going to do what their going to do. If it bothers you so much, then stop watching. Otherwise, deal with what is happening and get over it.

  66. From melanie

    sami and raph are great the baby story is getting old i don’t see how it can have a happy ending mia and nicole and sami will all be hurt

  67. From denise

    pocket is not in the storyline anymore another family adopted him so he will be no relation to stephanie and if i were mia i would just tell will and everyone else the truth the only life its going to ruin is nicholes i cant see her doing anything to mia because she will probably go to jail

  68. From Yasmin Ali

    I agree with Ashley Owen should die for what he did to Stephanie. Im glad Philip save her from Owen so Stephanie has panic attack Philip help her getting better and they will get married happy after ever..

  69. From Holly

    I agree with Angel and Laura’s comments. Stefano pretty much knew from the start about sami, he also has wanted them together since he told ej to come to salem and plant the seed of demeria in sami, but does anyone not remeber how romantic sami and ej were when they met after one of her mis happ wedding, they were perfect. Tyler is mimi and phi’s due to the embroy switch, which I believe was due to stephano. I feel when sami finds out about the baby switch she will go crazy evil sami like before, simular to how kate gets when messed with. Granted it was poor play by the writers for not have steve/kayla come back due to the stehp thing, steve is very protective of her. True the witers should play out that stehpano kows about cydny being sami’s longer, to cause nicole more pain and missery. I was hoping mia and will would be the parents of baby grace, an lucus should be the one dating adrianna, since shes’ more his age. I could see if written well, rafe working for the dimerias since he was FBI, he knows how to keep a secret… Granted I’m just reading the show updates lately because I have to admit it is slow paced and messed up more then normal. I use to watch passions for like 2 yrs, tell it got messed and then stopped. I understand reality tv is taking over, but come on, some people like a good suspence, romance, soap… The show needs a new direction, stronger, they are lossing viewers. its almost like their making sami the new kate, when u think about all the kids kate has with differant fathers…

  70. From cinnamon

    to the ones that don’t think ej raped sami the nite she got pregnat with johnny needs to go back and watch the episodes.I was watching a video on youtube and he even held a gun to her head.
    So go to youtube and watch it.
    Rafe and Sami belong together.I hope they don’t kill off grace because that just not right to kill off another kid.
    Rafe and Sami belong together and you can see it in her eyes how much she loves him.
    How much he loves her.
    I think he wants to marry her but don’t want to push things so fast.
    Rafe and Sami new super couple like bo and hope.

  71. From LindaLu

    Owen has a screw loose, just like his dad, and they’re both guilty of overacting… c’mon, the old man is a funeral director! have you ever seen a funeral director spazz out like he does. Cut the budget, wrap ‘em up, fire them both and bring back Steve & Kayla at least until Stephanie gets out of that damn metal box. And how stupid is this story line about Philip in a body bag? C’mon…I’m sure we’re all older than 4th graders and have a really hard time swallowing this scenario. Do you think the light will dawn when they pull Philip out of the body bag and he has a hole in his chest and an artificial leg that maybe this is the wrong guy (as if there ever was a right guy?) I dunno… anymore, I find myself talking to the TV set and throwing things. I can’t believe DOOL got writing awards. what show were they watching??

  72. From Lisa/St. Louis

    I agree with you Lois. EJ will find out about the switch and then commend Nicole for thinking like a DiMera and keeping HIS daughter in his like. He may not like that she kept it from him, but long story short she did the right thing for HIM. Looks like Maggie should open a home for wayward girls doesn’t it? And it’s funny to me that the only people who actually work at a job in the town of Salem are the ones that never have any money…Max, Melanie, Chelsy. Sami doles out money to Will and she hasn’t had a job in what 3 years?????

  73. From Gloria

    I do not like the Sammi/Rafe storyline. It’s sickening!! There’s absolutely no chemistry there, not like with Sammi and EJ. And what’s this with Sammi being a good mother? Look what she did to Will…now she’s doing the same to Grace (who is supposed to be her and EJ’s baby) and where’s Allie and Johnny? I don’t remember seeing all of Sammi’s kids together. The only one that Will has contact with seems to be Grace. I love Nicole. She’s the one we all love to hate, but she keeps the show interesting.

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