Days of Our Lives Spoilers for May 28-29.

It turns out that the morgue is one of the liveliest spots in Salem this week.

Who knew a mortician’s son could be so moody? Stephanie tries to talk Owen down and get his gun away from him before he can do some serious damage. All the while, Philip and Melanie are busy trying to sneak into the morgue. Once they do, Brady catches them and demands to know what they are doing there, and half-naked to boot. Their presence only complicates things and further confuses the already easily confused Owen. Stephanie tells him about Melanie, “She’s in love with Phillip and more than anything in the world, she wants me out of the way.” How can this help? We’ll see when it’s Melanie’s turn to try and talk Owen down.

Mia has issues to deal with, like Nicole. “You know what, Nicole, you’re gonna stay away from me or you’re gonna be sorry!” Mia bellows at her when the woman who is always demanding that they keep far away from each other, just can’t stay away. Maybe she and Sami could start a club? Rafe and Sami run into Nicole for another round of snide bickering. The unpleasantness is enough to make Sami wonder if the adoption really is such a good idea after all. Meanwhile, things are going a little more smoothly for her son. Mia teaches uber-awkward teen Will how to dance. While they’re making the moves, they get close to kissing.

Across town, Stefano finally snaps out of his stupor and notices that he is in police custody. Will he be happy about this? He’s probably about as thrilled as Kate is to witness yet another close moment between Daniel and Chloe.

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  22 responses so far...

  1. From jsgram

    It sure was funny that Stephanie
    could not take the tape off her mouth but she could climb across a floor. That was lame. The way he tied her up she could have undone it easy. da

  2. From MusicMom123

    I can just see the writing on the wall about Rafe getting a job as a crane operator… I just PRAY that he doesn’t have an “accident” right after they make a Happily Ever After for themselves…. UGH…. I will be MAD if that happens. :/

  3. From dc

    yea, i sure hope rafe’s job does not cause him to have some sort of accident..
    hopefully the baby swap thing is coming to a close (finally)..
    i think stefano will finally confront nicole on what he knows.. he had her followed all those months when she was going to the convent and dr bakers clinic..
    chloe and lucas, i think, may be in serious trouble about their marriage.. it seems to be fate that her and daniel be together..
    and then poor lucas will probably go off the wagon again.. just wonder who will come to his rescue.
    i wonder how long kate will be able to keep her mouth shut about the affair chloe and daniel had..

  4. From ashley

    I really think Rafe and Sami can be that strong couple that John and Marlena & Steve and Kayla are.

    I do think EJ and Sami are HOT together but look, EJ is turning bad and RAFE (so far) is a good guy and Sami needs a good guy in her life…not the bad boy that is making it very clear he really wants to be just like his father.

  5. From Rascal

    I’m just curious. Does Phillip still have a fake leg? The writers are not acting like it. He is getting around really good. The writers probably think people forgot about the injury Phillip had in the service.

  6. From Sue

    This storyline gets more ridiculous every day. I just hope cancellation is not away. Anyone going along with all this has no intelligence at all.sha

  7. From Kayla

    This is just how I think things should go:
    Mia needs to tell on Nicole already so the truth about the baby swap will come out, and Sami can get her real baby back & help Will and Mia raise Mia’s baby. Nicole will be left high and dry when E.J. discovers that his only reason for being bound to her was all lies and deceit and he will take his daddies money and kick her to the curb. Not only will E.J. be furious with the one dame in his life for lying to him about having his child he will also be bloody angry with his dear Samantha for telling the exact opposite lie (not having his child). He should then go into a rage killing Phillip & Lucas (Just because I don’t like them … lol.) Sending Chloe into the arms of Dr. Daniel Jonas, and allowing Stephanie to find comfort in her dear friend and recovering addict Brady. E.J. will get off for the double murder because face it he is a Dimera and his anger and frustration towards Samantha will gradually fade because now they share two children together and he will continue to pint after Sami for a while. Then it will be all out warfare between the hunky ex FBI agent and the spicy Italian, the prize being Sami the woman who can’t seem to tell the truth even if her life depended on it. Just as soon as it seemed the plots were going to be tied up they bring back Shawn, Belle, and Claire.

  8. From Judi

    I am sure that the construction job Rafe has gotten is really an undercover police or FBI assignment.

  9. From Jenn

    Stephanie could easily have pulled the tape from her mouth and untied her ankles. What are the directors thinking? That we’re stupid?

  10. From SL

    They can turn Rafe’s construction job into an undercover investigation that he will shine at and earn a spot on the famed salem PD force -

  11. From deb

    I hope that Sami anD Rafe dont break up she deserves happiness but if they pair her up with any besides him It has to be Lucas they have two children together they should also bring ex-theresa on days I loved her on passions and ex-ethan days new brady would make a good couple way better than Arianna and Brady Dont kill off Grace give her back to mia!

  12. From JB Jr.


    Steph and Brady shouldn’t be together since they are cousins. They are related by blood since Brady is John’s son who is half Brady through Colleen making Brady her grandson and Steph is Shawn Brady grand daughter.

  13. From ane

    well I have been wondering about philips leg, too, he doesn’t have the slight limp he should. Also has he suddenly given up on tyler? his ittle boy that he and the johnsons wanted so badly? Victor is just a pain in the rear. Kate’s miraculous recovery from lung cancer just pisses me off. I have had several people in my family die from lung cancer, or some type of cancer, and trust me, it is never that easy, they could have written a good storyline with her taking the treatments, and her kids coming to see her, but no they just fouled it up as usual. but now that she has this new lease on life, Kate needs to mind her own business. Maybe she should go visit Cassie and Rex, you know her other kids with Roman. Speaking of which maybe he and Kate should hook up again.

    Meanwhilee….The baby switch is gonna come out, but I wouldnt be surprised if EJ was to forgive Nicole, then they will try to take Sydney from Sami, or Nicole will have a nervous breakdown and kidnap Sydney.

  14. From claire

    The story line gets more sickening by the day ,I have been a fan of Days since day 1 but I don’t know if I can go on. Please the story line has to change, It’s time for Nicole to get what’s coming to her and surely not Brady. She is a rotten actress get rid of her and Melanie.

  15. From marty

    I think we need the funny Dr. back. Rafe and Sami are too boring. Nicole needs to go to jail.

  16. From marty

    Please bring back the funny doctor, he is great! Rafe and Sami are too boring together. Nicole is a pain and needs to go to jail. Mai is a sweet heart and needs Grace back.

  17. From laura

    first of all kayla eww stephanie and brady are cousins that would be incest. lol.
    I just read that baby grace dies is that true anyone? how sad if it is so sad. But on the other hand the whole baby switch thing will come out. I hope this brings sami and rafe even closer together

  18. From Patti

    I thought maybe Owen will shoot Phillip in the artificial limb….and that way steph and phillip overcome him. I would like to see Sami and Rafe stay together and make a couple like John and Marlena were…we need Sami to be happy for more than a few days. I am tired of Lucas. He is too whiney…they need to make him more of a man.

  19. From Michelle

    I want the baby switch to come out to. I want to find out why Bo Brady is having these visions for. I hope Phillip and Stephanie get together and Brady and Melanie get together.Sami needs to tell EJ the truth and so does nicole.

  20. From Misty

    Stephano thinks he can order the hospital staff and police department around but soon learns he isno maTch for the medical orpolice people when detective Bo Brady and a Nurse pute Stephano back in his place.

    Melanie actully helps out in the rescue, by playing Owen like a cheap fiddle. In the mean time, Melanie sees that Phillip and Stephany are ment for each other. Then Steve/Patch rushes in and saves the day.

  21. From Susan

    Lose Rafe, ’cause he’s lame as all get out, switch the babies back already (and no more baby switch stories – those are awful), and make sure Nicole gets a good smackdown. Would just love to see her and Sami in a knockdown drag out fight. Sami kinda deserves a better man than wimpy Rafe. And she needs to quit being so wimpy herself. Sweet, yes, but not so frickin’ indecisive.

  22. From Berta

    I love days!!!!!!! Anyone who thinks this show should be cancelled is so foolish. It’s a soap, not reality!! Come on, that’s the fun it. Sometimes, they do drag things on alittle too long, but over all it’s gotten alot better. I am a huge fan:)

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