Days of Our Lives Video Clip: The Problem With Grace.

Just when Sami thought that everything was working out for her, it looks like her life could take a devastating turn.

Baby Grace begins having seizures and is rushed to the hospital. Although Rafe is by Sami’s side, that might not be enough to soften the blow of what could be in store for the little girl.

Watch this week’s promo video and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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Fun fact! Matthew Purvis wrote this story just for you on May 31st, 2009 |

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  1. From heather

    Poor Sami! Why can’t anything go smoothly for her? I hope baby Grace gets better and they can have a happy life!

  2. From cgraves

    Days is really starting to go downhill. Now, they are killing babies off. How sad!!!

  3. From joyce

    baby Grace will need her real mother to get better,Nichol will be found out real fast & EJ will kick her to the crub Daniel & Chole really need to be together they are so right for each other,Stephaine & Rafe,Victor & Kate they are both so mean they need to be together,let the baby switch be found out fast before the babies get any older joyce

  4. From dc

    yea, i bet grace will need her “real” mother to help her heal.
    i sure hope she gets better for sami and rafe’s sake..
    and sami not knowing that grace is really not hers is just wrong..
    it’s about time the baby switch be over..
    in reading “spoilers and comings and goings” i sure hate to see owen gone.. he’s a pretty good guy, just a bit mixed up.. his character is a good one..

  5. From Sarah

    That’s just wrong to kill baby Grace!! Mia will never get a chance to get her baby girl back and raise her and she prays for all the time. That’s just wrong even for Days!!

  6. From trudie

    i like this twist! i always like when DAYS uses real emotions for storylines, instead of keeping people hostage, amnesia…this will surely reveal the true identity of the mother OR (better yet!) will separate ej/sami and bring rafe/sami closer should grace die since the only (known) tie is johnnie. good stuff!!!

  7. From Precious

    I feel so bad for Sami and Rafe! Just when things were going along smoothly for them, poor little Grace is ill. I’ve read the spoilers…this isn’t good….Grace doesn’t make it. Will Nicole reveal to Sami the real truth about her daughter? Will Mia be able to handle the truth about Grace, once she finds out the truth? I hope the writers deal with this tragedy better than they’ve handeld some others. I hate to see a child die…I am NOT OVER Zaks death yet. For what purpose does this have to happen?

  8. From Thelma

    Sami and Rafe are the best couple since Bo and Hope were young….let them be happy….together.
    I agree with Precious….let there be another way that they handle the crisis. And let Sami get her life together, with Rafe, for once. Nicole is the bad one now , so leave Sami to a happy life…..with Rafe.

  9. From Janet

    I was watching the show today when
    Kate called Chloe a slut and was yelling and screaming at her. As I remember Ms. Kate went to bed with a married man, Bill Horton, which produced her whiny son, Lucas and I don’t think one should talk when they have all these kids running around by different fathers. Just a thought!!!

  10. From laura

    yeah kate has 6 kids from different daddies, so now what kate your a slut too. Austin and Billie from one dad, Lucas from Bill Horton Phillip from Victor and Rex and Cassie from Roman dang thats alot of freaking kids.LOL
    I am so bummed for baby Grace but i am glad that the baby story line is about to come out, cause i am so tired and bored with this s/l. I hated Mel at the beginning, but now i totally am loving her. I think her and Brady should get together they are so much fun together and they are so cute. I think they would actually make it as a couple. LOL

  11. From jessica

    I saw this one coming a mile away. I hope Grace will be okay, but of course it will probably lead up to finding out that Sami is not her real mother. OR, to keep the story line going longer (hoping NOT) Grace won’t make it and Nicole will have the worry of Sami off her back because Sami has no idea that Sydney is hers. And Mia has no idea that Grace is hers..and on and on it will go until November sweeps.

  12. From Gail

    I hate the fact that Grace dies, and I am still hoping for a miracle here. I am hoping that, if Grace does die, it will pull Sami and Rafe closer together. Just one of the problems that they will have to work through to become a super couple on the show. They remind me so much of Jack and Jennifer when they were first together–playful and romantic and so much in love and also of BO and HOpe who were wonderful together as a young couple and are one of the only ones left on the show.

  13. From Rose

    I think nows the time for the baby switch truth to come out. Mia needs her baby back and Will- will understand. Nicole will get what’s coming to her when Sami gets her daughter back. I just Love the story lines. They are so real.

  14. From Kelly

    Well, here it comes, the end of the baby switch. I would be willing to bet that Sami ends up pregnant with Rafe’s child then sometime after that she gets her “real” child back. Then she would have 5 kids with 3 different guys! btw, where are you all finding these spoilers about baby Grace?

  15. From Leah

    I am now hoping that EJ and Sami will discover that Grace wasn’t really their daughter and together start looking for her. I believe this will bring them back to each other and reunite and rekindle (not that it died) their love. I loved the family scenes last year with EJ, Sami and the twins. They look happy and great together. Like a normal young couple and family. I also like the thought that EJ and Sami are two of a kind and could get up to all sorts of adventures and mischief together. Bring it on I say!

  16. From Lois

    Let Baby Grace be alright. Keep Rafe and Sami togeather they make a great couple. Let Nicole and Sami both be happy for a change. Let Nicole find out that Stefano has her little girl. Let her get her daughter back and tell Sami the truth about the baby switch. So let the Mother all have the right kids. Let EJ stay with Nicole and let him relize that what she did was all due to the lost of her child, which never would have happened if it wasn’t for his father kidnaped their daughter. Let move on with a new story line and put the baby line toa close.

  17. From hooked again

    i’m sure that once Mia hears that Grace had seizures–she’ll say, “Oh, hmm, seizures run in my family. How strange.” Just get it over with already.

  18. From Carol

    I have a question for Lois. I am a late bloomer Days fan and only became a fan since I have become unemployed…what do you mean let Nicole find out that Stefano has her little girl. Does Nicole have a daughter that I do not know about? I do hope you are right–I would like EJ and Nicole to be happy! I like Nicole! CRW

  19. From Sarah

    I love the show but sometimes I think they let things drag on a bit longer than it needs to. It would spark more interest if it really kept you on your toes everyday with the next thing happening. Also the thing thst drives me crazy is when they use dolls with blankets over their heads when the baby is suppose to be like 2-3 months old in a very warm house. I like the way they finally have the real babies on and I hope that Grace isn’t cut off the show. I can picture many story lines coming out of her being on the show!

  20. From coco

    Here is another way this storyline could go. What if Stefano actually switched the babies back. We know Stefano knows Nicole’s secret but for how long is the question. But if this happened, that would mean Grace is really EJs and Sami’s child and died. And Sydney is really Mia’s.

  21. From Kino


    If that was the case and Grace ended up being revealed as Sami’s daughter with EJ. I think she could’ve pulled through if Sami called Marlena, John and Belle for their support. I’m sure they would’ve given it to her. At the same time, I don’t think Grace is dead because Stefano is trying to keep her from her mother so EJ will have a lot of time with her.

    If that was the case as well, Nicole would’ve been double crossed by Dr.Baker because that would mean that she had Mia’s baby, Sydney, all along. Then she would’ve given him hell, because he gave her the wrong baby when she wanted the child with EJ and unfortunately Sami had Grace with him.

  22. From Lindsey

    you know anything is possible with days. Im a little scared of what rafe is hiding. Heres my theroy. Areanna is so obsessed about her brother and the women he is with. I think Arianna killed emily. Rafe doesnt know it and areanna doesnt want rafe to discover the truth. Rafe is turning a little sketchy but maybe its not what we think. I still like him tho and i hope him and sami can be happy together maybe they could have a baby of there own… I mean sami is so ferttile im guessing shell get pregnant with his baby and then some how discover about sydney and they will have all the kids wouldnt that be a hudge slap in the face? But i like the person Nicole is becoming now she has a bit of a concious. But she still needs to be found out before its too late. It would be kind of cool if Rafe turned out to be the father of Sydney i mean its days of our lives stranger things of happened right?

  23. From Kino

    I think Rafe doesn’t want to reveal all about his past To sami because he doesn’t want her to be killed. He knows that she has enough to deal with especially the loss of Grace and her custody battle with her ex-husband, EJ, for sole custody of Johnny. He may have dropped it for now, but it won’t be forever. I think Elvis still wants custody for Johnny himself and Rafe knows it.

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