General Hospital Poll: What’s Up With Rebecca?

She’s been baffling audiences and Port Charles residents for weeks but it looks like we may finally be getting to the bottom of what Rebecca is up to.

Lucky and Elizabeth were having fits all week as they watched her take on the appearance, and wardrobe, of their dead friend. Even the nursing staff of General Hospital are starting to get a little grossed out by the spectacle but none of the weirdness seems to be registering in Nikolas’ brain.

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  1. From Barbie

    I am so sick of seeing Sonny and everyone treat Claudia so badly. It was an accident that Michael got shot. She did NOT mean for him to get hit. Now she is pregnant and Sonny is treating her like dirt and I HATE it. I wish GH would wake up and let there be some love between Sonny and Claudia and her unborn baby! I can’t take much more of that kind of abuse to her!

  2. From Mickie

    what is going on with G.H.come off it now elizabeth is becoming a slut first she loves jason then lucky now nikolas come off it they’ve been friends all this time and all of a sudden she wants him. keep your pants on you already have 2 kids by 2 different men trying for a third. this isn’t going to end well lucky and nikolas will never have that brotherly bond again…Liz is a ho..and the whole claudia thing is getting old it was an accident she’s living with it.. hey sonny’s daughter killed her unborn child can you say even…the only thing that seems right is jason and sam let them get back together jason needs love…Liz can’t give him that but she can give him something that ho…jason and sam are meant to be you should have him go after custody of jake since liz is being a ho…this show is losing it come on get a better storyline something better than Liz being a HO!!!!

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