General Hospital Spoilers for June 1-5.

Claudia tries to keep her secret in and Rebecca’s finally comes out.

Sensing her own impending doom, Claudia spends the week doing as much damage control as possible. Michael’s memory is returning and flashes of a woman’s voice haunt him. He tells Claudia that he’s beginning to remember things. Panicking at this development, she becomes determined to stay close to him to control what happens. Adding to her strategy, she decides it’s time to put as much distance between Sonny and Carly as she can. This leads to a battle between the two women which could have tragic results.

Making things even worse for the mob princess, Jason finally has everything he needs to take her down. Unfortunately for him, he’ll also have his hands full looking after a teenaged Kristina. Meanwhile, Michael turns from lashing out at his mother, to taking out his anger on an emotionally fragile Robin. It’s enough to make Patrick worry, even if he wasn’t already worried about her mental state.

Across town, Lulu is busy urging Lucky to try and forgive Luke for the mess that he’s made. Ethan is in an even less forgiving mood and turns his back on Holly. Maxie is acting far more forgiving, or is it something else, when she helps to cover for Johnny. And Elizabeth isn’t being either forgiving or trusting. She’s confident that Rebecca is up to something nefarious and it looks like she may be right. Next week, Rebecca’s strange secret will be revealed. Are Alexis’ suspicions true, or could this be something even more bizarre? Helena will be popping up in person for a little chat with Rebecca.

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