General Hospital Spoilers for May 27-28.

Claudia worries, Sonny warns and Holly pays Robin a visit.

On his weekly rounds in Port Charles, Sonny stops by the garage to give Johnny a warning. He wants him to keep out of Olivia’s space, and anything else she has on offer. Nonetheless, Johnny and Olivia continue to flirt but quickly get a little more serious. She seems to be maturing him and they decide it’s best to wait until the time is right before they sleep together again. If it was up to Claudia, the right time would never come. She’s so paranoid about her brother’s safety that she gives him a gun so that he can protect himself from Sonny. She better have more where that came from since she still has problems of her own. Ric is sure that the child she is carrying is his and suddenly suggests that they run away together. Although running away, even with Ric, might be appealing, she’s doing her best to deal with things in town. She probes and manipulates Michael in an attempt to figure out if he remembers any of her visits to him. In the process, she reveals that she and Sonny are married.

Michael has more to deal with as well. Jax continues to plead with him to at least try to love his miserable mother again. Later, when he tries to get out of bed, Lulu is, once again, the only person around and helps him up when he collapses. Meanwhile, Jax and Carly are busy arguing after he suggests that it would be best for everyone if she stayed away from her son at the moment. While they are kissing and making up, however, Michael is busy questioning Jason about the shooting. This only leaves Jason more determined to discover the truth about Claudia’s part in the shootout. He finds an eager help partner in Sam.

Robin is back in town and quickly begins bonding with Emma. She seems so enthusiastic about her new emotional openness that she extends a little of it to Ethan as well. She warns the Australian not to swallow what Holly has to say so easily. Apparently this is not the sort of thing that Holly wants her spreading around so she pays Robin a little visit. Across town, both Lucky and Elizabeth are disturbed to see Rebecca wandering around and looking exactly like Emily. It’s not long before Elizabeth gets in Rebecca’s face about the ongoing weirdness. Later, Rebecca slips away to make a cryptic phone call which may hold the key to what’s going on.

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