General Hospital Weekly Summary for May 25-29.

Claudia buddies up, Holly opens up Carly gets a doctor’s prescription for sex.

While the Quartermains argued with Sonny and Carly about who, what and where would be best for Michael, Jason was busy lending his ear to him. After they talked about the drawbacks of having brain damage, Jason tried to fill him in on more details about the shooting… but he stopped short of telling him everything. Afterward, he worried to Sam about what else he could say. Meanwhile, Michael climbed out of bed after having an argument with Jax over the way he’s been treating his mother. Lulu popped up and helped him back into bed. After cheering him up, she walked around town. Arriving at the Haunted Star and hearing confirmation that Ethan isn’t really her brother, she decided to cheer him up too.

Robin and Patrick went out for a special candlelit dinner at their favorite restaurant. She told him that yoga and therapy have helped her through her problems and she’s eager to get back on track with him and back to being a mother. Things were getting back to normal all over town. Knowing that Luke and Holly were alone in her room at the Metro, Tracy called the cops to have them arrested. Alexis didn’t appreciate the department being used like that. Luke quickly talked his way out and went back to the Haunted Star to drink and bemoan his life and the children who are and aren’t his own. Back at the station, Holly managed to talk Tracy into dropping the charges so she could flounce across town and check in on Robin. Her former stepdaughter was expecting her. Ethan had already been over to quiz her about Robert and she did a good job convincing him that it was impossible for Scorpio to actually be his father. After being confronted by Robin for her lies, Holly moped off to the Haunted Star to come clean with Ethan about his paternity. She claimed that she and Luke are his real parents.

Olivia got fed up with people acting like ‘the sex police’ when it comes to her private life. In spite of a bewildering argument from Sonny and dirty looks from Jax, she still went over to see Johnny at the garage. She insisted that they would only have a beer and a chat. Their mutual attraction needs to be about them rather than those around them, she explained. He agreed and they controlled their libidos.

Ric harassed Claudia some more. He even offered to get back together with her for the sake of the baby. She didn’t see the point since she’s already in a loveless marriage. When she wasn’t telling her brother to stay away from Olivia, she was trying to buddy up to Michael. She told him the news that she married his father to broker the mob peace deal while Jason, more determined than ever to bring her down, eavesdropped in the hallway. Micheal couldn’t help but take a shine to his new mother, much to Carly’s chagrin. To make things worse, Michael actually seems happy about Claudia’s baby news. When Carly turned to Jax for some loving to relieve her pain, he was still petrified that sex will harm the baby. She had to go to Kelly for a doctor’s permission and diagrams of what they were allowed to do.

Nikolas’ story continued to get more Hitchcockian by the day. Rebecca spent much of the week dressing up like the dead love of his life, to the horror of all of those around him. While Lucky and Elizabeth tried to figure out what this bizarre situation is all about, Alexis enlisted the help of her favorite FBI agent to dig into Rebecca’s past. Since Rebecca has been sneaking around and making cryptic phone calls, it looks like she could indeed be up to something. And Sam and Jason did some digging of their own. They dug up Fredo and finally got some evidence that puts the Zaccharas behind Michael’s shooting.

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