The Bold and the Beautiful Poll: Bill’s Love Life.

Bill and…?

Bill has made quite an impact on B&B and has pretty much hit on every woman he’s come in contact with. However, he seems to really be focused on Donna, but is that who you’d like to see him with?

Elaborate on your thoughts regarding Bill’s love life with Soap Opera Fan Blog below.

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  1. From Aussienancye

    I hope he ends up with Donna so we can get rid of her from Eric who should return to his rightful place with his first wife, then leave the two of them alone to be respected grandparents. The grandkids need some stability in their lives as their parents can’t give them any,

  2. From Melonie Pryer

    The writers of the Bold and the Beautiful should all be fired because everyone is tired of Brook and Ridge talking about the same old shit. How many times can ridge and brook break up and get back together (at least 5 times), theres just no excitement anymore. I have stopped watching. I now look at Young and the Restless where there is always action.

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