The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Summary May 25 – 29!

Brooke retaliates, Bill pulls the strings and Nick and Bridget reconcile.

Bill admitted to Stephanie he was trying to drive down the value of FC so he could buy it. He then suggested she could in turn buy it from him. Stephanie went to Eric and gave him a list of demands in exchange for getting Bill to back off, but Eric balked at them.

Katie told Nick he should have a life with Bridget and then learned they already got started on that. She and Bridget made peace and then Katie went to see Bill to thank him for helping her and he in turn flirted with her. Nick and Bridget meanwhile enjoyed spending time together.

Nick questioned Jackie’s relationship with Owen, but she told her son Owen made her happy. Nick then tried to bribe Owen to stay away from his mother, but Owen insisted he liked being with Jackie.

After Stephanie made it clear to Bill she intended on buying FC from him once he acquired it, she met with Ridge to try and get him to help her with her plan. Ridge was unsure so Stephanie called in Taylor to help her convince him. Taylor and Ridge discussed the situation and Taylor made it clear she wanted him back.

Bill gave Brooke an opportunity to respond to Stephanie’s webcast by doing one of her own. Brooke jumped at the chance and declared that the Logans ran FC and it would remain that way. None of the Forresters, including Ridge, were pleased that Brooke left out any mention of the Forrester family, but Ridge and Brooke worked it out.

Ridge, Felicia and Thorne appealed to their mother to get her to back off on her attacks on FC. She agreed, but when she told Bill, he was not so happy with the idea. He made it clear he would bring Eric down and take Forrester Creations for himself.

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