The Young and The Restless: Chris Engen Out, Michael Muhney In As Adam Newman!

Was a recast in the works?

Apparently The Young and the Restless’ Chris Engen has decided to turn in his Newman shoes and leave the role of Adam Newman behind, but the show hasn’t wasted any time in pulling together a recast for the role! Michael Muhney, who is most recognizable for his 2004 – 2007 role as Sheriff Don Lamb on “Veronica Mars,” will step into the role on Thursday June 25!

The actor was in the studio filming today, so stay tuned as this Adam transfer takes place soon!

Soap Opera Fan Blog wants to wish Chris all of our best with his career, and we also want to welcome Michael to the show!

Are you happy about this recast? Please tell Soap Opera Fan Blog below!

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  1. From meggy

    Now there’s a reason to watch the Young and the Restless! Michael is a class act.

  2. From Michael Muhney

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  3. From Michael Muhney Images | Hot Web Trends

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  4. From m graham

    I like the person who plays Adam.
    He looks the part and does a good job. But my main problem is with Phylis and Nick. I hate her with him. He and Sharon are a natural
    like they are really in love. They are more convincing as a couple to me. I don’t like Phylis at all.
    Sharon should be with Nick always.
    That’s it in a nutshell.

  5. From donna

    Chris E. is the best !!!

  6. From kim

    Hate the new Adam! He doesn’t come off as real in the part. Wish they would end the storyline anyways-getting tiresome. I want to see him go down! Same for Cain in the other new soon to be tiring storyline! While their at it-kill off Sharon-can’t stand the sleazy chick anymore!

  7. From ralph

    Saw the new Adam y/day for the first time…..he is _____… If you want a mean Adam….get the other guy back…

    Edited to remove actor bashing. Please view our guidelines. Soap Opera Fan Blog Admin

  8. From Kristi

    No, I do NOT like the new guy playing Adam. Chris Engen was the best! He is an amazing actor who i loved to hate!! In my opinion, they should just kill off the character if he isn’t going to play the roll. To me, it would be almost like trying to replace Nicholas…just a dreadful mistake.

  9. From Y&R Fan

    Way to stick to your believes Chris! I am so thrilled ________

    Edited to remove an inflammatory comment. Please view our guidelines. Soap Opera Fan Blog Admin

  10. From ladyrebel

    Kudos to Chris Engen for standing up for what he believes in. We all have that right. He is a good actor and wish him success. I am disgusted on the other hand with Y&R for this new story line, I just can’t believe they’re doing that and to me that says a lot about the new actor playing Adam. Apparently it’s just about the money for him.

  11. From Teresa

    Sharon is so stupid! She makes me want to stop watching. I can’t stand that she lied about her unborn child’s paternity. For that I hope she loses it. She needed to be selfish just this once.

  12. From Dave

    I agree with some of the previous posts. If Chris refused to play the new “gay” role then kudos to him!! I am also disgusted with Y&R for playing this story line.

  13. From Louisa

    WTF – Chris was great as the diabolical Adam Wilson, and now out of nowhere is this stupid story line that is just so gay (on so many levels). I may have to find a new soap. I’ll give it another week or two, then may have to just reset the DVR to NOT record Y and R. All my friends and co-workers I turned on to this soap are really turned off by this creepy story line.

  14. From Joyce

    I love Y&R..but if they let Victor go..I will not watch the show again…There are alot of us that watch the show in the break room everyday at work..I look forward to the parts for Newman family…I used to be a huge soap opera fan but now I only watch Y&R.

  15. From m

    I have to laugh when read the older posts from last June when Michael Muhney took over the role of Adam. I felt the same way back then to. But now. Its Chris who.
    M.M is hot!!!

  16. From Casey

    I love the new Adam. He does a great job at convincing people.

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  20. From Royal Prince

    All Of You Shut Up My Lord 1st Of All Chris Engen Quit The Show Because He’s A Christian In Real Life And He Didn’t Feel Right On The Show Playing An Evil Part And Tormenting Want To Have To Kiss Rave And Pretend To Be Gay Or Bi Because I Say Again He Was A Christian. The New Adam M.M. Is Freaking Amazing Way Better Then The Last 1 The New Heather Is Better Also. Nick Is A Fudgepacker I Can’t Stand That Douchebag We All Know Sharon Might Love Nick Still But Your Blind If You Don’t See She Still Loves Adam Also. And I’m Estatic When The Judge Dropped All Charges Against Adam Brillant. Adam Is What Makes The Ratings Hate To Tell You Guys So Leave Him Alone Alright Oh And Victor Is A Idiot I Wish They Would’ve Killed That Stupid Nazi Off And Kept The Gorgeous Colleen. My 3 Favorite Guys And Girls Always Are In Order. The Guys : 1. Adam Newman / 2. Billy Abbott / 3. Jack Abbott //
    Now The Girls : 1. Victoria Newman / 2. Chloe Valentine / 3. Phyllis Newman //. Their Is My Long Comment For You All Enjoy

  21. From lil_phaty

    Everytime a character is changed I have to get used to it I never like them at the beginning but they end up growing on me but there is one change that i never got used to and i don’t think I ever will it is Abby Newman-Abbott she does not play that part well I pefered the old Abby otherwise you guys are doing a great job with the show

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