The Young and The Restless: Chris Engen Speaks Out On His Exit!

The show must go on…

Soap Opera Fan Blog brought our readers news that The Young and the Restless’ Chris Engen (soon-to-be ex-Adam Wilson Newman) was recently recast by actor Michael Muhney. Though there’s been a lot of speculation surrounding his exit, the actor is now speaking out for the first time!

If you want to know what Chris had to say, please read on here.

Soap Opera Fan Blog wants to wish Chris the very best in his future.

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  1. From Lisa (KatLady)

    I read his story of why he was leaving. I didn’t understand it. So he’s leaving because they were asking him to play a gay part or something along those lines??? And his beliefs is that’s not him? I am lost as to why he’s leaving and that’s all I could gather from the story he told. If a job is asking you to do something u don’t believe in, then moving on is the right thing to do.

  2. From lily

    Anyone who has watched Y&R since Adam started knows that there has been absolutely NO spark between Adam & Rafe. Adam has had a relationship with Heather for a long time. If the producers want to attract the gay population, why not just introduce a new hot gay character made just for Rafe?

  3. From Lucille Speziale

    Chris, I heard you weren’t going go be Y & R anymore. I applaud you for your decision to do what is best for you, and not the show. I will certainly miss you, and will be looking in the future, to see if you will be appearing on any other soaps. If you will be, then I will definitely be watching it everyday.

    Good Luck to you,


  4. From Natalie Davis

    An actor — _____ — is supposed to be able to take on any role. Engen had to do what he had to do, but let’s be, um, straight here: _______

    BTW, Adam is PRETENDING to be gay to keep Rafe on his side as his plan is unraveling. Adam likes girls (and is USING Heather), but he is willing to go to any lengths to cover his rear end, ensure his own success, and get revenge on Victor and Jack. I have every confidence he will be found out soon, but things have to get really bad for The Mustache first and we need to see how Adam is going after Jack, as that is a big part of the plot.

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  5. From Ann White

    Good for you Chris! the story line is becoming ridiculous on several levels with the Adam character. You were great in the role of Adam and hopefully you can work something out and return. You are missed portraying the character Adam.

  6. From Cindy Medlin

    Thia is one of my favorite soaps . I have been watching since it first started. I just can’t stand Adam, and how his role has taken so much away from the other Charaters. His role id boring.

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