The Young and The Restless: Christian LeBlanc, Jeanne Cooper, Emily O’Brien and Bryton McClure’s 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Award Nominations! (UPDATED!)

The day has finally arrived!

Same Day Update:

Soap Opera Fan Blog didn’t want our readers to have to wait until the announcement at tonight’s award party, so we received an earlier nomination preview – Emily O’Brien (Jana Fisher) and Bryton McClure (Devon Winters) have been nominated in the Outstanding Younger Actor/Actress categories! Also, be sure to read on here for all of the Daytime Emmy technical show nominations!

Previously Reported:

The nominations for the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards were announced this morning on “The Today Show,” at 10:30 AM, and Soaps Opera Fan Blog is happy to report that a few of The Young and the Restless actors were nominated!

While Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) was nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress, Christian LeBlanc (Michael Baldwin) made the Outstanding Lead Actor category!

Though we need to wait for the results in the Outstanding Younger Actor/Actress categories, as they will be announced tonight at the Daytime Emmy Nomination Party, Christel Khalil (Lily Winters), Emily O’Brien (Jana Fisher), Bryton McClure (Devon Winters) and Kevin Schmidt (Noah Newman) are all still up for a nomination – so stay tuned!

Soap Opera Fan Blog wants to congratulate Jeanne and Christian on their nominations! Are you happy with the results? Please tell us below!

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