The Young and The Restless Spoilers May 29-June 2!

This week is the start of more twisted and dark times in Genoa City.

Adam, after learning Ashley no longer fears Sabrina, steps things up a little more and makes Ashley believe Sabrina’s haunting her. Ashley takes a fall, losing the baby. Of course, it doesn’t end there, and the spoumer is that Adam convinces her she’s still pregnant. This guy just keeps getting darker and more despicable by the minute. Are you hating Adam? Loving his evil ways or torn? Things are getting a little too uncomfortable for this reporter. I’m not enjoying seeing Ashley squirm. It’s gone too far and Adam’s motivation is questionable… though I admit I’m curious as to what he has in store. Pretty sick, I know!

There’s a big Nick and Sharon kiss and Phyllis throws the dog Nick out afterward and later, Phyllis and Jack share their misery…together… Meanwhile, the mystery continues when Daniel learns he has been conned and the real Agent Aucker turns up not knowing a thing about any art theft! Just who was the fake agent? This story will continue into summer, as will the Paul/Mary Jane story. Paul decides to investigate the mysterious woman and learns she has no past! Is she really Patti?

Since Sharon’s love life is taking a turn, she decides to come clean with Chloe, and tells her she had sex with Billy on their wedding day. I’m not sure Chloe really needed to hear about that, but am thinking this may be the last straw for her and she’ll stick around the Chancellor estate.

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  7 responses so far...

  1. From Rhonda Flanders

    EWWW!I can’t wait til Adam gets caught!Victor’s furies can be so entertaining.I think I saw a vein in his neck throb whenever he’s FURIOUS(not just mad).

  2. From Georgia Bowie

    I think the y&r should have the baby be Jacks and Billiy’s so
    Nick will find out about Sharon
    so he can stop thinking she the one
    she has always cheated on him don’t
    he remember. Hes a MAN not a boy
    anymore so act like it and if not
    have Malcom come back for PHILLIS
    so Nick can see what he will lose
    living in the pass.

  3. From Georgia Bowie

    let Victoria be the one to bust Adam for what hes doing and let him get locked up for good in
    the nut house this time

  4. From eliza. draft

    victor needs to find out what adam is up to and send him back to prison.

  5. From eliza. draft

    i just love this show

  6. From SophiaWW.

    I am soooooooooo happy that Nick and Sharon are bk together but I hope this is the end of the nik and Sharon drama and let them stay together for long time. Please bring bk Shemar Moore for Phyllis and let Jack meet someone else or put jack and phyllis together

  7. From SophiaWW.

    We need new couple with new drama apart from nick and sharon..leave them together

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