The Young and The Restless Weekly Summary For May 25 – 29!

Adam furthered his plan, Cane received an unexpected gift from Lily, Gloria and Jeff scammed Phyllis, and Nick made a life altering decision!

As John appeared to Ashley, Adam watched Ashley through his laptop camera, talking to an empty room. Later, bleeding, Ashley was rushed to the hospital, and though the baby was fine, Victor asked Vikki to stop by the ranch to check on Abby and Adam – but Adam, with the help of Frank the forger, snuck out, went to the hospital and planted a scrapbook containing clippings about Sabrina, which Ashley found and showed Victor! Luckily, Adam was able to get back to the ranch before Vikki and JT found him missing, and when Victor and Olivia brought Ashley home, he found a receipt for the journal in Ashley’s purse then decided to contact a psychiatrist.

Though Lily gave Cane tickets to Australia, and wanted to see where he came from, Cane refused to take her there. Meanwhile, Phillip III appeared as a bar owner in Australia named Langley. Lily and Cane arrived home, and Devon filled them in on Tyra not being a Hamilton, as well as the letter Yolanda had written to his father.

Jeff and Gloria arrived back home from the Caymans, broke, but managed to convince Phyllis otherwise, who rented them her penthouse without a credit check.

Nick assured Sharon they would face her pregnancy together, but Phyllis slapped Jack for keeping the secret – then spilled that Sharon had slept with Billy too! Billy gave Raul’s intent to marry Mac his blessing – and Mac accepted Raul’s proposal. Billy was then confronted by Jack about his affair with Sharon, but when he wouldn’t open up to Chloe about the argument, she moved back to the Chancellor mansion. John’s ghost appeared to remind Jack of his affair with his stepmother, Jill, then asked that he give Billy some slack. As Sharon confessed her affair with Billy to Jack, who admitted he already knew but still wanted to raise the baby with her, Nick broke the pregnancy news to Phyllis, who said she knew and demanded that he put Sharon last to her and Summer! Sharon vowed to stay with Jack, even if the baby wasn’t his, but when she went to tell Nick, he pulled her into a kiss – and announced that he was leaving Phyllis for her!

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