Days of Our Lives Daily Recap for June 15.

Sami Told You?

Rafe shows up at the pub and sits down with his sister to tell her about Sami and the baby. He tells her that Sami was the biological mother and EJ was the father. “DiMera? No wonder she wanted to keep it from them. I probably would have done the same thing!” she blurts out. He’s surprised by her attitude. “I don’t think Sami’s the problem Rafe. You are,” she says. He needs an explanation. She says that this reminds her of what happened before. He argues that this is completely different and doesn’t want to listen to this again. “Whatever happens, don’t let this be like Emily,” she begs.

At the townhouse, Sami explains to Will that when she went into witness protection, she was pregnant with Grace. He demands to know who the father was. When she tells him, Will is outraged, sure that she never would have come clean with him if Grace hadn’t died. She admits that she probably would have kept the secret forever. Will’s not happy, but he’s even more unhappy when he learns that Lucas knew the truth and kept it from him too. As she storms out, Rafe comes to the door. “William please!” Sami begs. Will runs. Sami stares at a photo of Grace and tells Rafe that she feels like she’s in a nightmare. She wants to tell her family everything. He offers to be there for everything. She thanks him and then tells him he should go. “It would be best for you if you just go,” she says. He reminds her of all of the things he’s done for her and given up for her. Although he hoped that she might be able to heal, he wonders if he is now just a reminder of what she’s lost. She claims that being reminded is a good thing. She doesn’t want him to go; she loves him too much. Weeping, she throws her arms around him.

Will runs into Mia as she’s moving. She tells him that she’s glad to be moving away from her cousin and her weird boyfriend. He tells her that she’s lucky to get away from people she hates. “It’s my mom. She lied about Grace,” he explains. He complains about how his mother has always lied to him. Part of him wants to run back to Switzerland, but there’s someone he’d miss so he’ll stick around. “I’m glad,” she says with a smile.

EJ wanders into the mansion. Nicole asks him what’s wrong. “Grace was my daughter,” he says. “Oh my God! Sami told you?” she blurts out. He turns to her. “You knew?” he asks. She covers. He quietly explains that he had another child and Sami lied to him. As he wanders off to see his daughter, Stefano walks in. Nicole rushes to him and tells him the news. “What does that mean for Sydney and me?” she asks. He thinks that this could work in her favor. She’s afraid that Elvis’ feelings for Sami will resurface. Stefano tells her to focus and look ignorant. “You will triumph. You always do,” he encourages. She’s less convinced. Upstairs, Elvis goes into the nursery to visit his daughter. He tells her that she’s his ray of sunshine. They go downstairs to see Nicole. Elvis apologizes and admits that he’s been too close to Sami. He’s finally able to admit that he has feelings for her. “Utter hatred,” he adds. He’s ashamed that he could have ever loved Samantha and apologizes to Nicole for hurting her. “You don’t lie to me. You don’t put your interests first,” he says. As they hug, she looks worried.

At the pub, Bo throws a fit when he learns that Owen escaped from custody. He and Hope plod off to the mansion. Already there, Philip startles Stephanie as she stands on the terrace. He promises her that Owen is behind bars and she’ll be fine. Victor walks out and announces that he needs to talk to his son. When Stephanie goes inside, Mel and Brady arrive and Bo calls Steph to tip her off on Owen’s escape. She tells her friends and explains that the cops are on the way. When they arrive, they commence their questioning but Brady tells them that the only person who can help them with the DiMera connection is Stephanie. Outside, Philip is angry to hear about Owen from his father. He’s sure that the DiMeras are behind this. Victor is calm. He thinks that since they have Owen out of the way, the families can deal together and get a truce. To do that, they can’t implicate EJ, which means that Steph will have to lie to cover for him. They bring Mel and Steph out. Philip explains the situation. Melanie is cool with it but Steph refuses to lie to Bo. He warns her what not covering could mean. After pondering it, she goes inside with him and talks to the detectives. Bo and Hope are disappointed that she won’t tell them anything to link Owen to the DiMeras. Philip and Steph go back outside and he thanks her. She has a doctor’s appointment. He offers to take her and promises her again that she will be safe and there will be no more secrets.

Brady bumps into Arianna at the mausoleum. He’s bringing flowers to his mother. As he tells her about his mother, Mel interrupts. Ari rushes off and Mel begins probing and teasing him about Arianna. Meanwhile, Arianna visit Emily Hudson’s grave and places some flowers there.

Stephanie meets with a doctor at the hospital and tells her about her anxiety and trouble sleeping. The doctor offers her pills. Philip paces outside. Victor rushes in and tells him they’ve set up a meeting with the DiMeras. When Steph comes out and spots them together, she clutches the pills. Meanwhile, Bo and Hope return to the pub, sure that Steph is helping to cover things up. He worries that Steph is in deeper than she knows.

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Mia tells Maggie she’s done some things she’s not proud of.

Owen tells Stephanie they’re going away together. She’s terrified.

“EJ is not going to find out about Sydney and I am going to live a happy life,” Nicole tells Brady.

EJ warns Stefano that he’s not going to let anyone control his life ever again!

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  1. From Ina

    Please, make Mia leave, she’s annoying!Why Stefano does not see it?

  2. From katie

    Enough with Nicole plotline. I’m just tired of it and want to know when this ENTIRE thing is sorted out. I also don’t see the Safe thing, I only liked Luis/Sheridan, but I don’t find him attractive. Only Ejami for me! And he needs to shave, he’s looking so shady these days.

  3. From kntshae

    this is a great plot but the baby did not have to die. I know the writers are making it real but still. Sami has the right to know her birth daughter and so does Mia. These two need to put minds together and figure it out.. connections.. love=hate so that is true love there for you…if writers are listening…

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