Days of Our Lives Poll: Best Recent Performance?

It was another strong week for the show and the actors really gave it their all.

Days has been, rather infamously, often ignored when awards time rolls around. Recently, however, most of the cast have been giving some of the strongest performances of their careers. And it’s not just the big, soap opera moments, even the small, easy to miss bits have seemed richer lately. With all of the stellar work, who has really surprised you, even to the point that the way you feel about their character has changed?

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Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. From dc

    you are so right about this week on days..
    i never saw ej so mad but then when he cried that was something else..
    i just wonder if ej will have the funeral director take a blood sample to make sure that grace was his (although we know she was not)..

  2. From Mary from BC

    The acting has been incredible! I am so proud of the actors and relieved that the writer’s are finally recognizing the talent and writing scenes that can showcase their abilities. I’m just wowed!

    Melanie is really starting to grow on my in her sassy little way. Sometimes she says the craziest thing and that is starting to make her a bit loveable. I didn’t like the acting but in recent weeks I’ve started to have a change of heart.

    DC…I agree and am surprised that EJ is not looking to have a paternity test just as I’m surprised that Sami never had a 2nd test to prove the twins paternity espeically when she of all people know how theose can be switched and doctor’d.

    Next week is sure to be memorable with Grace’s funeral and a potential truce among the families.

  3. From melissa hafley

    yes i love watching days of our lives and i can’t go a day without watching it it is my favorite soap

  4. From Lisa

    Oh my god, James Scott is amazing this past week where EJ learn that Grace had died and was his daughter..I hate EJ for what he done with Sami but he is a good guy..but he shouldn’t listens to his stupid father! LOL

    I felt SO darn bad for Mia though…and Chad, her ex-boyfriend even though he doesn’t know it

    Won’t Sami, EJ and the other learn that their daughter is actually Sydney… :O

  5. From Rose from Texas

    Yes, this week was GREAT ACTING! But, did anyone agree with me that EJ’s response to the knowledge that he was the father of grace, was a bit ‘over-ther-top,’ especially since he knows the truth about his family and himself? Sami is perfectly justified, and now she had Rafe to care for her.

  6. From Olive

    I think Allison Sweeney is amazing! She has been so totally believable that is breaks my heart! James Scott on the other hand…I don’t like to trash actors, so I’ll give him the benefit of a huge doubt and say that his writing is beyond ridiculous! His reactions were seriously laughable. Actually I rather enjoyed the comic relief in an otherwise gut-wrenching week. His shaking and screaming – not happening. It was so way over the top. I realize that he is the epitome of selfishness, but come on. When they were in the funeral home – I so wanted Rafe to just deck him. He has NO right to say the things to Sami that he did. Galen Gerhing, on the other hand was amazing. His raw emotion was palpable. Frankly EJ ruined an award-winning story.

    That all being said, I HATE the baby-switch s/l, especially now. This can’t end good and there will be an innocent baby caught in the middle. Unfortunately, that mimics life all too well. Its always the kids that get caught.

  7. From KitKat

    Alison Sweeney and James Scott got to me this past week. Both of them brought me to tears. It surprised me how deep both of the dug to bring out all of the emotions surrounding this storyline. They really took risks with their acting and I loved every minute, even though this is a horribly sad story. Everyone on the show did a great job, but these two stood touched my heart the most.

  8. From Trish

    James Scott’s performance was the finest performance I have ever seen on television. I have watched DOOL for 25 years and I have never seen anything more realistic and gut wrenching than what he performed. He portrayed a devestated parent of not only losing his child but the shock of having just found out he had a child perfectly. The gestures, the trembling the facial features all exhibited EJ’s raw vulnerability truly an Emmy award winning performance.

    James continually delivers in every shot, unfortunately because he is such a strong performer other actors pale in comparision. Galen is irrefutably one of the most wooden actor I have ever seen
    on DOOL his skills have not improved since his poor portrayal of Luis on the cancelled Passions. Sadly, his poor acting is highlighted with such powerful performances by James, Alison, Ari and Joe Mascola which is a shame because overall it is some of the best drama I have seen in over 25 years.

  9. From rock

    Ali and James are totally rocking this storyline. They are really bringing Sami and EJ to life yet again after months of the show having them languishing in lame dialogue. Just proves that these two totally deserve their leading roles on Days. These two definitely deserve Emmy noms for this weeks work!

  10. From Sandy

    All I have to say is James and Allie owned the show. Both of them were excellent. I never seen Ej and Sami in a place of despair like that before. Ej grievance is so believable. Sami wanting to be punished for Grace death is bouncing off of the screen. She wants Ej to hate her as much as she hates herself, and that thin line of love and hate is there. When he said the only regret he have is still loving her. I was like so that is why he is hurt so bad b/c he is still in love with her. And I see that b/c he feels betrayed, and he never expect Sami to be the person to betray him at all. I loved how Ej did not want to get a paternity with Grace like how he wanted to get one with Nicole before her Sydney was stolen from Sami to replace his child that Nicole miscarried. Ej just trust Sami at her word. This is a powerful move for Ejami b/c now this is what is keeping them from running into each other arms but when all the lies and deceit from Stefano and Nicole comes to surface. All I have to say is they better run for cover b/c Ej and Sami will be coming with the gloves off.
    Before the light we have to get through the darkness which is Grace funeral. I can’t wait until Mia find out that Grace is her baby, and Will find out the truth about Mia. So much have to come to surface. I see Will and Mia as a teen super couple in the works. And Will and Mia did a great job on their parts. I can feel that Mia feel a strong connection still to Grace and Will feels really bad about not accepting Grace from day one. My heart breaks for Ej, Sami, Will, and Mia b/c they are all being affected by theses lies.

  11. From dana

    All great EXCEPT the Parkinson’s symptoms. Elvis waving his hand around–HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

  12. From Michele

    I used to like Ej his character back when he was with Sami atleast he showed some love. Ever since Stefano came on and Nichole his whole image has changed. I was so happy back when he was with Sami he had carring and we saw the real Ej. Now all I see is a love story gone way wrong showing Ej no soul. It’s made days not worth watching. I used to love Ej now I hate him.

  13. From Karen

    I cant believe Sami’s performance,this had to be soo hard for her to do, being a new mommy and all, i dont think I’d handle it. She is an amazing actress I love her and I hope she wins Best Actress for this latest scene. I hope Nicole rots!!! this HAS to turn out good, I just hope it’s soon, my heart goes out to Mia, I want her to be able to put her baby to rest, and mourn properly..this needs to come out before the funeral! Looks like we have a GREAT summer to look foward to. I dont think I ever cried soo much in one week! I cant wait till Monday!!

  14. From Kaye

    Alison WOW Amazing!!!!!!Very believable.In my opinion James was overacting a little bit but it was nice to see EJ showing a different emotion.

  15. From Sheila

    I agree. EJ was over the top and completely selfish. I hope that at some point he has to admit to Sami how wrong he was to behave that way. Also, Allison is doing a fantastic job. I am hoping this whole baby storyline ends soon and that Sami gets Sydney back & Gianni back as well apparently.

  16. From Melanie in BC

    I for one want to stick up for EJ and James Scott. I thought he had a lot of valid points as in the Kiriakis feud hadn’t even started when she decided to keep the truth from him. And who’s to say James acting wasn’t a truthful interpretation of how EJ would react to hearing such news? It’s consistent with his character.. he’s always been a little twitchy and all blinky. And not only did he find out he had a daughter he would never love or know, but Sami came crashing off the pedestal he had put her on.

  17. From Dolly

    This story line has the same feel as Gone With the Wind. We cry with the actors. I am for EJ and Sami getting their baby and their lives back together. OK, EJ should reform some.

  18. From Dolly

    This story line has the same feel as Gone With the Wind.

  19. From Annie

    I think all the actors did a great job..truly difficult to keep up that level of emotion…I thought Ali and Galen did a remarkable job on expressing their heartbreak for little Grace….James expressing EJ’s rage was really scary. In dark and sad times, a person’s true nature emerges, EJ only focused on his pain, with vengence and hate … no real love or compassion.

  20. From EJAMI fan

    ALi and James did an amazing job and even after EJ stating he hates Sami, there is such amazing chemistry that has always been there. Looking forward to Nicole and Stefano being exposed for their lies. Also, love the chemistry between Mia and Will and between Nicole and Brady!

  21. From cathy hill

    i would love to see ralp and sammy uncover nicole baby switch, and for sammy to win back custody of johnny from ej with lucas help

  22. From Deb

    Am I the only one who feels sorry for EJ? I have always been a Sami but poor EJ just found out he had a daughter and instead of sympathizing with him the Brady’s threaten him. Roman confronted him at the funeral! Steph, I can see bearing a grudge, of course – but Victor did start the ball rolling on that one!

  23. From Deb

    EJ has been used his whole life – Stephano (who I love anyway), Sami, Nicole…I still hope for an EJami reunion – maybe the two can love each other and mend the feud. Lucas I can’t see reconciling with her – he has loved too many women, one after another, to be credible. I want to keep Rafe on DOOL, though!

  24. From Carly

    I’m with you Deb on feeling sorry for EJ but I don’t like them together. Lets not forget EJ raped her , threatened her family , and had John ran over. That was sick for her to ever be involved with him after that. Sami belongs with Rafe.

  25. From clara

    This show gets worse and worse. Stephanie is almost killed and not a word from Steve and Kayla. And no word freom Marlena on Grace’s death. Get rid of Melanie, her voice is annoying and she brings nothing to this fading show.

  26. From Denise

    what an emotional week of days. alison and james were amazing!!!!! i couldnt hold back the tears myself! I couldnt imagine what that must have taken out of them as people to be able to put on such a performance!!!!!

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