Days of Our Lives Poll: Good Advice?

No one in Salem seems to have a problem doling out advice, whether they’re asked for it or not.

It’s not as though any of the town’s inhabitants couldn’t use a hefty dose of therapy, or something a little stronger. When Marlena was around, she had the excuse of being a therapist, but everyone else’s sage wisdom seems to come free of charge.

Vote in our poll and let us know what you think. Don’t see your choice listed? Tell Soap Opera Fan Blog who you think is wise by leaving a comment.

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  1. From Angie Days

    John Black always gave good advice. It appears the show is trying to have Brady Black follow in his steps, but may be over doing it?

  2. From Sandra

    I agree with you, Angie. Brady has really been giving some pretty good advice, and I have wondered about this as well. I really miss ‘ol John and Marlena. I voted for Maggie, but I’ll just tell ‘ya, I was really glad when Daniel told her to back off. Someone should advise Maggie (or the writers) that the “advise” thing to Daniel is bordering on obnoxious and I think is kind of out of character for Maggie.

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