Days of Our Lives Poll: What About Nathan?

Salem has a new Horton and he’s already made quite an impression on Melanie, how about you?

Nathan is new to town. We’ve never really even heard his name dropped before. Since the Horton men of late have managed to be a mixed bag, what kind of expectations are you entertaining? He’s brash, flippant, clever and quick, but is there more to him than meets the eye, or a whole lot less?

Why not vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

Have a great weekend everybody!

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  1. From Chris

    You guys, you are doing a great job with the blog and soap opera fan…but I’m getting confused…some days I have to read the recaps here, other days on the fan site. Could you guys just pick a strategy and go with it? If you’re going with blog format from here on out, please make it easy to figure out the different categories: spoilers, recaps, comings/goings, etc. Thanks :)

    Some days, not very often, we have to feature our Days Summaries on the blog if our web girl is on vacation – but we always make a note about it to our readers. Glad you’re enjoying the blog. Soap Opera Fan Blog Admin

  2. From Jo Anne Wilkinson

    Nathan just seems like any other guy — not doctor material

  3. From carole ingram

    Who are Nathan’s parents? I know maggie is his grandma

  4. From michele

    How many stupid romances are they going to put on this show who cares anyway. How many people do you think he’ll sleep with? So much for love on this show. Ej confesed his dying love for Sami and look where he end up with Nichole. There is no love on this show just a bunch of horny people who say love but where is it the whole show sucks.

  5. From Laura

    I have no idea what to think of Nathan right now. I’m surprised he is an actual DOCTOR though. I mean, if he is Melissa’s son and even just looking at him he can’t be more than 21 right? Is the Nathan “doogie houser” Horton?

    Med student I could see but not bringing this young kid here and making him a doctor. Do people not remember that Melanie is only 18? Wouldn’t it be nice if the paired her with someone more her age and more realistic?????

  6. From katie

    Well if he’s a med student, and he’s just starting out he’s probably what? like 22, 23? I don’t think that’s all that old. Plus, Philip and Brady must be way older than her, yet she’s had crushes on them, so what difference does age make on soaps?

    Anyway, I like him so far, he’s cute and witty, though I still think the actress who plays Melanie could act better, she’s so cheesy at times…

  7. From M J

    Nathan is an Intern, not a med student. Med school is 4 yrs after college, so that would make him 25-26.

    There’s no biological connection to ‘grandma’ Maggie. His mother, Melissa Anderson, was adopted by Mickey & Maggie. It would be kind to say that Melissa was a ‘troubled teen”

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