Days of Our Lives Poll: Who Cries the Best in Salem?

With the kidnapping behind us, we’re back into the baby story.

Although there was plenty of screaming during the mob war, we had some of the least tear filled days in recent memory. Now that we’re back to mothers battling over their children, everything has already taken a dramatic turn to the teary eyed. Sami often cries like she needs to do it to breathe, but Nicole can sometimes give her a run for her money.

Don’t see your choice? Tell Soap Opera Fan Blog who you think cries the most in the comments section below.

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  1. From dc

    boy, next week is for sure going to be a tear jerker, if grace dies.
    sure hope this doesn’t do anything to the relationship between sami and rafe. i like them together..
    and this also brings up the fact that the baby ej really has is his and sami’s, but neither of them know.
    i’ll be glad to see chelsea but knowing it is just temporary. max will be leaving with her..
    i hate seeing that owen will be leaving (even though he was a bit weird)..
    i just wonder if ej will finally find out about the baby.. stefano says he is not going to say anything (but will he??)..
    and the thing with daniel, chloe, and kate.. kate will probably get the upper hand and finally expose them.
    it appears some new faces will be coming soon.. can’t wait..
    sounds like stephanie and philip are going to be on a roller coaster ride with their relationship..

  2. From Janet

    Good old Days. Having another baby
    die for the sake of ratings and
    then after Grace dies, E.J. finds
    out he’s the dad. I hope he
    really gets even with everyone
    who knew he was the dad,
    especially Lucas. He’s such a
    whiny idiot and I hope Chloe
    leaves him and goes with her
    one true love, Daniel.

    Just venting.


  3. From dc

    everybody get the kleenex ready when grace dies..
    and with sami telling ej the truth about the baby being his (which grace was not, grace was mia’s, even sami does not know)..
    i sure hope this does not do anything to break-up rafe and sami..

  4. From Sonia G.

    Has it occured to the writers that some of us viewers have had tragdies in our lives like loosing a child either by death or by accident?? I happen to be one of them and I have been watching Days for 32 years but ever since they’ve changed and fired almost everyone, I’ve stopped watching & fast foward almost the whole show. When Hope’s child was killed off it was really traumatizing to me, now here you are again, killing off another child. Whenever I do sit down to watch Days, is to go into a world of fanatasy, not into a world of horrible memories for me.The show has gotten so bad, I beleive it should already be cancelled. The storylines are sooo stupid that it’s an offense to anyone’s intelligance.

  5. From Ann

    I can’t figure out why they would have had Rafe adopt Grace just to kill her off. Wouldn’t it have been more interesting for everyone to find out the baby was Mia’s, but the father was now legally Rafe?

  6. From christina

    i like the show i think ej and sami should be together.

  7. From Missy

    This baby story line is really getting old, it’s been going on too long now. I feel bad for poor Mia losing her baby and not even knowing it was hers. It is time Nicole falls. I would love it if she finally gets a conscience and comes clean herself, rather than be found out.
    I used to watch Guiding Light and one of their best story lines was when Danny left his mob family for the love of Michelle. It had me tuning in every day. I think EJ leaving his family for Sami and raising their kids together away from the DiMeras would be a great story! I really hope that’s what happens (and sooner than later)when EJ finds out Sydney is his and Sami’s baby and Nicole and Stefano have been lying to him. Isn’t it about time Sami and EJ have some happiness in their lives?

  8. From Janer

    Hooray for Sonia G. she is a gal after my own heart. When she said how bad the show has gotten,the storylines sooo stupid and an offense to anyone’s intelligence.

  9. From MargiMay

    Hopefully Rafe will be the one to figure out that Sydney is Sami’s baby and get her back. I have to add that although the story was hard to watch (I also lost a baby)it was very good acting for all the characters involved. This is the only story I care about right now, thank god for DVR so you can fast forward through the Lucas/Chloe and Kate scenes boring)

  10. From wanda

    EMMY EMMY EMMY I say they all get an EMMY!!! this was the best acting in daytime (or anytime) they all cried I cried we all cried Kleenex yes stock in Kleenex I tell ya!

  11. From Patty

    I agree the Grace outcome was really sad, but I give Sammi credit for telling EJ. At least she’s giving him a chance to mourn. (even if it really isn’t his baby). Selfish Nicole never did that. I can’t wait until the day the truth comes out and EJ kicks her to the curb for all the lies that she’s been telling him. Nicole just needs to leave Salem for good.

  12. From Dolly

    I am new to Days, and discribing the hook it has gotten into me, I told my Daughter that it had many of the same qualities as “Gone With the Wind” I am in the EJ Sami camp, just reform EJ some.

  13. From cathy

    This is just a fantasy show ppl!! For goodness sake. I think it is really looking up. I like Sami and Rafe. I like nicole and E.J. I hope the truth never comes out! I like Mia and Will. Everything is goin good right now. Keep up the good work Days!!

  14. From Amanda Mullins

    I hope they don’t cancel Days of are lives.I have been watching as long as i can remember.I love it i would be lost without it!

  15. From shelley

    i think we are all tired of
    children being hurt in this show.
    how about bo, with his visions, and
    maggie get a vision about a map
    down in the caticombs, and it leads
    to a treasure and an aliean ship.
    no offence but the writers could use maybe a childs perspective on
    story telling. who ever writes about
    children getting played with, can that writer go get a job somewhere
    else? even some of the fans can write better. how about a contest, where the fans write, and they pick their best stories?

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