Days of Our Lives Recap for June 19.

An Eye For An Eye.

Brady runs into Arianna at the Java Cafe. They are both going to the funeral. She’s afraid for her brother. He’s told so many lies for Sami that he could be in danger. Brady tells her just to worry about EJ.

EJ and Nicole are at the church when Sami and Roman arrive. Roman instantly gets in EJ’s face to back him off. Elvis isn’t impressed. Bo reminds him that he’s in a church. “I wouldn’t dream of disrespecting my daughter’s service. It wasn’t me that made her entire life a lie,” he snipes. Will and Mia arrive. He doesn’t want to talk to his mother. As Sami and her family go into the chapel, Will explains to Mia who Grace’s father is. After they walk off, Nicole tells her husband to wait until after the service before he tries to get revenge. She tells him he needs to take some time to grieve.

In the chapel, Rafe tells Father Matt how angry he is that God took baby Grace. Sami joins him and he tells her that Grace will always be with them. They can make it through this. As she cries on his shoulder, EJ walks in and stares. Will and Mia stand in the corner and he explains what a liar his mother is. He understands why his mother lied to keep EJ from Grace though.

Elvis gets upset and walks out. He tells Nicole to leave him while he says a prayer. When she leaves, he calls to make sure that the paperwork has been prepared. When he turns around, Stephanie walks in and begins ranting at him for having a psycho lock her in a morgue drawer. He doesn’t care. She tells him he doesn’t deserve to have children or be alive. When he shoots back at her, she slaps him across the face and threatens him never to threaten her again. Philip walks in. Elvis tells them that he is exercising his self control and suggests that she show some of that herself. After he walks off, she apologizes to Philip but he doesn’t think she needs to.

Will and Mia sit while the family files in. Caroline approaches and takes him away while Mia weeps. Nicole sits behind her and puts a hand on her shoulder. “I know you’re here for Grace and you should be,” she says. Caroline wanders over to Sami. “You always said that God gives us what we can handle,” Sami reminds her. Caroline thinks she can handle it. Sami can’t handle the lies. As Nicole gets up to leave, she bumps into Brady. He tells her she must know how Sami feels. Maybe she should have had a ceremony for her own baby. She insists that what she did was what was right for EJ.

Roman turns to EJ and flashes his badge. He threatens to turn it in if he hurts one more member of his family. Then he can deal with him without having to play by the rules. Across the aisle, Steph and Philip stare daggers at EJ. She can’t stand watching EJ play the grieving father. Arianna walks her brother down the aisle and tells him she knows how hard this is for him. Meanwhile, Brady commiserates with Sami and tells her that he loves her for what she did for her kid. Hope comes over to hug her next. Then Bo takes a turn and tells her how hard the coming weeks will be. Father Matt asks everyone to sit while he begins the service. Caroline goes up to read from The Bible, then Will tells stories of Grace until he can’t go on. Elvis stands up. He doesn’t remember anything about Grace, he says, bitterly. The reason he gets up every day is to make sure his children are safe. He talks about how perfect and unique children are and how lucky Sami and Rafe are to have memories of the little girl. “You will always have those memories, but I never even held her and have nothing,” he says. After he returns to his seat, Mia begins singing ‘Amazing Grace’. When she breaks down, Caroline continues the song and everyone else joins in. As everyone takes communion, EJ asks Sami if she’s been to confession to have her sins absolved. “At least I’m sorry for them,” she says. She and Rafe lay flowers before Grace’s picture and tell her they’ll always love her. EJ walks up and vows never to forget her. Steph pays her respects to Sami and then crosses over to EJ to rant at him again. “Next time you see him hold your child, remember the blood on his hands,” she tells Nicole. Elvis tells Philip to control his woman.

Arianna comforts her brother and asks him if not telling EJ was a mistake. He thinks letting him find out was the only mistake. His sister hopes he doesn’t take this all on himself. She leaves with Brady. Sami’s family tells her how strong she’s been and hugs her. EJ watches and broods. Rafe tells her it’s time to go home to take care of Allie and Johnny. “Thank God for them,” she weeps. Father Matt comes in to say the nuns are there to see Sami. Nicole freaks as she remembers her meeting with them. Meanwhile, EJ hands Sami a court order. He’s taking Johnny from her. “An eye for an eye,” he says.

When Stephanie and Philip get home, she tries telling herself that she’s fine and then begins popping pills. Meanwhile, Mia gets back to work only to be surprised by Chad as he pops up at the counter.

Max goes down to the hospital to ‘disenroll’ from med school. He bumps into his sister and she explains that she isn’t going to London after all. He tells her that she can always come and visit him and then teases her. “I’m glad you’re staying here to do something important,” he says. She stares at Nathan as he walks in. He walks over and talks in French. Mel introduces him to her brother and Max guesses he is why she’s staying. Max teases his sister and Nathan walks away. “Are you freakin’ kidding me?” he asks his sister. He doesn’t think that she should be making abrupt life choices whenever she meets a cute boy. She argues that she can’t screw up Nathan’s life, but she could screw up his if she moved in with him and Chelsea. He gives her an open-ended ticket to London anyway. She cries and tells him he’s the best brother in the world. “You’re the most uh… interesting sister,” he says. They hug and he wishes her well on her boy hunt.

Next on Days Of Our Lives:

Will calls Lucas and tells him they need to talk immediately.

Kate tells Chloe and Daniel that the appetizers she’s serving are, “To die for, tasty.”

“I will see you both in hell for this!” Sami tells EJ and Nicole.

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  14 responses so far...

  1. From Bunny

    I loved Sami saying that least she’s sorry for her sins. In the past, she was always making excuses.

  2. From rose castillo

    i miss this days today because of the golf. i was upset. but i read it now. i felt sorry for sami of course. and cant wait for the women nicole goes down, down.

  3. From Helen

    I’m sick to death of the SEX capades that replaced good writing. I think this show is trying to see how far they can go – sure takes away from what used to be a STORY LINE….

  4. From Patricia

    So irritated I missed the show for 2 days, because of golf!!

  5. From buffy

    I can’t wait untill Elvis’s perfect life crumbles and he finds out he has Samantha’s baby. Nicole needs to go!!!

  6. From Kelly

    I hate to say it but I think Niccole is the perfect mob wife!

  7. From Marilyn

    The issue of the babies needs to end. Nicole is worse than Sami and EJ needs to learn the truth and have to ask for forgiveness from Sami. He is a two face mobster who tried to kill John, Philip and had Stephanie kidnapped. Isn’t he the \perfect\ Dad that should talk about Sami and what she did. I hope this doesn’t go on forever like the lies about Will that took too long to end.

  8. From michele

    They have made Ej so stupid and mean. I was waiting for him to get with Sami now my hopes are gone. I haven’t even been watching the show. Now the characters I loved Ej and Sami now I hate. It’s so terrible to watch the best thing for me is to avoid it. The writing sucks I could have wrote it better put a little romance instead of just sleeping with the whole town. There is just nothing there.

  9. From Olive

    Nicole is not the real problem here – EJ is so vile and contemptable. I LOVED Stephanie in his face – everything she said was right on the money. Then they had to ruin her but making her apologize to Phil?? HUH?? Stop making her such a wuss! EJ deserves everything he gets – including what Nicole did! I can’t wait to see Sydney taken away from EJ and given to Sami. Maybe that would push him over the edge for good.

  10. From katie

    I agree Michele. I used to love EJ but they’ve made his character so mean, and I can’t stand him anymore. I was hoping somehow NIcole would tell sooner than now, and EJ and Sami could get back together, but with this recap, it looks like it’ll take a miracle. I still love Sami of course, but I can’t stand Rafe. He looks old in these pics, and even if he is a nice guy and sweet, he’s bland.

  11. From Lynn Miller

    all the characters that had class and integrity you have taken off the show and now it is a teenie bopper sex fest – see how many different people everyone can sleep with show – only real couple left are Bo and Hope – and they get little to no air time – i used to enjoy the show – have watched since the 60′s but no more – i occasionaly check in out of habit but none of the story lines are worth watching daily – to bad – used to be the best soap on the air.

  12. From MISSY

    Let Nicole get caught this wk on days. Um, Let every 1,know that She,has Grace.& pretend,as Syndey
    really Carol,who really died not Grace. Let Ej,& Sami,force Nicole,to get Grace,out of her arms. Let Ej,& Sami raise Grace,& Johnny,& Ally,& to be as a family for ever get remarryed. they love each other. thanks,

  13. From jennalynn

    How quickly people forget how often and how much Nicole tortured Sami about her relationship with EJ, her pregnancy with EJ’s child, her future with EJ, Ej’s love for her, their engagement, etc. etc. so that Sami did not feel compelled to tell EJ about her own pregnancy. Nicole’s manipulations and hatefulness was intentional as Nicole knew (thanks to moronic Chloe) about Sami’s pregnancy with EJ, and did all she could to keep Sami from EJ. How many times over these past months has EJ berated and belittled Sami every time she tried to explain her feelings about Nicole and her involvement with Ali and Johnny? He just blasted her for very real concerns, which then made her mad and caused her to come undone. Seeing EJ and Nicole doing it on the couch, then witnessing a murder that Stephano engineered was icing on the cake. I wouldn’t want my baby involved with that group of characters, either. Don’t care – I would have done what Sami did, if I thought I could get away with it. Just because Johnny is doing \ok\ now doesn’t mean he will be \ok\ in the future – and why not try to protect Grace from that. The situation with Grace was the only control Sami felt she had in dealing with DiMeras. Sami fell for EJ when she thought his name was \Wells\ – but when it was learned he was Stephano’s son, she tried to steer clear of him, until he kidnapped her and raped her at gunpoint – resulting in Johnny – how easy it is to forget that. Why doesn’t she bring that up again when listing off all his misdeeds that justify her decision regarding Grace? I guess because it makes some viewers uncomfortable with the \rape\ issue. I think all the things EJ has said to Sami, and done to her on the day of the funeral for Grace, is reprehensible and I hope she never forgives him for it. I’m beginning to think Nicole will never get found out – why does this show continuously and forever let the villians get away with everything (and for such a long time) with no repercussions? I’m getting sick of that. And, why do we care so much? It seems only Sami gets punished for her misdeeds. I keep feeling like I’ve got to stop watching this thing, especially since I fast forward through most of it (can’t stand Chloe/Daniel/Lucas/Kate – and don’t care about them- get rid of all of them!)

  14. From Katushka

    Im starting to hate this show. I wish it ends!!! This whole baby switch story is very ennoying! Sami needs to get het real daughter back and marry Hernandez,EJ Nicole&Stefano belong in prison for the rest of their lives.Kate needs to die,Chloe&Dan should marry,and Lucas move on with someone else.
    Come writers,finish this baby switch thing and move on to something more interesting.

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